Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 89



A Story written by Kevin_88…

I had to be in the shower for at least an hour trying to calm myself down. How could S£x be in so much control over us? Its like the moment we see each other in a Sekxy or vulnerable position, we can’t help ourselves. I don’t wanna even consider mom and Aunt Lisa being right about all we do is have S£x, but when you look at what we’ve done since that first night its kinda hard to dispute. Maybe if we had a couple hours apart from each other we could put a perspective on things. I got out of my ridiculously cold shower and headed in our room in just a towel to find Rita in there putting up her laundry, mostly underwear, figures. We made eye contact and once again, the tension was back. Damn it, that would’ve been a perfect time to just drop the towel and go take her right there because all she had on was her panties and that thin tanktop, but we both knew it couldn’t happen. 

“You two thinking about breaking the deal again? Go ahead, I’ll watch,” Aunt Lisa joked as she appeared in the doorway behind me.

Rita huffed. “Just wait Aunt Lisa, were gonna get you and mom back so hard for this, just watch!”

She left her clothes there and left the room in a hurry, leaving me standing there with Aunt Lisa. “She’s right, were gonna get you two back so hard after this.”

“Mmmmmm, well you know I like it hard Randy,” Aunt Lisa grinned.

“You know what I mean.”

“And you know what I mean,” she said as she winked and left the room.

I couldn’t lie, that was Aunt Lisa at her sexiest at that moment. As much as you hate to admit it, she and mom could really get under your skin. They could make you want them, and make you seem like the perv for wanting to do it. I really hope those won’t be genetic traits that Rita inherits. 

I got dressed and went downstairs just as the the front door opened and dad walked in.

“Hey dad, you’re home early.”

“Yeah, I only had one client today, looks to be a big payoff if I can reel him in.”

“Perfect timing, I could use a few hundred more xbox games,” I joked.

“Haha I’ll never make that much. Thanks for cutting the grass by the way.”

“Sure thing dad, no biggie.”

“Oh I’ve been meaning to ask, how are things going with Stephanie?”

I caught myself before I gave away any signs of any kind. “Great dad, everything’s all good, same with Rita and Chris.” I didn’t feel so bad because technically I didn’t lie, everything was all good.

“Good, good. You two haven’t been, you know, with your mom around have you?”

“No dad nothing like that, I’m still in shock that you caught us!”

“Yeah that was kinda awkward. You don’t think Rita and Chris are…?”

“I know for a fact they’re not doing anything like that dad, so you don’t have to worry.”

He sighed. “Good, I still see her as my little girl.”

Yeah, your little girl that I’ve been Bleeping non stop for the last six months I thought to myself. “She’s gotta grow up eventually dad, she can’t stay your little girl forever.”

“She can grow up all she wants to when she moves out, but she’s still my baby while she’s here.”

“Ok I’ll be sure to give her the message.”

“Make sure you do. Oh by the way I set us up a little father/son fishing trip, my friend from work said catfish are biting up a storm uptown so I planned us a little trip.”

“Sure thing dad, just let me know when it is,” I said on my way out the door.

“Where you going?”

“Nowhere, just gonna sit on the porch for a little while, got a lot on my mind.”

“Sit on the porch? And think? And not play video games? What? I don’t believe it,” dad joked, then got serious. “Must be something important, and private, well have fun.”

I sat out there for a while just thinking and looking off at little kids playing tag. I remember when life used to be that simple, not a care in the world, good times. Now we have to worry about hiding a forbidden relationship, faking a relationship, keeping two cunning nymphos off our backs and proving to them we could go without S£x, but I guess it could be worse. I was instantly snapped from my thoughts by my extremely loud phone blasting one of those Katy Perry songs, and by the ringtone it was playing I knew exactly who it was.

“Hey Stephanie.”

“Hey. I just had an interesting little discussion with Rita not too long ago.”

“She told you about the bet didn’t she?”

“Yep, how you holding up?”

“Barely. Everything she does makes me wanna ravage her, there’s temptation everywhere!”

“Its funny, she said the same thing. You guys are way too much alike.”

“She said that too?”

“Yeah, she said when you came in the kitchen without a shirt on she was gonna lose the bet on purpose so she could Fork your brains out, her exact words.”

I felt a little better knowing I wasn’t alone in all this, and it was a nice confidence boost. “I don’t know how were gonna get through the rest of the day, not with mom and Aunt Lisa here.”

“She told me about that too. Your mom’s an evil genius, she set me and my mom up like that too.”

“Yeah I heard. Its gonna be so great if we win to see that look on her face when she loses.”

“You mean “when” you win, I know you guys will.”

“And just how are you so sure?”

“Because its not just about S£x with you two, you’re in love. Your mother forgot that part.”

I sat there for a second soaking up her words. “You’re right, I forgot about that too.”

“All you gotta do is think about the stuff that made you fall in love with her in the first place and you’ll be fine, the rest of the day will just fly by without you knowing it.”

“Speaking of, I heard something interesting myself about you and Chris today.”

“Oh you heard about that?”

“Yeah, you guys are gonna be right where we are in a little bit, just watch.”

“I don’t know about that, but it was really nice, really really nice. We’ve never done that before.”

“And you’re gonna wanna do it like that more often, then before you know it, love!”

“Hey you focus on you and Rita right now! Make sure you win that bet for all of us!”

“We will. Thanks Steph, you’re the best fake girlfriend a guy could ask for,” I joked.

She laughed. “You’re welcome, and don’t worry, you can thank me some other way.”

“Ummm, kinda dating Rita in case you forgot?”

“You let me worry about that, bye Randy.”

I could hear the tone in her voice that she was up to something, but like she said I couldn’t worry about it now, I had to concentrate on winning this bet. I sat outside so long it was starting to get dark, so I got up and went back into the house. When I opened the door, I noticed two things, someone was cooking tacos, and Rita was sitting on the couch alone. I thought I would make things easier and avoid temptation by going upstairs, but Rita wasn’t having it.

“We don’t have to avoid each other you know?”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” I said as I went over and sat down next to her.

“So how you holding up?”

“Its tough, it wouldn’t be as bad if we were allowed to at least touch each other.”

“Its been hard on me too, the no touching is what makes it almost unbearable, but at least we still get to see each other, that would have been too much.”

I could see what Stephanie was talking about when Rita said that. She would put the with the no S£x, but not being able to see each other was out of the question, how could you not love someone like that. “Don’t worry Rita, we’ll have our day.”

“I know we will. I wanna get them back so bad though…”

“Which one do you wanna do more?”

“OK EVERYONE, DINNER!” Aunt Lisa and mom shouted from the kitchen, more great timing.

I looked at Rita and she just smiled at me, then got up and went to the kitchen. Times like this I wish I was a mind reader because I could never figure her out when she did that, and she knew it.

Like usual, noone said anything at the table until we had a good amount of food in us to settle our hunger, then it was a talking free for all.

“So what’s new with everyone?” Aunt Lisa asked, slyly grinning at Rita and I.

“A client is moving here from the other side of the country to be with his kids, mostly his daughter. If I can land him a house I get a raise and a big payoff,” dad said.

“Perfect timing honey, because our anniversary is coming up, and you promised to make it up to me this year after what happened last year,” mom said.

“Don’t worry honey, I’ve got it all planned this year, no screwups.”

“Does that mean we’ll have the house to ourselves? Now I’m excited,” Rita grinned.

“No parties if that’s what you’re thinking,” dad jumped in. I’m pretty sure Rita had something else on her mind besides parties, I did too. “Besides, Lisa will be here anyway.”

“Might not be for much longer, I’m up for a promotion in the fashion department at work, so I’ll be able to get my house fixed up sooner than I thought,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Well it looks like everyone is excited about something. The Wilson’s are the same, they have an anniversary coming up too, and I bet Stephanie and Chris will try to have a party too,” mom said.

“Yeah, Jim was talking about it at work, their anniversary is a couple days after ours.”

“It is? What does he have planned?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“Don’t know, he wouldn’t tell me, he wouldn’t even drop me a hint.”

Dad was lying, I was sure of it. He always very subtly twitched his nose when he was lying, you had to really be paying attention to catch it. I don’t even think mom knows about it.

Once we finished eating dad went to the garage to work on a car he started restoring a little while ago and the rest of us stayed to clean up, basically mom and Aunt Lisa cleaned off the table and watched us while we washed the dishes to make sure we didn’t cheat. Since I was drying, it took me a little longer to finish, and when I did, mom told me dad wanted to see me in the garage. I don’t know why, but I was a little nervous walking back there, I knew mom didn’t tell him anything, but these garage talks were always about something serious. I got back there just as he was putting in the last piston. 

“So everything’s really ok with you and Stephanie?”

“Yeah dad, everything’s really ok. We’re doing great.”

“Ok then, I just wanted to make sure, but that’s not why I called you out here.”

“Its not?”

“No. I’m happy for you and Stephanie, but just make sure you don’t phase out your sister.”

That caught me completely off guard. “Huh?”

“Don’t stop spending time with her over Stephanie. Having a girlfriend is great but you only have one sister, and you two are really close, don’t mess that up.”

Wow. I knew dad was clueless to us but this just reassured me a thousand times over. He really has no idea! “That’ll never happen dad, we’re way too close for anything to come between us, besides, were all friends with each other remember? We’re always hanging out?”

“Yeah I know, I just wanted to tell you anyway. Trust me, I know from experience, making family take a back seat for a girl never ends well, it took my sister ten years to forgive me.”

“Which one? The one that has mom’s name?”

“Yeah, Heather Anne. We were really close. We liked all the same stuff; books, sports, movies, everything. We used to stay up all night reading books we both loved, but then I met your mom and I made mistakes that hurt her and she blocked me off for a long time. I didn’t even know she had a husband until we started talking again, and that wasn’t until I was 27. We had to start over from scratch, it wasn’t easy. I don’t want that for you and Rita.”

“Well I definitely won’t be going down that road dad, thanks for the advice.”

“Sure, your mother said she’d tell Rita, so I figured I’d tell you. On your way out pull the door up, I don’t want any sparks to hit the grass.”

I closed the door up and went back to the house thinking about dad’s words as I did. How could I ever phase Rita out? The love of my young life. There is nothing anyone can do or say to me to even consider phasing her out, I love her way too much. So what if we cant touch each other for what, two more hours? Who cares! Just seeing her is enough for now. 

I walked back in the house and just like before they were all on the same couch, but this time they were watching S£x and the City. Like before, when I went to sit down on the same couch they tried to squeeze in and leave as little room as possible, but it wasn’t gonna work this time. As if we were thinking the same thing, Rita pulled Aunt Lisa over to one end of the couch with her and I moved mom to the other end and sat down in the midle, they both just kept staring at us.

“You said we couldn’t touch each other, not you two,” Rita grinned.

“Not so fun when your own rules get used against you is it?” I added.

“It doesn’t matter, you still have two hours left before the deadline, you won’t make it.”

“Wanna bet?” I grinned.

For the first time that day, they were both quiet. It was as if they knew they couldn’t get to us anymore, but that wouldn’t stop them from trying. Mom and Aunt Lisa both looked around and rubbed their hands all over my crotch and chest, trying to get me hard while grinning at Rita.

“Wish this was you doing this to him, don’t you Rita?” mom gloated.

“That won’t work this time mom. I know you won’t try anything with dad awake so you’ll just have to figure out another way to make us lose. Besides, you’re only rubbing him through his clothes, I get the real thing. Don’t worry though, I’ll remember to tell you both how good it feels later,” Rita smiled.

Both mom and Aunt Lisa were stunned at what Rita said. She didn’t even look away from the tv when she said it, she was that sure of herself. I was also surprised to find that I was only semi hard and not fully, I guess they’ll have to find some new tricks because those ones weren’t working anymore. We sat through another hour and a half of S£x and the City and more attempts to get us to break before we heard the back door open and dad come in.

“I think I did enough for today, I’m going to bed. You coming Anna?”

“I’ll be up around midnight, I wanna catch the end of this show first honey,” mom said.

“Well I’ll probably be sleep by then but ok. Randy before you come up close the garage for me, I’m burnt out. Goodnight everyone.”

We all said goodnight to dad and looked over at mom. “You sure you’re not gonna go up mom? You’re not missing anything down here,” I said.

“There’s still time left, a lot can happen before midnight.”

Mom and Aunt Lisa tried everything they could think of to get us to break; flashing their tits, kissing us, playing with each other, but nothing worked. After putting up with everything they did and making it this far, there was no way we were gonna lose this close to the deadline. We watched the clock tick closer to midnight, 11:56, 11:57, 11:58, 11:59, we were ready for the bet to be over, but that last minute took forever to come. Then, finally, midnight. The clock hit 12:00 and we had officially beaten mom and Aunt Lisa at their own game. Rita got up and sat down in my lap and kissed me like she’d been waiting forever to do it, and in a way she had. We kissed for a while, forgetting mom and Aunt Lisa were even there, and enjoying the touch of each others bodies after being deprived of it for so long. When we broke the kiss we just stared at each other for a minute, just sitting there with a tight grip on each other.

“I love you,” I said kissing her nose.

She smiled that big smile she does when she’s really happy. “I love you more.”

“That’s impossible.”

“I love you mo…”

“Ok let me cut in before this goes on all night,” mom said.

“Now what was that you guys said, we couldn’t make it to midnight?” Rita gloated.

“I still can’t believe you made it a whole day without S£x,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Actually two, we didn’t do anything yesterday because we were gone remember?” I said. 

“Two days? Wanna make it three?” mom asked.

“NOOOOOO!” Rita almost yelled. “Were done making bets with you two for a while.”

“Since we won the bet we expect you to pay up on whatever we want,” I said.

“As long as its not too ridiculous, we will. Since there’s nothing left to see here I’m going to bed, and I suggest you all do too,” mom said.

“After what they just went through you know that’s not gonna happen,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Hey we don’t need S£x, but it is a nice perk, a really nice perk,” I said.

“Yeah yeah, enjoy this feeling while it lasts, because its the only time you’ll get it,” mom said.

“Awwww, mommy don’t like to lose?” Rita teased. “Don’t make bets you cant win then.”

“Let them enjoy this Anna, we’ll get em next time. Goodnight you two, and I mean goodnight,” Aunt Lisa said as she pushed mom upstairs.

“Did you see the look on mom’s face? That was priceless!” I squealed.

“I know! I wish I took a picture!” 

“I can’t wait to do that again, not the holding out part, but the “mom’s face” part.”

“Me too, but for now we should go to bed, now that we finally have some time to ourselves.”

“Yeah we should. Oh wait let me go close the garage and I’ll be right up.”

She gave me one more kiss before she let me go. “Don’t take long, I already had to do enough waiting today as it is, I don’t want any more distractions.”

“Ok I’ll be right back up.”

I went through the kitchen out to the backyard to the garage door. It was a heavy door and you had to really pull it hard to close it, which is why dad probably asked me to do it, he had no strength left. I got it closed and started back for the house when I glanced at the swings. A quick flash of the fight we had went through my mind, then another of when we made up at the swings, then again in the back of dad’s friends truck. It doesn’t seem like a big thing now, but then it was a pretty big fight. I don’t know how our lives would have turned out if we hadn’t made up, I know it would’ve been hella awkward for the rest of our lives, like dad and his sister. Speaking of sisters the image of mine waiting on me in bed popped in my head and I left the backyard and went upstairs to our room, our room, I still like the sound of that. 

When I walked in the room and closed the door I was greeted by Rita wearing one of my big shirts and her little pink panties, man she could make anything look beautiful.

“I was beginning to think you weren’t gonna come back,” she said feigning sad.

I shot her a sly look as I took off my pants. “Now you know that wasn’t gonna happen. I was outside looking at the swings, and I thought about the… you know, the fight.”

“Oh yeah. I kinda wish it never happened.”

“Everyone has fights Rita, you can’t avoid them.”

“Well we have to. You don’t know how horrible I felt after that fight happened. I hated myself so much for standing there and letting Ashley say that stuff about you.”

“Its ok, it caught me off guard too.”

“I still should have said something. That look on your face after made me so ashamed of myself, I don’t ever wanna go through anything like that again.”

She looked like she was about to cry, so I sat down next to her and put my arm around her. “Its behind us now, besides you know the saying, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and that definitely applies to us, we’ve come a long way since then.”

She scooted close into me. “Yeah we did. I never dreamed I’d feel like this about anyone, let alone my twin brother.”

“Feel like what?”

“So, in love. So, alive. So, happy. So, complete.”

I smiled at her. “You took the words right out of my mouth.”

She lay me back on the bed and climbed on top of me and pressed her soft lips to mine. I could feel every bit of passion she put into the kiss, and I was giving the same. She backed up off me and grabbed a piece of red tape and our numbers and stuck it to the door, then took off her shirt, showing me her perfect breasts once again before getting back on the bed. 

To Be Continued…

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