Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 88



A Story written by Kevin_88…

Wow man that sucks. How you gonna get through the day?”

“You got me man, I don’t know. We’re not around each other before the tension starts building up. The only thing I can think of is to avoid each other, but that’s another punishment in itself.”

“Will it be worth it?”

“Will what be worth it?”

“That feeling you get when you make it to the end of the day and your mom has to stand there looking stupid after she loses?”

I grinned evilly, even though he couldn’t see it. “Oh man it’ll be so worth it. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she finally gets outsmarted, I might take a picture of it.”

“You better because it’ll probably never happen again knowing your mom. Stephanie told me how cunning your mom can be.”

“Right. So where’s Stephanie now?”

“Sleep in her room, we’ve been at it since our parents left. Hey man something weird happened.”

“Weird like what?”

“When we were Bleeping she pulled me down to her and held on to me really tight, I couldn’t help but go slow because she wrapped her legs and arms around me, and she kept whispering she loved me in my ear the whole time until she came. She never did that before. What was that?”

I smiled to myself, knowing exactly what just happened. “Join the club man, you just made love to your sister for the first time.”

“No that can’t be what happened, we were Bleeping like rabbits!”

“At the beginning, but how did it end?”

He paused for a moment. “We were body to body the whole time, even when she was on top. That really just happened then didn’t it?”

“Yep. Did that bother you at all that it happened?”

“I don’t think so, it actually felt kinda nice, we never went that slow before.”

“I think you two are starting to fall for each other, I wouldn’t be surprised if you started running around here like me and Rita.”

“Haha I don’t know about all that, but we’ll see.”

“Ok man I gotta go, I gotta at least go talk to Rita, I can’t just completely avoid her, plus I’m not dressed yet.”

“What? You been talking to me Unclad this whole time?”

“No, I got a shirt on.”

“Awww man get outta here, and you calling me gay!”

“Yeah yeah whatever. I’ll call you back later and tell you how the bet ended.”

“Ok, and please have so damn clothes on weirdo.”

“Alright man, see ya.”

I laughed to myself about the call as I finished getting dressed and went downstairs. I walked into the living room to see all the women sitting on the couch with Rita in the middle watching some girl show. I went to sit down next to the but mom and Aunt Lisa stretched as if there wasn’t any room, so I had to sit on the loveseat by myself. 

“What you guys watching?” I asked.

“Desperate Housewives, kind of ironic isn’t it? Except the wives part,” mom grinned.

“You never get tired of doing that do you mom?”

“Nope, can’t say that I do,” she giggled.

We all watched tv in silence occasionally laughing at something funny that came up, all the while mom and Aunt Lisa kept glancing at us, seeing if they could catch us in a point of weakness or something, and they almost did. I was watching the show (not by choice) and just happened to glance over at the couch and caught Rita looking at me. She had a smile on her face, but you could tell it was forced because her eyes were sad looking, like the bet was having the same, if not a bigger effect on her. She looked back and forth at mom and Aunt Lisa and slammed her fists on the couch.

“Dammit, does it have to be no touching at all?”

“None at all, that was the bet,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Stop being babies, you can make it, or you can give in like we know you will,” mom added.

Rita and I both sulked back into the couch and just sat there, not even bothering to watch tv anymore. I bet if we did the same kind of bet with her she would have the same problems we were having. Oh well, there was no way around it, we just had to deal with it. She said no touching, but she didn’t say we couldn’t daydream, and that’s exactly what I started doing. I thought about everything we had done together, from our first time, to in the car, to our first anal, then back at the cabin, to last week. I could feel myself getting hard, but I was too far gone in my thoughts to try to conceal it, and looking in their direction on the couch didn’t help my case either.

“What you thinking about honey? Your pants seemed to have gotten a lot bigger, and I doubt its from the tidy cats commercial,” mom spoke up, snapping me from my dream state.

“Its nothing, just having a moment with my thoughts,” I responded.

“I bet I know exactly what you were thinking about,” mom said as she turned to Rita. “You know, we said you guys couldn’t touch each other, but we never said anything about us touching you.”

As soon as that last word left her mouth mom turned Rita’s face to hers and kissed her. She wasted no time sticking her tongue in her mouth and rubbing her tits through her shirt, pushing her back into the couch with enough pressure to make breaking free a challenge. Aunt Lisa glared at me and joined mom in the assault on Rita, pulling them apart and lifting Rita’s shirt over her head. She kissed Rita on her neck and rubbed and squeezed her tits while mom french kissed her and rubbed her Kittycat through her shorts, using her mouth to drown out every moan that was trying to escape from Rita’s lips. You could tell Rita wanted to get away from them as fast as possible, but when your hormones kick in the wrong part of your brain starts to do all the thinking for you, and its always against your will. I could only watch (to my disgust of them taking advantage of us, and jealousy that I can’t do anything) as they slowly ease her bra off and pull her shorts down, revealing her perfect tits and her pantyless Kittycat that I had just eaten not too long ago, and was dying to eat again. If I thought I was horny before, then I don’t know what I was now, watching mom’s hand work in between Rita’s legs while Aunt Lisa’s squeezed and pinched her Tips to the point where they were starting to turn red was really getting to me. I tried my best to resist doing anything, but it proved futile when I was overcome with both mom and Aunt Lisa pulling down the top of their dresses and letting loose their huge tits, the distinct potent aroma of Kittycat juice quickly filling the air, and the sloshing sound of a Kittycat being fingerfucked along with whimpers of obvious pleasure from Rita, I couldn’t take it anymore. I got up and darted straight for them, completely willing to lose the bet, but mom was one step ahead of me. She pulled her hand from between Rita’s legs and pressed it into my chest, stopping me dead in my tracks.

“And what do you think you’re doing? No touching remember? Go sit back down!”

I gave a kind of puppy dog, puss in boots face trying to sway her, but it didn’t even come close to working. She pushed against my chest a little and pointed towards the loveseat. I walked, defeated, back to the couch and plopped down, not wanting to watch what was going on in front of me, but not being able to tear my eyes away from it. After the little scuffle Rita tried to get away, but Aunt Lisa wasn’t having it. She cupped her by her Kittycat, and I’m guessing she brushed her clit because she fell right back into the couch and shivered in place for a couple seconds.

“Trying to get away are we? We need to step it up a little bit sis,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Yeah we do, can’t have you running off until were completely done with you,” mom followed.

This was where the real torture began. Aunt Lisa gripped Rita’s left tit and started to suck on the right one, and mom slid down the couch right where I wanted to be, in direct view of Rita’s Kittycat and began licking her clean. The second mom’s tongue touched her Kittycat Rita’s legs flew off the floor and around her head, making a little pocket and keeping her head there. I was so horny I couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to do something. I pulled my shorts down and gripped my Joystick in my hand, slowly stroking it to the sight I was seeing. It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but it was at least something. Rita and I locked eyes for a moment, and just as she was about to say something she was cut off by her own moan as mom pushed her legs up in the air and started tonguing her Buttocks.

“Oh my god, mom, mom! You’re… oh my god!” Rita moaned.

“My little girl has a tasty little rosebud! That feel good baby?”

“Mmmmmmmm yes! It feels really good!”

I was jacking off like crazy. Mom was going to town on Rita’s helpless little asshole with her tongue. She was ramming it, circling around the rim, sucking at it, just about everything you could do to it mom was doing. By now Aunt Lisa still had Rita’s tit in her mouth and had her fingers in Rita’s Kittycat, only adding to her pleasure, and my displeasure. 

“Lets really make her Pour sis, I’ll be right back,” Aunt Lisa said as she slid her wet fingers from Rita’s Kittycat and left the room, sucking off the juice and grinning at me as she did.

Mom went back to licking her Kittycat and peeked over at me to see what I was doing. I was stroking myself so vigorously I don’t know how I didn’t Pour all over myself yet, it felt like I wasn’t even close.

“How you holding up over there honey? Proving to be a little too much for you?”

“I… can handle it. No big deal,” I said, a freakin whopper of a lie. I was on the verge of breaking down, and everyone in that room knew it.

“Oh really?” Aunt Lisa said as she came back in the room holding a plump sized cucumber. “Lets see how well you can handle it after this.”

She handed the cucumber to mom and pushed her big tits into Rita’s face for her to suck as mom gently rubbed the cucumber up and down Rita’s Kittycat. She gave her a few more licks, mostly across the clit, and when Rita jumped a little she eased the cucumber into her Kittycat.

“Uuuuugh its so cold, but it feels so Bleeping good!” Rita moaned as the cucumber was pushed a good seven inches into her Kittycat. 

Mom pushed it as far in as it could go before it would disappear and pulled it all the way out. She looked over at me and slid the cucumber into her mouth, almost deepthroating the whole thing while sucking off Rita’s juices then turned back to her and stuck it back in her Kittycat. Rita grimaced at the force of the insertion but soon relaxed as the pleasure once again took over. Rita continued to suck on Aunt Lisa’s tits as mom held her in place by her left tit on the couch and repeatedly fed the cucumber into her at fast pace. Every time Rita tried to break free of Aunt Lisa’s tit and moan she would shove it back into her mouth and push it against her face, as if telling her to keep it in her mouth no matter what. I was losing it over there. I was damn near giving my Joystick indian burn I was stroking it so fast, but it was going no good. I was too used to S£x that jacking off had no effect on me anymore. I could only watch helplessly (both mentally and physically) as Rita’s body heaved on the couch from being rammed while she held on to Aunt Lisa as she was breastfed. 

“Her Kittycat’s pulsing Lisa, I think she’s about to Pour,” mom said.

“Good, make her. I don’t think poor Randy over there can take it,” Aunt Lisa teased.

I didn’t like the control they had over us at that point, but they were right. Usually when Rita cums its because of me, I don’t know how I’ll react having had no part in it, nor being able to have any kind of release for a long time. Mom doubled her efforts with the cucumber, rapidly pushing it in and pulling it out of her and rubbing her clit with the other hand until Rita’s body couldn’t take it anymore. She literally pushed Aunt Lisa off of her onto the couch and grabbed the couch hard.

“I’m Bleeping cumming! Holy… oh Fork me! I’m cumming!”

She gripped the couch so hard I thought she was gonna rip the fabric up. Mom kept Bleeping her with the cucumber all through her orgasm until she went limp on the couch, with Kittycat juice that I was pissed I couldn’t get leaking from her body. 

“She’ll be there for a while. She just needs time to recover,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Yeah, in the meantime, I know someone else that could use our attention,” mom grinned.

They looked at each other and made their way to me, leaving Rita a mess on the couch. I didn’t have time to do anything before they were already in front of me taking my shirt off. Mom sat down next to me and pulled me into a french kiss, giving me a taste of Rita’s Kittycat in the process while Aunt Lisa kissed along my chest and sucked on my Tips. When mom broke the kiss I looked over at the couch and saw Rita sitting straight up playing with her Kittycat as if she was still really horny. Not lost on mom, she gets that evil look on her face again and strips me of my pants, leaving my boner sticking through the hole in my boxers. She grabbed it and began to stroke it with her soft hand, instantly making it feel better than what I had been doing that whole time. Like Rita, I knew I should have tried to get away, but after going through so much torture and then being fed pleasure its hard to say no. Aunt Lisa moved up to shove her Tip into my mouth as mom took off my boxers and gave my Joystick a few more strokes, and was about to lower her head to suck it when Rita’s voice cut her off prematurely.

“Mom please don’t do it, I can’t handle any more teasing right now,” Rita said from the other couch.

“How fair is that for Randy to have to watch and you not have to do the same thing? Besides, its been a while since I had this Joystick in my mouth, much longer than necessary.”

With that, her lips circled my Joystick and drew it into her mouth until it was completely down her throat. I lightly bit down on Aunt Lisa’s Tip which made her wrap her arms around my neck holding me there. I knew she liked having her tits sucked, but I didn’t know this much. I could swear she was having a mini orgasm right there just from Tip play, but it was nothing compared to the pleasure I was feeling at that moment as mom expertly sucked on my Joystick. After watching them with Rita and not being able to do anything for myself, just the touch of her lips felt amazing in itself. I switched to Aunt Lisa’s other tit and saw Rita with her head back on the couch rapidly jamming the cucumber in and out of her Kittycat, but just like it was with me, it didn’t look to be doing anything for her. 

“I don’t want this Bleeping thing! I want a REAL Joystick! I NEED a real Joystick! I need Randy’s Joystick in me RIGHT NOW!” Rita screamed as she made her way to us, but this time Aunt Lisa stopped her.

“I don’t think so! You go and sit right back on that couch and watch young lady! You’re on our time now, if you’re gonna lose the bet, you’re gonna lose it after were done here, not a second before.”

Rita stood there, then just like me, she walked defeated back to the couch and sat down, and whipped the cucumber at the wall, making it explode. She watched us intently, knowing she couldn’t do anything, and resigned herself to watching and rubbing her clit. Suddenly it occurred to me what was happening. The reason they interfered on us both was so they could torture us and build up as much Sekxual tension as they could with this trap they set out on us, and then when they were done with us and left us alone still horny and wanting each other to the point where we couldn’t take it anymore, and Fork each other silly. Then when we lost the bet they would claim it was because of this, the whole making us watch them pleasure the other, then jump on us, and add more to their gloating. They had no shame. I was snapped from my thoughts when I felt mom’s lips encircle the head of my Joystick and Aunt Lisa’s licking my balls. They were touching all my sensitive points and unlike before where I couldn’t Pour to save my life, I was fighting to hold back cumming, I didn’t wanna give them the satisfaction. 

“Go ahead baby, Pour. You know you want to,” mom teased as she slid my Joystick from her mouth.

“Nope, I’m perfectly fine. I don’t feel a thing,” I responded, another whopper of a lie.

“Don’t feel a thing? So my lips sliding down your thick Joystick and Lisa’s tongue licking your Pour filled balls aren’t doing anything for you?”

I had to strain myself before I could answer. “Nope, nothing.”

“Then I guess we’ll have to try something new then…”

Something new? What did she mean by that? What could she do that Rita and I haven’t already done? I didn’t know what she was gonna do, until she grabbed her tits in each hand and positioned them around my Joystick. I had never gotten a boob job before, mostly because Rita’s tits were B’s, but mainly because I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it, I was wrong. When she smashed her tits between my Joystick and started sliding them up and down the effect her soft skin had on my Joystick was something else, it felt so good. 

“I think he likes it Anna, look at his face! Its like he’s never had one before,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Well if it is his first I’ll make sure its one to remember,” mom said.

She continued to jack my Joystick off with her tits, but every time my head poked out of her tits she would lick it, sending shivers throughout my body. Rita was on the couch watching everything as it happened with a look of curiosity on her face as she fingered herself, then I saw her eyes get big. I tried to follow them to see what she was looking at when I felt a finger slide into my Buttocks.

“This ought to make him Pour hard,” Aunt Lisa said as she slid her finger deeper. 

I tried to adjust to the weird feeling of having a finger in my Buttocks, but I couldn’t move on account of mom giving me a boobjob, and a fantastic one at that, so I just had to sit there and take it. After a while it did start to feel kinda good, but it wasn’t something a wanted to make a habit of. I tried my best to fight off orgasm, but I couldn’t hold back anymore, moms tits and her tongue felt too good. 

“I’m gonna Pour mom! Get out of the way!”

“I’m staying right here baby, just go ahead and Pour as much as you want to.”

As I was getting ready to Pour, Aunt Lisa felt the need to do a little more exploring inside my Buttocks and hit my prostate, and hit it again, then again, and by that time I had lost all will to hold off cumming. I cringed and let out a grunt as a torrent of Pour shot out of my Joystick and all over moms tits and on her and Aunt Lisa’s face. There was so much their faces were practically coated in it. I had heard that massaging a mans prostate could help him Pour better but I didn’t think it was true until now, I had never Pour that much. Mom released my softening Joystick from her tits and I leaned back into the couch, needing to seriously catch my breath. 

“That was fun. Look at all this Pour!” Aunt Lisa said.

“I know! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much at one time! Come on Lisa, lets go clean each other up, if you know what I mean,” mom grinned. 

They both got up, mom holding her tits together to keep the Pour there, smiled at both of us and left the room to go upstairs. I sat there for a minute until I heard heavy breathing. I sat up to see Rita looking dead at me like she wanted to jump me right there, and I don’t think I would have stopped her. I could feel myself starting to get hard again, and Rita looked down at my Joystick and saw it, and I could tell one of us was gonna lunge at the other, but as usual, when something good was about to happen, someone had to come spoil it.

“No touching! We won’t stop you anymore. If you touch each other at all before midnight you lose the bet,” Aunt Lisa said from the middle of the stairs.

Rita and I looked at each other, dreading not being able to touch each other, especially being this horny. “Mmmmm.. but…. Fork!” I screamed as I took off upstairs, flying past Aunt Lisa who once again reveled in the control she had on us. 

I went straight to the bathroom for yet another cold shower. We weren’t even halfway through the bet and here I was headed to the shower again. If we didn’t get ourselves under control fast we could play right into the hands of mom and Aunt Lisa, and whatever punishment they had planned for us. I don’t know how we were gonna do it, but we were gonna have to put S£x aside not only for mom and Aunt Lisa, but for us, something when involving us is easier said than done.

To Be Continued…

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