Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 90


A Story written by Kevin_88…

What about dad?” I asked.

She laid back on top of me, looking me directly in the eyes. “I don’t even care anymore, I really don’t. I’m not gonna be careless or anything like leave my panties in the bed we both sleep in, or slip up and say something in front of him, but I’m not gonna sacrifice what little time I get with you to keep him from finding out. If he finds out, then he finds out, he’ll take it however he takes it, and if he disowns us, it won’t stop us from being together.”

I just lay there for a minute, soaking up everything she said. I could see the intensity in her eyes and knew she meant every word she said. It was a lot of work keeping dad in the dark, it would be nice to enjoy ourselves, worry free. “You’re right, lets worry about us for a change, and do what we want, just me and you.”

“That’s all I want, nothing else matters,” she said in a whisper-like voice.

I rolled her over so I was on top and took my shirt off, then mashed my chest to hers and kissed her again. She crossed her legs around my back and I could feel her starting to get wet on my boxers. She broke the kiss to moan (which she wasn’t keeping quiet), and I didn’t help by kissing her along her neck. The more I kissed and licked her neck, the louder she moaned, and I damn near made her Pour when I nibbled on her ear, her spot.

“Randy, please, stick it in me now. I don’t care about foreplay, just make love to me, please!”

I sat up and grabbed her panties at the waist and pulled them off her hips, then she lifted her legs and I slid them up and off. I threw the panties off the side of the bed and looked back just in time to see her spread her legs open for me, her Kittycat glistening in the dim light of the table lamp. I know she didn’t want foreplay, but I just couldn’t resist. I leaned down and ran my tongue across the surface of her Kittycat, licking up juice that seemed to be coming out on its own. She shuddered at my touch, but started to whine when I took longer than expected.

“Baby please, I need it in me now, I can’t wait any more!”

I didn’t want to, but I pulled away, her needs were more important than mine. I slipped out of my boxers and put my Joystick at the entrance of her Kittycat, then I lay down on her and thrust myself into her. She groaned and grabbed my back as I went all the way into her, and threw her head back on the pillow. I used my knees to thrust myself into her slowly, but with full strokes.

“Uuuuuuugh, it feels, so, gooooooooooood,” Rita moaned.

I slid my hands under her and used her back to hold myself in place and thrust into her until our bodies touched, a process I repeated over and over each time getting a louder moan from Rita. 

“Oh baby, just like that! Make love to your little sister! Uuuuuuuuuuugh, yes!”

She put a deathgrip on my body and met my thrusts with her own, and when I slowed down, she would pick up the slack and slide herself onto my Joystick. 

“Oh Fork! It feels even better every time we do it! Noone can make me feel as good as you do Randy!”

“Your Kittycat is squeezing me tight Rita, are you about to Pour already?”

“Not yet, I’m doing that myself, it makes the feeling a lot better for both of us.”

“Whatever you’re doing keep doing it, it feels amazing!”

I don’t know how she was doing that, but every time I would slide in its like her Kittycat would inhale, and when I slid out it exhaled, it was a win win either way I went. I went a little faster, rocking against her body as her hard Tips made impressions in my chest. I wanted to reach down and suck one, but when I sat up, I slid out of her and she turned over on her stomach and pushed her legs together. I was confused, but then she spread her butt cheeks apart with both hands and opened her Kittycat.

“I heard it feels really good like this,” Rita said.

I got behind her the only way I could, flat against her and pushed back into her, and I do mean pushed. Its amazing how much tighter she felt just by having her legs closed. 

“Oh god! You feel so much bigger like this!”

I grabbed the back of her hands with mine and put them at our sides and pushed into her over and over, it was hard at first but it seemed the faster I went the easier it was to get inside her so that’s what I did, and Rita loved it.

“Harder baby, harder! Make me Pour all over you!”

“Oh you’ll Pour, but not yet, I wanna stretch it out as long as possible.”

“Please baby, don’t tease me, I wanna Pour so bad!”

“Trust me, when you do, it’ll be one to remember.”

I heard her sigh and when she did I thrust into her harder, making the bed start to creak a little, but not enough to be heard outside the room. I let my right hand go and found her clit under us and began to play with it as I Forked her. She didn’t know which direction to thrust her body, into my Joystick so it would go deeper in her or on my fingers so she could get that much more worked up and closer to cumming, so she just lay there and let me pleasure her both ways. I kissed her in her spot on her ear and whispered to her as she lay there moaning under me.

“I love you Rita, you’re the only one I wanna spend the rest of my life with, I love you.”

“Randy, ugh Randy…”

She couldn’t finish because of the damage I was doing to her clit. She switched from moaning to erratic breathing, to not breathing at all, then back to moaning. 

“I’m gonna give you everything you ever wanted Rita, I promise.”

I left her clit and made my way up her body and squeezed a tit in my hand, all the while keeping my rhythm thrusting inside her. Her face was buried in the pillow by now, but you could still barely hear her moaning through it.

“I’m gonna make you so happy, I don’t want you to regret us for a second.”

The last statement must have gotten to her because she shook me off of her and climbed over me and gave me one of her patented kisses.

“I will never regret us, ever. You kissing me that day was the best thing that ever happened to me, and nothing you do will ever change that!”

She leaned down and kissed me again and at the same time grabbed my Joystick in her hand and pushed it back in her Kittycat. 

“Now its my turn to tease you, I’m gonna ride you till you beg me to let you Pour!”

Just hearing her talk like that made me ten times hornier. She sat straight up and rocked her hips back and forth on me and closed her eyes, a big smile on her face as she sat on me. Images like these are the ones that get burned into your head forever, a beautiful girl with a perfect body on top of you riding you with a smile on her face, and you knowing its because of you that she’s happy, these are the moments worth living for. 

“Oh baby, you feel so good inside my Kittycat, so good!”

I focused on her tits swaying back and forth, kind of in a daze, until her voice started to get louder, then I realized she was fingering her clit as she rode me. Her fingering herself was working her up so much that she didn’t realize she was squeezing the hell out of my Joystick with her Kittycat and riding me harder. I tried to go with it, but her moans, her Kittycat locking down on me, and not having had S£x in two days only got me so far. I pulled her down on me and smashed my lips to hers, wrapped my arms around her, and shot my Joystick fully into her. I wasn’t ramming her, but it was at a decent speed to make her push back down on me. She broke the kiss and we just looked into each others eyes as we made love to each other, me groaning and her breathing hard as her Kittycat sucked my Joystick into it over and over.

“I love you Randy, I love you, I love you!”

“I love you too, I… oh Fork!”

I was caught off by two things… I could feel myself about to Pour soon, and Rita’s Kittycat squeezed me tighter than ever, so I knew she was about to Pour too. She put her hands on the sides of my face and held my gaze with hers as long as she could.

“I’m gonna… I’m gonna, oh my god Randy!”

Her eyes closed and her hands slowly slipped off my face as I felt her Kittycat instantly become wetter and way more slippery. She was cumming hard, and as much as I tried to hold it, I knew I was about to Pour too. Since there was no way to stop it I just rolled with it and kept thrusting into Rita’s orgasming Kittycat until I reached my peak. I held her tight as my Joystick sent blasts of Pour shooting up her Kittycat. Each time I squirted, her body jolted, then fell limp again. Each blast took my energy with it, so when I had no more to give her, I sunk into the bed, completely tired. I was breathing hard, but I noticed I didn’t hear Rita breathing at all. I used what little strength I had and lifted her head, only to see her eyes closed. Her body was rising against me, so I knew nothing was wrong, so I just shook her lightly as I called her name until she slowly came to.

“What happened?” Rita asked in a soft groggy voice.

“I think you passed out for a second. You looked like you came hard.”

“I did, but I didn’t think it was that hard. What did you do to me?”

“What you wanted me to do, I made you Pour.”

“You made me Pour all right, you knocked me out cold! My Kittycat is still tingling!”

“You did a number on me too, I can’t even feel my legs.”

She cuddled into me and lay her head on my chest. “I meant everything I said Randy, you are the best thing that ever happened to me, I wouldn’t trade what we have for anything.”

“Not even for a billion dollars and a night with Bono?” I joked.

“Not even for a bajillion dollars and a year with Bono.”

“You mean everything to me too, and I meant everything I said too just like you.”

“You have a lot of promises to keep then,” she said kissing me on the nose.

“Speaking of promises, what are we gonna do about mom and Aunt Lisa?”

“I don’t know, I’m too tired to think straight right now.”

“Too tired to get revenge on the woman who’s been playing us step for step this whole time?”

“A little, yeah. Plus I kinda wanted us to have our own day, which we would’ve had if mom and Aunt Lisa hadn’t interrupted us.”

“All the more reason to get them back!”

“I don’t know Randy, they both seem like a good idea.”

“Well let me ask you this, which one would you rather do more?”

She turned my face to hers and gave me a quick peck on the lips. “I’d rather go to sleep.”

I couldn’t help but smile, she wins again. I swear if she knew the power she had over me just by looking at me like that she could get anything out of me she wanted. I leaned over and cut off the lamp light and we got under the blanket together.

“Hold me.”

She climbed over me and I held her tight to me, so tight I could feel her breathing against me, this was the first time we’d ever slept like this, and I knew it wouldn’t be the last.

“Goodnight Randy, I love you,” Rita said, then pretty much fell fast asleep.

“Goodnight,” I said to noone since she was already asleep. I knew I wouldn’t go to sleep just yet, I was too busy replaying the look on mom’s face over and over in my head. I wanted to get her back, but I would be happy with whatever Rita wanted to do. I kissed her cheek and in time fell asleep, thoughts of both torturing mom and spending time with Rita in my head. One things for sure, whichever it was we ended up doing, we would spare no expense on it, like we said before, it was time to think about us for a change, and that’s exactly what we were gonna do.


To Be Continued…

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