Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 82



A Story written by Kevin_88…

“Mm-hmm, it feels so good, please don’t stop!”

“You want me to keep fingering you until you Pour all over my hand don’t you?”

“Yes, I wanna Pour so bad, please make me Pour!”

I switched to fingerfucking her with my middle and index finger so I could play with her clit with my thumb. I rolled it around in circles and bit her Tip in between my teeth and pinched the other Tip between my fingers. The way she was groaning and writhing around under me I knew she was gonna Pour any second. I kept at it, intent on not giving her a chance to relax until she came like she did me, and then I felt her grab my head with one hand and helped me Fork her with the other as her legs clamped shut, lodging my fingers in her Kittycat. She was cumming, and she was cumming hard.

“Oooooooh Fork Rita, I’m cumming, I’m cummmmmmmmmmming!”

I felt my hand get a whole lot wetter as her juices leaked on it as she came under me. I pulled my hand free as she was still cumming and licked her juices off of it, then covered my body with hers. She instantly wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down to kiss her. I eagerly returned the kiss as we again moaned into each others mouth, savoring the taste of each others Kittycat on our tongues. She began to grind her Kittycat against mine as if Bleeping me, and in the motion she brushed my clit, sending a little jolt of electricity through me, it felt good. I started grinding back against her, making sure to hit my clit on each push. Our tits were smashed together and we were both panting heavily as we ground our pussies into each other harder and harder. She locked her fingers in mine and stared directly into my eyes as our breathing became more ragged. Almost on instinct we picked up speed humping each other until we were both moaning, almost as if we were unable to control our bodies anymore. Each hard thrust onto my clit made me move that much faster, and made her push up against me that much harder. Then I felt it, a tingle start off very little then build itself up drastically until it was right on edge ready to tip over. By the look in Stephanie’s eyes I could tell she was feeling the same thing, and it added to the intensity of the situation. The look in each others eyes, the moaning, and the intense grinding session finally took control of us and she wrapped her legs around me and threw her head back as I buried my face in her neck and we came, together, our bodies shaking and clinging to each other. I don’t know how long it lasted, or how long we stayed like that, but I didn’t care, I just had an orgasm, and I didn’t even have anything in my Kittycat. I picked my head up and looked at Stephanie, who was smiling back at me, then brought her lips to mine in a soft series of kisses.

“You’re incredible, you know that?”

I giggled at her compliment. “You weren’t so bad yourself. I’ve never Pour like that before.”

“Like what?”

“Barely having my Kittycat touched. Usually something has to be done to it.”

“Well now you have,” she said as she kissed me again. We lay there for a while until she tapped my shoulder. “We should get up, we don’t want them walking in on us like this.”

I nodded and climbed off of her. We set about finding our clothes that had gotten shed around the room during our little session, and started to get dressed once we found everything. 

“Can you cut the radio off? I don’t think we need it anymore,” Stephanie grinned. 

I pulled up my panties and put on my pants and walked to the radio topless and turned it off. “Good thing we had this going, or they might have heard us,” I joked.

“Yeah we did get kinda loud. Its ok though, they’re probably busy putting up stuff anyway.”

————————– (Over to Lisa’s room, 1 hour ago, Mom’s POV) —————————–

After a lot of lugging, we had finally gotten all the boxes upstairs and began to unpack them. I hung Lisa’s dresses in the closet as I started singing one of my favorite songs to myself. 

(singing) “Baby, I can’t wait, till you call on the telephone, I can’t wait.”

“Oh I love that song! Nu Shooz sings that,” Marie said as she folded a shirt into the drawer.

“What I wouldn’t give to be a teenager again. Young, having fun all the time, no bills to worry about, not a care in the world,” Lisa said.

“Those were the days. My biggest decision was what to wear to school,” I added.

Lisa laughed. “And which boy you wanted to date, how to get on the cheer squad, and how to get dad to buy you a car, and how to make Tammy Jones jealous of you, and what to wear to prom…”

“Ok you hussy we get it!” I laughed as I threw a shirt at Lisa. “Pass me that box over there.”

“It must have been great growing up with each other, I didn’t have a sister to steal clothes from and bicker with,” Marie said.

“Oh we didn’t bicker, we were as close as ever, still are,” I said, hiding the hidden meaning. 

“I can tell, its rubbed off on your kids too, they’re so close,” Marie said.

If only you knew, I thought. “Just as close as your kids are, but a little more. They’ve all grown to like each other so much in so little time.”

“Yeah they have, that’s always a good sign. Speaking of kids, Lisa how come you haven’t gotten around to having any?” Marie asked.

“Oh you know, career woman, more focused on her job than on getting a man, doesn’t have time for a family, when she finally does she’s in her 30’s, you know the story.”

“There’s always time you know, there’s a guy out there with your name all over him. Maybe have a few kids of your own running around here soon.”

“I hope you’re right, but for now I can hold off being a MILF, I’m happy just being an aunt.”

I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. I bet she is happy being an aunt, being able to sleep with your niece or your nephew whenever you pleased, hell I’m just as happy being a mom, even though I haven’t done anything with either of my kids in a little while, maybe I should change that, but first, I need to have a little “grown-up” time. It was time to make some things happen.

“You have way too many dresses Lisa, you’re running out of space in the closet,” I said.

“Well I didn’t wanna leave anything at the house and take a chance of them getting ruined.”

“I didn’t know you had so many. The closet’s pretty much full and you still have two boxes of dresses left, there’s no way they’ll all fit in here.”

“Isn’t there anything you can do? All my dresses have to be hanging up.”

“Do you have any of those trick hanger things they sell on tv? You know the ones that you can hang five different things on and pull the latch so it hangs down and takes up less space?”

She thought for a minute. “No, I don’t have those, but they do sell them at the store down the street, that clearance store, I’ll run and go get some.”

“No I need you to stay here and show us where everything goes.”

“Then were gonna have to cram everything in there and make it fit.”

“I can run to the store and get them, I know what hangers you’re talking about,” Marie said.

“No Marie, we couldn’t ask you to do that,” I said.

“You didn’t ask, I volunteered. Its no big deal, really,” she replied.

Lisa went over and hugged her. “Thank you Marie, you’re a life saver!”

“Yeah Marie, really, you just saved us a lot of trouble,” I followed.

“Anything I can do to help. I’ll grab a bunch of them and get back as soon as I can,” she said as she left out the room, down the stairs, and out the front door. Gotcha, hook, line, and sinker.

I smiled to myself and went back to hanging up her dresses for her and she started on another box, folding clothes in the drawers. I moved the dresses back on the pole, opening up a bunch of free space and hung up the rest of her dresses. When I was hanging up the last one, Lisa noticed that I cleared all the boxes and everything was hanging up, with room to spare.

“You got em all up? I thought you said there wasn’t enough space?”

“I guess I was mistaken, I thought you had more dresses than you did.”

“Marie just left, what’s she gonna say when she comes back and see everything up?”

I grinned as I closed the door and started to walk towards her. “I don’t think she’ll be too concentrated on that when she gets back here.”

Before she had a chance to respond I grabbed her and kissed her as deep as I could, just like I did when we were teenagers. She was surprised at first but quickly returned the kiss. I backpedaled until we reached the bed and sat down while still liplocked, until she broke the kiss smiling at me.

“There was always enough room in the closet wasn’t there? You just wanted to get us alone.”

I giggled a little. “There might have been a little space here and there I forgot about.”

“I knew it you little devil. You forgot one little detail though, Marie is coming back.”

“Exactly,” I whispered and pressed my lips back to hers. 

She didn’t fight me as I began to unbutton her shirt and pulled it off her, I love being the dominant older sister, its fantastic. I squeezed her huge tits through her lace black bra and unlatched the clasp. I watched her tits spill out and quickly covered her Tip with my mouth. She moaned and cradled my head in place as I sucked on her Tip like I was trying to get milk out of it. She loved when I sucked her tits, and I loved sucking them. 

“Mmmm I love when you suck on my tits sis.”

“I know you do, and I love sucking them. Why don’t you suck on mine too.”

She sat up and lifted my shirt over my head, unclasped my bra (it had the hook in the front), lay me down on the bed and began to suck on my tits. Every time she squeezes my tit, licks my aureola, or sucks my Tip into her mouth I think back to when we first started to mess around, when the second we were alone she would rip my shirt off and have a Tip in her mouth in record time. I missed those days, but I was enjoying her at the moment even more. I felt her hand start to travel down my body over my skirt covered legs and then dipped it under and made her way back up my legs, where she came across my wet, panty-free Kittycat.

“You sneaky little devil. You just knew what was gonna happen didn’t you?”

“I had no clue,” I lied, knowing full well she didn’t believe me.

She turned her attention back to the Tip she didn’t suck on and started rubbing my Kittycat. I didn’t know what to concentrate on, her teeth clamping down on my Tip or her fingers slowly gliding between my lips, threatening to penetrate them. She made the decision easier when she kissed down my Unclad chest and lifted up my skirt so it was around my waist, pushed my legs open and attached her lips to my Kittycat. I shuddered in ecstasy as her tongue slid across my lips, giving me goosebumps. I spread my legs wide, leaned back on my shoulders and threw my head back, soaking up the pleasure my little sister was giving me with her magical lips.

“Ooooh yes Lisa lick my Kittycat. Lick your big sisters Kittycat,” I moaned.

To Be Continued…

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