Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 9



A Story written by Kevin_88…

Aunt Lisa, our mom’s younger sister, was staring us directly in the eye as we lay Unclad on my bed. What a way to get busted. We were so busy trying not no get caught by our parents that we forgot our aunt always comes to visit us the week of our birthday (only one day out of the week though, and its never the same day so we cant tell when she’s coming, sneaky). There was an awkward silence for a while before she came in the room and closed the door behind her.

I was expecting her to yell at us then go tell our parents, so I thought it would be best to come clean. “Aunt Lisa please don’t be mad at us for having S£x, but we…” 

“Shhhh,” she cut me off. “I didn’t walk in on you two having S£x, I walked in on you making love! I saw the way you made her feel so appreciated, so beautiful, so loved. I’d give anything to have that!”

The way she was talking made me feel a little sad for her, the funny thing is she’s far from ugly. She’s 33, standing at 5’7, 120 pounds, blue eyes, brown hair, I’m guessing about C cup tits, and a wonderfully shaped Buttocks, she could get any guy she wanted, but she became a career woman(fashion designer to be exact), and with almost every career woman, their love life takes a swan dive into the ground. 

“So are you gonna tell our parents?” Rita asked a little scared. 

“No I wont, I won’t tell your parents on the condition that you stay off each other while I’m here, its only one day, I’m sure you can last.” 

We were disappointed at the price we had to pay, but relieved we were in the clear. “So what made you come to my room in the first place Aunt Lisa?” I asked curious. 

“I actually have you to thank for that. I was on my way to your parents room when I saw a light go out in your room and heard a noise, so like the loving aunt I am I came to check it out, just in time to see my nephew penetrate my niece.” 

I looked at Rita as she sat there with her arms crossed. 

“Just had to knock the lamp over didn’t you” I said with a grin. She threw a pillow at my head and grinned back. 

“You know why I knocked the lamp over, you tease!” 

We began to stare each other down when our aunt intervened. “What did I just say you guys? That’s it Rita you go back to your room and stay there and you mister you just stay right here and go to sleep!” 

“Yes Aunt Lisa” we both said simultaneously. With that Rita gave me a kiss goodnight and retired to her room with my aunt leaving behind her, but before she left, she looked at me and smiled. A chill ran down my spine, but I smiled back and she closed the door. I don’t know what that was all about but I sure was glad she wasn’t gonna tell our parents.

The next morning at breakfast things seemed they were normal, everyone was comfortable and there were no awkward moments, so I assumed all was good. 

“So how long you here for Aunt Lisa?” I asked as if I didn’t already know. 

“Im here till about nine or ten, I just came by to drop off your present and hang out with your parents for a while, then I gotta get back home.” 

“Speaking of presents, it should be outside, why don’t you two go take a look,” mom said eagerly. 

With that we got up and went outside, sitting in the driveway with a big red bow on it was a brand new black Pontiac Grand Am. 

“Wow is that our car?” Rita screamed with excitement. 

“You guys bought us a car? You’re the best!” I shouted as Rita and I hugged our mom and dad and our aunt. I noticed that Aunt Lisa held on a little longer and squeezed me tighter than mom and dad, but I was so excited about the car I thought nothing of it. It had everything teenagers could want; style, sound system, S£x appeal, and most important, a big back seat. It even had the new car smell! 

“I told you they’d love it,” dad said. 

“I’m going to take the drivers test tomorrow!” I said cheerfully. Rita and I had been taking all the drivers classes up till that point. We had been saving up for a car since we were sixteen, but now we didn’t have to buy one. Rita still has to take the written part of the test first, so she’ll get her license a day after me. Either way you look at it we had a car! By the look on Rita’s face she couldn’t wait to break it in, and neither could I. After we calmed down, we went back into the house and finished our breakfast. After we finished eating Rita asked mom to take her to the place to take her drivers test, mom didn’t look like she wanted to go, but she decided to take her. 

“Randy honey can you clean up around the front and back yard please,” mom asked before she left. It was so hot outside I didn’t want to, but it was something to pass the time till Rita came back so what the hell.

“Ok mom but you owe me!” 

“Sure whatever you say honey,” she said going out the door. I went outside and quickly regretted agreeing to clean the yard. All the blown trash and leaves and junk, I knew I would be out there for a while. After throwing a fit and cursing under my breath I got to work.

I started in the front since there was more to do there. Halfway through it had gotten so hot I took off my shirt and started to take off my pants, but decided against it. I worked my way to the backyard raking up loose leaves and trash when an unbelievable sight walks through the back door. Aunt Lisa was coming towards me with a pitcher of lemonade in a very small two-piece bikini. I was standing there looking like an idiot with my mouth wide open, my eyes glued to the huge tits about to pop out of a bikini that’s too small for her. 

“Thirsty much?” 

“I could use a drink,” I responded snapping out of my daydream. I decided to take a break and sit with her as she lay out in the sun. As I took a sip of lemonade, I could feel a conversation about Rita and I coming, and I was right. 

“So how long have you and Rita been, you know, seeing each other?” 

I don’t know why, but I felt completely comfortable talking to her, probably because she was half-Unclad. “Actually it started the day before our birthday, but officially the day of. It was a weird but wonderful series of events.” 

“How’s the S£x? Do you satisfy her or are you just in it for yourself?” 

“The S£x is always great, and in the few times we did have S£x she always came before me, plenty of times, and just to let you know, yes I love her, I love her more than anything, and nothing will change that!” I said telling her off a little bit. 

“Wow I didn’t know you felt like that, I would think you’d be interested in someone a little, older,” she said as she squeezed her tits together. 

I knew she was trying to seduce me, and it was working. I felt my Joystick growing rapidly in my shorts, and there was no way to hide it. As much as I would suddenly enjoy Bleeping my aunt, I was faithful. Just then she sat up and started undoing her bra string, I was getting nervous because I didn’t know how long I would be able to resist her. Then just in the nick of time mom, dad, and Rita walked through the house into the backyard, perfect timing at its best. Knowing defeat, she left the string alone. 

“Don’t think this is over, you can’t avoid me forever!” 

I just dodged a major bullet; I then decided to get out of the house to avoid her until she left. I took a quick (literally like one minute) shower, found some suitable outdoor clothes, grabbed Rita as I headed for the front door, and yelled goodbye to anyone who heard me. 

“Don’t be too long honey” I heard someone say, but kept going out the door to avoid any contact with my aunt. That was a close one.

I was walking so fast Rita was struggling to keep up with me.

“Where are we going?” Rita said trying to keep pace with me.

“I thought we could grab a pizza, you know get out of the house for a while.” 

“Good because I am starving! I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast.” 

We get to our favorite pizza parlor, Mikey’s Pizza, and get a large pepperoni and sausage and sit down to eat. “So how’d your test go?” I asked making small talk. 

“Boring, the test was easy but it was so long and there was nothing to do, I wish you could’ve come with me.” 

“Me too, after you guys left Aunt Lisa hit on me, you came back just in time.” 

“You didn’t do anything did you?” 

“Of course I didn’t, I would never do that to you.” She smiled at me, took my hand and kissed it. 

“I don’t deserve you.” 

“We deserve each other,” I said smiling back. She got up and hugged me and we left the parlor hand in hand. “How about we go to a movie?” 

To Be Continued…

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