A Story written by Kevin_88…

I stirred in my sleep, waking up when I felt something push at my chest over and over, to the point where I had to address the issue. With blurry eyes I looked through the darkness until they adjusted enough to clear up the image in front of me, Rita with a grin on her face. 

“Lets get em!”

I smiled to myself as I drifted back to sleep, wondering just what Rita had going through her head, and what she planned to do to mom and Aunt Lisa. I could already tell it was gonna be a day to remember.


I woke up again, this time on my own, in a room filled with daylight to see Rita in the same position she was in only hours ago… on her side, looking me dead in the eye, grinning.

“Have you been laying like that all night?”

“Nope, just woke up like five minutes ago, and remembered what today was.”

“You know what you’re gonna do to them?”

“I have some ideas, but we have all day to figure it out. I cant wait! This is gonna be fantastic!” Rita screamed as she rolled on top of me and started bouncing up and down, getting me a little excited.

“Wait, dad might still be here. Lets go check first before we do anything.”

“Oh Randy you’re always worrying, you gotta live a little. You know if you weren’t so cute I would’ve left you a long time ago,” she joked as she got up and headed for the door.

“You’d miss all this and you know it,” I joked back as I hit her with a pillow.

I lay there for a second trying to get a grip on the situation. We had a free pass at mom and Aunt Lisa and yet I couldn’t think of anything to do to them, hopefully as the day went on I could come up with something. I dashed toward the bathroom and cleaned myself up real quick and headed downstairs to see mom and Aunt Lisa had made a big breakfast spread; eggs, french toast, sausage, bacon, ham, biscuits, rice, even hash browns, they went all out. I was suspicious immediately knowing exactly what was going on, but it wasn’t gonna work, not today, not a chance in hell, no beans, hell no, nope. 


“I know, I did the same thing when I came and saw it,” Rita said.

“Were not trying to suck up, its just to say to at least be fair, nothing too extreme,” mom said.

“Says the woman who worked us like a puppet over and over again,” Rita responded.

“You can go easy on me, I wasn’t as bad as your mother,” Aunt Lisa jumped in.

“Please, you were her right hand woman, don’t play innocent,” I followed. 

We all sat down and started eating the humongous breakfast laid out before us. The tension in the room was finally in our favor as neither mom nor Aunt Lisa knew what to expect.

“Time starts as soon as dad leaves just so you know,” Rita said through a mouthful of food. “Wait is he here now?”

“Unfortunately, he had to leave a little early this morning, of all days,” mom said.

Rita’s face lit up. “Perfect, then time starts right now and ends at midnight, and since it starts now, I think you both should strip Unclad, right now.”

The look on their face was worth it even if they didn’t strip down, mom especially. “What? You cant be serious, your dad could walk back in here at any time!”

“We both know he never comes back after he leaves until he gets off work mom so don’t even try that. Those are really nice outfits, but they’ll look even better on the floor, so strip!” Rita commanded.

I could tell Rita was enjoying every last bit of this, she knew exactly how to get a rise out of the situation, and out of me, man did she look hot giving them orders. Eventually, mom and Aunt Lisa knew they were beat and stripped down to their bra and panties, mom in black and Aunt Lisa in red, both looking like they came out of a Victoria’s Secret catalog. 

“Its only one day Anna, then after that we’ll get them back,” Aunt Lisa reassured mom.

“Yeah but until then you have to do what we say, and trust me there’s gonna be a lot of stuff you’re gonna have to do; embarrassing stuff, funny stuff, stupid stuff, the list goes on,” Rita gloated.

We went back to eating breakfast and I quickly noticed how much quieter it had gotten, Rita had them right where she wanted them, and they were intimidated, but me I haven’t done anything yet, except sit back and watch Rita get in their heads. I would have to get involved, this is way too golden of an opportunity to pass up. I eyed everyone at the table; mom had a “I swear I’m gonna get you back you little hussy!” look on her face staring at Rita, Aunt Lisa kept looking up at every little sound hoping dad wasn’t coming back through the door, and Rita had the biggest grin on her face as she ate her food, and her Tips were rock hard (yeah I definitely noticed that). It wasn’t anywhere near cold in the house (at least for us it wasn’t) so I knew that wasn’t it, she was actually horny, and her being horny was making me horny, so much that I wasn’t even hungry for food anymore, I wanted to eat something else…

With breakfast over we had mom and Aunt Lisa clean up everything and we headed upstairs, and on the way I picked Rita up and carried her to our bed, ready to devour her sweet little body.

“Mmmmm wait Randy, not just yet.”

“What do you mean not just yet? Now is the perfect time!”

“I have a plan. Trust me, I want you too, you know I do, but I wanna make it as torturous as I can for mom and Aunt Lisa, we won’t get this chance again. Trust me, it’ll be that much better.”

As much as I wanted to take her right there, the look in her eyes when she said that told me it was best to wait, so I reluctantly calmed myself down as we both went back downstairs.

We sat on the couch watching tv, not really paying attention to what was on, but waiting for them to finish cleaning up the kitchen. When they were done, they picked up their clothes and tried to rush past us to go upstairs, but we all knew it wasn’t gonna happen like that.

“And just where do you two think you’re going?” Rita asked.

“Were done with the kitchen, so were going upstairs to relax,” Aunt Lisa said.

“You can relax down here, sit down and watch tv with us.”

“I’m guessing we don’t have a choice,” mom said.

“No, not really. Come on, whats the worst that can happen?” Rita grinned.

They dropped their clothes on the stair landing and went to sit down on the other couch, but once again, Rita had another trick up her sleeve.

“Wait, before you sit down, I have a little surprise for you,” she said as she reached between the couch cushions and pulled something out. “I know how kinky you two like to get, so we have some toys for you. One of you gets to wear the Tip clamps and the other gets the buttplug, your choice.”

They both looked astonished, but not put off by the idea. While it was a good plan on Rita’s part, she had one flaw in it, she left them a choice on which to choose. If I learned one thing about mom and Aunt Lisa its what turns them on. Aunt Lisa loved to have her tits played with, Tips too, no matter what it was you were doing, she loved it. Mom was an anal freak, plain and simple. I don’t remember a time since this whole thing started that she didn’t have something up her Buttocks. It was obvious which toys they were gonna pick, and I was right, mom went for the buttplug and Aunt Lisa went for the clamps. Since this day was supposed to be torturous for them, I couldn’t just sit there and let them get their little moment of pleasure knowing what I knew, so I had to step in.

“Oh no, I don’t think so! You don’t think were stupid do you? Mom you get the clamps and Aunt Lisa you get to have the buttplug, oh and one more thing, they have to stay on all day, unless we say otherwise. If we catch you messing with them, lets just say you won’t like the outcome.”

Their little glimmer of hope faded as their small plan backfired on them. We watched as mom took off her bra and put on the clamps as delicate as she could, giving us a devilish look as she did, and Aunt Lisa push her panties down and slowly inch the buttplug inside her tight Buttocks, she was too focused on trying not to push it in too fast and hurt herself to pay attention to us. 

“Ok, I think we’ve done enough, for now,” Rita said as she turned back on the movie.

They sat down on the other couch, Aunt Lisa slower than mom, and watched the movie with us, we didn’t like what was on so I channel surfed until Rita saw a movie she liked.

“Ooh go back! Lets watch that! Put it on Monsters Ball.”

“Monsters Ball? Whats that? It sounds stupid.”

“Trust me, you’ll definitely like it,” she said grinning.

I flipped it to the movie about five minutes in, and noticed that Halle Berry was in it, ok now I had a reason to watch it. It started off really slow but then started to pick up a little.

“You two don’t even feel guilty about doing this to us do you?” Aunt Lisa asked out of nowhere.

“Nope, not in the slightest. After all the things you did to us, payback is long overdue. Besides, we haven’t even DONE anything to you yet,” Rita smiled and looked back towards the tv.

“Since when did you start to be so cunning and deceitful?” mom asked.

“Well you are my mother, so I guess its genetic. I should say thank you.”

“Thank you for what?”

“You’ll find out, real soon.”

The way Rita stayed so calm through that whole conversation made me glad I was on the same side as her, not that she’d ever do anything like this to me but still, glad I was on her team. It had gotten pretty quiet again as we got into the movie, and from my POV it had started to get a little boring, that is until the best scene ever came on screen, Halle Berry telling Billy Bob Thornton to “make her feel good.” I swear, my eyes were glued to the tv practically the whole scene, until I heard light moans coming from Rita and looked over to see her playing with herself. My Joystick was rock hard, and needed some attention, and by the looks of it so did Rita. For that moment I forgot mom and Aunt Lisa were in the room as Rita and I began to make out. She threw her skirt covered leg over mine, letting her pink panties show in the process and rubbed my Joystick through my shorts. I pulled her into my lap, squeezing her Buttocks cheeks tight in my hands while slipping my tongue in her mouth as she ground herself in my lap, all the while we can still hear the raunchy S£x scene going on in tv land.

“You know were still in the room right,” mom spoke up.

“We know, you can either leave or enjoy the show,” Rita said as she took off my shirt.

She leaned off me and pulled my shirt off me then slipped down my body to pull my shorts off. She took them and my boxers in one clean motion, making my Joystick pop up like a whack-a-mole. She grinned in mom and Aunt Lisa’s direction then took my Joystick in her hand, stroked it a few times, then took the head between her lips.

I couldn’t help but let out a loud moan as her tongue ran traces over my head and her lips squeezed around the neck of my Joystick. I moved her hair out of the way as she slowly took my whole Joystick in her mouth, then pulled back out to the head, then took it all in again, each time she did it speeding up a little faster than before. Before we knew it we heard mom and Aunt Lisa moaning and looked over to see them playing with themselves, Aunt Lisa pinching her tits and mom fingering herself, both of them were intently staring at us as they tried to bring themselves to orgasm.

“You two look like you’re having fun over there, too much fun actually. Time for some new rules, either you can watch us have S£x and not touch yourself, or you can touch yourself and not watch us, only listen, your choice,” Rita said while stroking my Joystick.

“What?! Come on what kind of rule is that!” Aunt Lisa whined.

“One you better follow if you don’t wanna get punished!”

“You don’t have anything against us,” mom challenged.

“Actually, we know what both of you hate most, and it just happens to be the same thing, You can thank dad for accidentally spilling the beans,” I forced out as Rita still stroked me.

“Dammit. I have a few words for your father when he gets home.”

“Ok enough talking, which is it gonna be, look or play?” Rita said smugly.

“Oh, and in case you were thinking about finding a loophole, you can’t touch each other or rub up against anything either, I know how you think,” I added, feeling proud of myself that I most likely put a stop to any plan they might have had going.

They both huffed as mom turned away and kept playing with herself and Aunt Lisa let go of her titties and continued to watch us, no doubt we were getting under their skin. Rita turned her attention back to me as she slipped her panties down her legs but left her skirt on, pulled her thin shirt over her head and straddled me on the couch. She grabbed my Joystick and put it right under her Kittycat, slid the head in, and ground her hips in a circle the rest of the way down until my Joystick was completely buried inside her.

“OH MY GOD! It feels so good to have a hard Joystick deep inside me!” Rita gloated.

I looked over at them quick enough to see mom fingering the hell out of her Kittycat with her back turned and Aunt Lisa biting her lip forcing herself not to touch herself, but my attention was quickly diverted back to Rita as she put her hands on my shoulders, lifted up, and slammed herself down on my Joystick.

“Shtt Rita it seems like you get tighter every time we Fork,” I said.

“That’s because I do, mom and Aunt Lisa were kind enough to let me in on some of their secrets, its worth the hassle just to feel that big Joystick stretch my Kittycat out every time.”

I grabbed hold of her Buttocks and helped her ride me, all while I was trying to catch one of her bouncing titties with my lips. It took a while, but I finally grabbed her right Tip and sucked on it like crazy as her moans got louder, and she began bouncing on me harder and faster.

“You two are gonna regret doing this to us,” mom said as she was pumping her fingers in and out of her Kittycat with incredible speed, but didn’t look like she was getting off, I guess she needed a visual, haha too bad. 

Aunt Lisa wasn’t doing any better. She was damn near on the brink of collapsing she wanted to touch herself so bad, her Tips were so swollen if she had been wearing the clamps they would have popped off a long time ago.

“Let em suffer, they don’t appreciate this Joystick like I do,” Rita moaned.

“And they don’t appreciate these tits,” I said as I sucked on them. “This Buttocks,” I said as I squeezed her cheeks in my hand and played with her asshole, getting a few more moans from her. “Or this Kittycat,” I said as I picked her up off me and threw her on the couch and buried my face in her crotch.

“Oh yeah that’s it! Lick that Kittycat baby, lick it clean!”

I raised her legs in the air and licked from top to bottom, making sure to cover every inch of her Kittycat. She grabbed my head with both hands and guided (more like dragged) my face in circles on her Kittycat, pretty much covering my entire face in Rita juice, but it didn’t bother me at all. 

“Oh Shtt! I bet you two wish he was licking your pussies right now don’t you? Too bad, he’s all mine, and he’s gonnooooooooh my god!” Rita said before she was cut off by my tongue poking her clit.

I pulled her lips all the way apart until her clit fully exposed itself and then sucked on it so hard I made her body arch off the couch. Her eyes were tightly closed so she didn’t see the look of pure jealousy on Aunt Lisa’s face, or mom’s arm rapidly working on her Kittycat still trying to get herself to Pour, and still failing, almost felt sorry for her, almost. Just as I went back to licking her Kittycat Rita pushed my head from between her legs and positioned herself over the arm of the couch.

“Put it back in me Randy, please! I need that Joystick back in me now!”

She was wiggling her Kittycat at me tempting me to go fill it up with Joystick, so I got behind her and did just that. I put the tip of my Joystick at her Kittycat and pulled her back onto it.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuugh yes, fill that Kittycat up!”

I dropped my hands off her hips and she took the hint and started working her Buttocks back on my Joystick, using her arms against the arm of the couch as leverage to push into me. I couldn’t see her face fully, but from what I could see, she was definitely grinning in mom and Aunt Lisa’s direction.

“Mmmm you guys should feel this, it feels so Bleeping good! I could Fork him all day right here!”

Rita was having so much fun teasing them so I thought I’d jump in myself. “Now Rita, why are you teasing them like that? You know they can’t touch us, they can’t feel me grab hold of their hips as my Joystick slides in and out of them so hard their Buttocks claps in place!”

“Oh Fork Randy keep Bleeping me like that, slam that Joystick in my Kittycat!”

“You two are evil! This isn’t fair!” Aunt Lisa cried as she turned around and started playing with her tits and Kittycat to hopefully give herself some kind of release, and at that same time mom stopped fingering herself and turned around just in time to watch me grab a lock of Rita’s hair and arch her up as she forced herself back on my Joystick.

“You two are gonna pay for this, I guarantee it,” mom said, forcefully not touching herself.

“Yeah, but not today! Fork me baby, keep Bleeping me, ugh, oh god!” Rita moaned.

This was perfect. They looked like they were in complete hell not being able to fully enjoy themselves and we were in complete heaven being able to enjoy each others body while at the same time torturing the two women who had our numbers since this whole thing started, revenge is sweet. Mom kept looking at us with her arms crossed like we were being unfair, but we didn’t care, we just kept Bleeping right in front of her, I guess now she knows whats its like to be us. 

“Fork I wanna Pour so bad Randy! Make me Pour all over that Joystick!” Rita moaned.

Without saying anything and eyeing mom the whole time I flipped Rita over on her back missionary and pushed back into her while grinning at mom like she did to us so many times I lost count. I didn’t break eye contact with her as I Forked Rita until she pulled me down to her and kissed her.

“How much do you love me right now for saying we should torture them?” Rita whispered.

“So much, this turned out way better than I thought it would!”

“Just wait, the day isn’t anywhere near over!”

When she said that, the look on her face excited me to the point where I got this burst of energy out of nowhere, and I was gonna take it out on her Kittycat. I sat up so I could get my balance back and caught mom looking at us and playing with herself at the same time, she was cheating. When she saw me looking at her she tried to hurry up and move her hands, but I had already seen her, and she knew it. I didn’t say anything, just looked her off as I turned my attention back to Rita, put her ankles up on my shoulders while grabbing her thighs and slammed my Joystick into her tight Kittycat over and over.

“Oh my god! You never Forked me like this Randy! You’re going so deep!”

I didn’t, but I was gonna start. Her legs being so close together with the position I was in made her Kittycat feel extremely tight as I had no choice but to bottom out every time I thrust in because she was so wet. Her eyes were closed and she was reaching for anything she could grab. I was Bleeping her so hard the couch was scooting across the floor little by little, and I could feel herself about to Pour, but just like every other time, right before I was about to Pour, Rita was getting ready to first.

“Just like that randy, I’m gonna Bleeping Pour! Keep doing that, keep doing that!”

I looked back over in mom and Aunt Lisa’s direction to see Aunt Lisa had turned back around to watch, but was still struggling not to touch herself, and mom was cheating again. She had her fingers buried deep in her Kittycat and was fingering herself crazy, to the point where she already knew she was caught and was going to deal with the punishment later, but she just wanted to get herself off now. Rita’s voice continued to get 1/8th higher with each moan she let out until she reached her breaking point.

To Be Continued…

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