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Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 81


A Story written by Kevin_88…

“Hey baby! I was just thinking about you. I miss you.”

“I miss you too. I’ve been thinking about you since we left. What are you guys doing?”

“Were putting my stuff up in “our” room, I love how that sounds! Where they take you guys?”

“Were at a baseball game, its in the third inning. I like how that sounds too, ‘our’ room, nice.”

“How long does it take? When are you gonna come back?”

“It depends, usually a few hours, but they said something about a bar after the game.”

“What? No! You’ll be out all night, that’s not fair!”

“I know, but they brought us, and the women won’t let us back in anyway until they’re done.”

“I still don’t like it, I don’t wanna wait the rest of the day to see you!”

“Me either, but think how much happier we’ll be when we see each other.”

I sighed, he always had a way of calming me down. “I just want you here with me.”

“And I will be, but first we need to get through the day. We can do it, we just need to find stuff to do to occupy our time and thoughts, then I’ll be at home holding you in no time.”

“You promise?”

“I promise. I have to go, they’re coming back with the snacks.”

“Ok, I love you Randy.”

“I love you too Rita, see you when I get home. I love you.”

I waited until I saw “call ended” on the screen before I put my phone away. I never thought I would miss him so much after only being gone a couple hours, and there was still the rest of the day to go, I just knew time was gonna drag by as slow as it could. I looked over at Stephanie who was just getting off the phone too, maybe Chris called her like Randy called me. We went back to making room for my stuff when Stephanie came across Randy’s underwear drawer.

“Oooh look what I found,” she said waving a pair of his boxers in the air.

“Hey put those back, only I get to touch those!”

“Hmmm getting all catty over a innocent little pair of boxers! I wonder what they smell like.”

“Give me those!” I said as I lunged over to her and yanked them out of her hands. “Go smell your own brothers boxers, these are mine,” I gloated as I spun them around then put them back.

“I don’t wanna smell his boxers, he doesn’t shower as often as I do.”

“I bet if you offered to shower with him he’d take them more often.”

“Maybe, worth a shot” she said as she sat down on the bed. “I heard you two on the phone, you guys are really in love aren’t you?”

I stopped what I was doing and sat down next to her and stared off into space. “Yes we are. I never imagined I could love someone as much as I love him, he means everything to me.”

She put her arm around me and leaned her head against mine. “I’m happy for you guys, really I am. It must be hard having to put on a act in front of our parents, having to kiss other people when you wanna kiss each other. I saw that face you made at me this morning.”

“Sorry, its just that when you kiss him they see you as his girlfriend, and that’s how I want them to see me, but I know its impossible, my dad would kill us. I wanna be the one to kiss him like that.”

“It’ll get easier with time, at least it did with me and Chris.”

“That’s because you two aren’t in love, are you?”

“I don’t know, its still kinda early to tell. He has been less Buttocks-kissy since the last time we were all at our house, and it did feel nice when he held me.”

“I love when Randy holds me, its like nothing else matters and everything’s perfect for just that moment. You two might be right there where we are in a while.”

“I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m gonna go back to putting stuff up, and I’ll stay away from Randy’s underwear,” she said as if already knowing I was gonna say it.

We got through a lot of stuff, putting my clothes in the drawers, hanging up clothes in the closet, making room for my shoes, we were almost done except for a couple more boxes of clothes and all my makeup and stuff. I grabbed my makeup bag and Stephanie went for another box, she opened it and grinned. There were only two things we didn’t go through yet, my accessories with all my belts, hats, arm bracelets, etc., and my underwear. She pulled out a pair that looked all too familiar and smiled at me as she walked towards me and sat back down next to me on the bed.

“You remember these?”

I smiled to myself, I did. “Yeah, those are the panties I was wearing when we first messed around.” 

“You remember how good it felt, touching a girl for the first time?”

I thought back to the first time I felt her lips on my Kittycat. In that room, alone, her head poking out from between my legs, giving me my first ever experience with a woman, not to mention what a wonderful experience it was. I had always wondered what it would be like to be with another woman sexually, and the way she licked my Kittycat, so soft, so sensual, eagerly running her tongue over every inch of it until I came like a geyser all over her face made it a memorable experience, I was getting wet just remembering it, her hand rubbing my Kittycat wasn’t helping either.

“I know you miss Randy, but we can still have fun. I can help you keep your mind off of him until he gets back,” she said as she turned my face to hers and kissed me.

We made out with each other as she felt me up over my clothes, sliding her tongue in my mouth, then it dawned on me Marie was next door, and she had no idea of the relationship we all had.

“Stephanie wait, your mom’s next door, she could come over here any minute.”

“I don’t care, let her. Maybe she’ll like what she see and wanna join in. She’s not as innocent as you think, she had her fair share of wild and crazy moments, believe me I know.”

“What do you mean by that?”

She didn’t say anything, she just got up, locked the door, turned on the radio, then came back and sat next to me on the bed again. “Lets not worry about that, lets worry about each other.”

We kissed again as she worked her hand over my Kittycat, rubbing it in circles while she sucked on my lips. We broke the kiss just long enough to take our shirts off and then we were right back at it. She unhooked my bra while I unbuttoned her pants and squeezed my tits in her small soft hands. I left her pants alone for the time being and unhooked her bra so I could play with her tits as well. I couldn’t hold either of her breasts fully in my hands, so I just squeezed them and pinched her Tips between my fingers as she tweaked my own Tips. She leaned forward onto me until her weight caused me to fall back on the bed, with her never breaking the kiss. We moaned into each other mouths as we ran our hands over each other and rubbed our tits together. A while into our make out session Stephanie decided that she had enough of our pants and slid hers down her legs, along with her pink cotton panties and unbuttoned mine and pulled them off of me as well. She took her time sliding my panties off, and when she did get them off, she dropped them on the floor and knelt face first directly in front of my Kittycat.

“Just as beautiful as I remember it. I wonder if it tastes just as good too.”

“Why don’t you give it a lick and find out.” I couldn’t help it, she got me horny.

When the words left my lips she dipped her head between my legs and ran her tongue across the entire length of my Kittycat. I had to arch my head back and bite my lip to keep from moaning too loud. Her tongue felt so good on me. My back came up off the bed and she brought her hands up and covered my tits and kinda pushed me back down on the bed.

“Oh god Stephanie, lick my Kittycat!”

“Mmmmm Rita you taste so good, your Kittycat tastes better than mine!”

“Why don’t you climb up here and let me find out.”

I scooted back on the bed to give us more room and she climbed on the bed and swung her leg over my head, putting her cleanly shaven Kittycat directly over my face. She got right back at it licking my Kittycat clean, and I pulled her down towards my face and attached my lips to her Kittycat. I darted my tongue in and out of her Kittycat and squeezed her butt cheeks in my hands, her Buttocks seemed firmer than mine, something else she had over me, but I didn’t care, I liked the way my Buttocks was, and by the way she was eagerly slurping at my Kittycat, I could tell Stephanie liked the way my Kittycat was. She tasted really good, so good I found myself trying to suck as much juice out of her as I could. 

“(slurp) Mmm Stephanie you taste good too,” I said in between licks.

She mumbled a response but never took her lips off my Kittycat. I felt her finally move off of it, and groaned in disappointment, but it quickly passed as she pulled the hood covering my clit back and sucked it between her lips. I sucked in breath and tried to control myself as her silk like tongue did wonders on my clit. I didn’t know what she was doing, but whatever it was it was having a serious effect on me. My thighs were shaking and I was gyrating my Kittycat in her face, I knew I was on the verge of cumming, but I wanted to hold off as long as I could. I tried to distract myself by licking at her Kittycat more, but it seemed the more I ate her Kittycat, the more effort she put into sucking my clit. I was losing it. I felt a fire building in me that only happened when an orgasm was coming, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t fight it.

“Fork Stephanie, I’m gonna Pour! I can feel it coming!”

“Good, let it all out. Go ahead and Pour so I can lick it all up!”

Her words did it. The image of her licking my Kittycat clean as I squirted all over her sent me over the edge and within seconds I was cumming. I used her Kittycat to silence my screams so our parents wouldn’t hear us, but I couldn’t do anything to stop how hard I was cumming. I faded back, staring up at her slippery pink crevice as she licked the remaining juice from my Kittycat and turned around until she was face to face with me and pressed her lips to mine. We molded into each others bodies as we rolled our tongues around in each others mouths. 

“How was it? Did I make you feel all nice and tingly?” Stephanie grinned.

“Oh yeah, my body feels all warm inside, you made me feel so good just now.”

“Good, because I’m not through with you yet.”

“I don’t think so, its my turn to have some fun.”

I rolled her over so I was now straddling her and kissed her, then slowly made my way to her chest and took one of her Tips in my mouth. She groaned and cradled my head, making sure I stayed tight on her. I switched to the other and licked around the aureola before I sucked the Tip into my mouth just as I did the first. I squeezed her free tit as I sucked the other one, and slowly let my hand travel down her body until I found her opening. Just as I thought, her Kittycat was still extremely wet. I pulled my lips off her Tip and sucked two of my fingers, then I guided them to Stephanie’s Kittycat and slid them right in. Right when she opened her mouth to moan I covered her lips with mine, working my tongue against hers. I began to pump my fingers in and out of her, forcing her to break the kiss and moan, and I took the opportunity to suck on her super hard Tips again. I could barely hear her Kittycat sloshing over the soft music still playing as I shoved my fingers in and out of her. She covered my hand with hers, still moaning at my intruding fingers as well as my lips sucking on her Tips.

“You like that don’t you Stephanie? You feeling all tingly inside?”

To Be Continued…

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