Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 92



A Story written by Kevin_88…

Fuuuuuuuuuck randy FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!”

She latched onto my arms and dug her nails into my skin as her Kittycat spasmed around my Joystick for what seemed like five minutes. The whole time I was building up to my own orgasm, but slowly, until Rita’s Kittycat sped up the process for me. I gritted my teeth and was prepared to blow my load inside her until she said not to as best as she could after just having an extreme orgasm.

“No, n-not inside me, Pour on m-my body, c-Pour all over my b-body Randy.”

I had to will myself to pull out of her soft wet Kittycat. It took a whole lot of will power, but I finally did, and just in the nick of time. As I pulled out she grabbed my Joystick with her hand and got only so far as three pulls before I groaned and started cumming all over her body. Her tits, her stomach, her neck, and even some of her face had my Pour all over it. To say I was exhausted was an understatement, I was so winded that as soon as I stopped cumming, I fell smack dab on top of Rita, smearing the semen that I literally just squirted on her on my chest. I could feel the stickiness and heat of it as it acted as a bonding agent, holding our bodies together in a most natural way. It was at this moment when Rita finally got her breath back and opened her eyes to look at me.

“I don’t know exactly what it was, but you better damn well believe I’m gonna find out whatever it was that made you Fork me so damn good, I mean, Bleeping wow! My Kittycat is still throbbing!”

“I think you have an idea of what might have caused it,” I said casting a look to mom and Aunt Lisa, who by the looks of it managed to get themselves off in the midst of our orgasm. I know they Bleeping cheated, but with the way the day has went so far, I know we’ll fit a punishment in nicely. Slowly I rolled off Rita, the semen stretching between us like cheese on a pizza until I was next to her on the couch.

“Fork! My Kittycat feels A-MAAAAAAA-ZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Rita said as she stretched her arms and legs in victory. “You know, its too bad you guys don’t feel like this right now, I swear its like a bunch of carebears are doing the mararena in my Kittycat, its such a happy place right now. You know what you do get though? You get to lick the Pour off of me, and since Randy plopped down on top of me earlier I know he has some on him too, so you can lick it off him too. See, I am generous after all.”

“Generous my Buttocks, you’re enjoying every minute of this you little devil,” mom sneered.

“You’d be disappointed in me if I didn’t,” Rita replied with a smirk on her face.

Mom had one of those looks that says her daughter’s done her proud by taking after her, but quickly put her poker face back on as she scooted over to Rita and started lick the Pour off her, starting with her Tips, figures. Aunt Lisa then made her way over to me and very sneakily I might add, found a small loophole in Rita’s “Pour tasting” punishment.

“Aunt Lisa what the hell are you doing?” Rita yelled.

“What? I’m licking the Pour off just like you said!” Aunt Lisa replied.

“No you’re not! You’re sucking his Joystick!”

“It has Pour on it! You said we had to lick the Pour up, as you can see there’s still some drizzling down his Joystick, and I bet there’s still some in there too, so I have to suck it out to lick it up. I didn’t break any rules, I just simply found a loophole.” 

She grinned as she went back to sucking on my softening Joystick, knowing she had pulled a fast one. Mom grinned as well, knowing they probably wouldn’t get too many of those today. I could tell Rita wanted to say something, but she knew when she was beat, but if I knew one thing, she wasn’t gonna let this go unpunished. 

After ten minutes of licking up Pour (three if you count the time it actually took), I felt so grudgy that I needed to take a shower, not a long one, just one to get clean and get out. Rita said she felt the same, but she wanted to stay in a little longer, so we agreed on separate showers. I went to use ours while Rita, being skeptical of mom and Aunt Lisa, made both of them go to mom’s shower with her. Now when I say quick, I meant quick. I was in and out of that shower so fast the same song on the radio was still playing when I got out, but I was clean so that’s all that mattered. I went and lay on our bed while I waited for the women to come out of their shower, and you know what happens when you take a shower and get comfortable, you get sleepy. I lay there, still wrapped in a towel and decided to rest my eyes for a bit. Three women were taking a shower, then had to get themselves all pretty again so I had a good…hour and a half nap? Bet. 

I drifted off and found myself dreaming about the oddest things… random movie scenes, outer space, I even formed the image of carebears doing the macarena, but then my dream got weird. I stood in a room with two wooden doors, each one had a letter over it, R and S. I opened the door with the R and Rita tackled me to the floor and kissed me repeatedly all over my face. 

“I knew we’d be together forever, otherwise the door wouldn’t have opened!”

We helped each other up and started to walk away when we caught eye of the door with the S on it. I looked at her and even though she was skeptical, Rita nodded her head for me to open it. When I did, Stephanie jumped through and gave me a big hug and kiss. 

“I’m so happy! Since the door opened that means both of you truly want me in your lives!” Stephanie said as she kissed me then kissed Rita over and over again. 

I didn’t completely know what it meant, but sometimes dreams aren’t meant to make sense, so I shook it off and walked off down the path that appeared in the dream. Almost immediately when we started walking down the path toward the exit, another door appeared directly in front of it, blocking the path. This door wasn’t like the others, this one was metal, it had three locks on it, and it had the letter A over it. We looked for a way around it but there was none, signaling we had to go through this door to get to where we needed to be. I tried to open the first lock, the combination lock, but with no clues I didn’t know where to start.

“Wait, I think I know it!” Stephanie said as she tried the lock, and in no time she popped the combo and had the lock off. “Its like it was meant for me to open it,” she said when she unlocked it.

One lock outta the way I went to open the next one, the one with the hook that goes in the hole, but for the life of me I couldn’t the hook to budge, it felt like I was trying to life Thor’s hammer.

“Maybe this one’s mine then,” Rita said as she walked over and lifted the lock off with ease. “I guess I don’t know my own strength.”

I smirked at her and stared at the last lock, a deadbolt. Figuring this one had to be mine, I walked over to it and put my hand on it to turn, expecting it to do the opposite, but it turned the full way without a problem. Whoever was behind this door was behind it for a reason, but the door had to be opened because we couldn’t get free with this door blocking the way. I took a deep breath, looked at Rita and Stephanie as they nodded back to me, and began to turn the doorknob. Right when I was about to see who it was the room started to shake, and shake and shake and shake, until I realized I was being woken up from my slumber, and when I finally opened my eyes, I saw the pleading face of Aunt Lisa looking back at me.

“Randy wake up! You have to let me take this plug out, its killing me! I don’t know how Anna can do this day in and day out and still be able to walk straight.”

Still dazed, but quickly snapping to I told her, “Not yet, its your fault you’re wearing it remember? Having it in for a little longer won’t kill you.”

Just as I finished talking Rita turned the corner and slapped Aunt Lisa on the Buttocks. 

“I knew you’d be in here! You just don’t know when to quit do you?”

“I wasn’t trying anything Rita, I was just…”

“Oh I know what you were doing, or trying to do! You just bought yourself more punishment, now move it along!”

Aunt Lisa rubbed her butt and walked into moms room defeated, but still had that glimmer of hope look. Rita then climbed on top of me, still wrapped in her towel and started nibbling on my bottom lip. 

“You were gonna let her do it weren’t you?”

“Do what?”

“Oh don’t give me that “do what?” line, she gives you that puppy dog face and you’re like putty in her hands!”

“Well if anyone knows that I guess it would be you, right?” I smirked.

“Hey that’s different, when I do it its out of love, when they do it its out of lust.”

“Yeah, but sometimes your motives aren’t always so pure, but its ok, I like that anyway.”

“You better, I don’t use my good moves on just any ol body,” she said as she then rolled her tongue around in my mouth, before she pulled her head back to look at me.

“What should we have them make for dinner?” Rita asked.

“What does mom hate making?”

Rita grinned as she called mom into the room. “Hey mom, we decided what we want you guys to make us for dinner, we want chicken parmesean.”

Moms face froze up. “Come on honey you know I dread making that, I never get it right the first time, plus we don’t have the things here I need to make it.”

“Then I guess were going to the store then, so you two better get dressed,” Rita grinned.

Mom sauntered off back to her room and Rita jumped off me to get dressed. As I got up my mind went back to that weird dream I had before Aunt Lisa woke me up. I wondered if it meant anything, or if I was just in that “weird dream” phase, either way, I thought no more of it and put it out of my mind. The drive to the store started off like any other drive, but then Rita started giggling, then giggling some more, then she would start getting touchy feely. She would reach around the drivers seat and grab moms tits while she was driving, and pulled on the clamps to make sure they were still there, eliciting a small moan from mom.

“Honey please, at least not while I’m driving, I don’t wanna die being felt up by my daughter.”

“I couldn’t think of a better way to go, well actually yes I can,” she said as she stole a look at me. “Ugh fine, but Aunt Lisa’s not driving,” she added as she switched places with me and grabbed two giant handfuls of Auntie titties.

“You had better hope noone we know sees you doing this Rita,” Aunt Lisa said.

“They won’t, that’s why were going to the store on the other side of town.”

“What? Were about to pass the store now! I’m not going all the way out there to get the same stuff we can get at this store,” mom said.

“Looks like you don’t have a choice mom,” I jumped in.

“You two think you’re clever don’t you, I know what you’re thinking, but were going to this store.”

I could tell she needed some more persuasion, so I reached around the drivers seat and grabbed my own handfuls of titties, but then I instantly went to the clamps on her Tips and began to tug at them, making mom groan in pain as her Tips were being pulled from her chest.

“Ow! Ow stop that right now! That hurts!”

“Well its not supposed to feel good mom or it wouldn’t be a punishment. So whats it gonna be? Head to the store across town or turn your Tips into raisins?” I asked.

She took a while answering, so I pulled on them a little harder until she groaned in pain and conceded. “OK OK you win were going to the other store! Ooh you two are gonna be in for it!”

I finally let them go when she made an illegal u-turn (probably because her Tips were really starting to hurt) and hopped on the freeway, a big sigh of relief leaving her mouth. The rest of the way there was spent between Rita squeezing Aunt Lisa’s tits with her small hands to trying to get my pants off for a quickie, she should have focused on the the latter because we pulled into the store in no time. 

When we got out of the car and started to head for the entrance mom quickly made a wall in front of us.

“Ok you two, in here, no funny business. I don’t want anyone I know seeing me being felt up by one of my children, and in a public place I might add.”

“No beans mom! Why do you think we had you come to the store way on the other side of town? Just for this very reason, so we wouldn’t run into anyone we knew, so no excuses!” Rita followed. “You too Aunt Lisa get going! Just because you were quiet on the way here doesn’t mean you’re off the hook, now come on I wanna hurry up and get back,” she followed.

When we walked into the store they immediately tried to split up from us but we weren’t having it, we grabbed a cart and had Aunt Lisa push while mom grabbed everything from the shelves. We had pretty much gotten everything without incident and I thought Rita might give them a break from the torture, that was until she got that patented Rita grin on her face when she looked at me. She waited for everyone in the aisle to leave before she finally spoke.

“Mom there it is up there, get that parmesan cheese on the top shelf,” Rita said. 

Mom, thinking nothing of it, started to reach out to the top shelf to grab it, then Rita pulled what looked like a little switch out of her pocket, grinned at me again while she mouthed “watch this” and flipped the switch. Mom, who had her hand on the container of cheese jolted like she’d just been shocked and consequently knocked almost every container of cheese in her wingspan on the floor, continuing to knock down the ones on the lower shelves as she slunk down to the floor shaking and gritting her teeth. I was just getting ready to ask what was going on when I could just hear the sound of buzzing in my left ear, then I put it all together. The loud buzzing and destroyed shelves and mom quivering on the ground unable to speak, and I glanced back Rita open mouthed, knowing what she did.

“Yep, made her put it on after she cheated while watching us, I was just waiting for the perfect time to break it out,” Rita grinned, looking at mom shaking on the floor.

“T-t-turn it off, its up t-t-too high,” mom said still trying to fight through the pleasure.

“I don’t think its too high, do you Aunt Lisa?” Rita asked looking right at her.

Aunt Lisa looked at Rita, then me, then at mom and back at Rita. “N-No I don’t think so,” she finally answered and then slumped her head down, not wanting to look at mom.

“Good answer Aunt Lisa. Ok mom you gotta get up before someone comes over and sees you.”

“I c-can’t get up until you turn it off, its t-too high!”

Rita sighed. “Ok I’ll turn it down, but I’m not turning it off, so you can get up now.”

Mom slowly used the near empty shelves beside her to pull herself to her feet, all the while you can still hear the faint buzzing of the vibrator still lodged inside her. When she finally stood all the way up she glared at Aunt Lisa with that “you coulda helped me” face and fixed her clothes, just as one of the stores workers had came around the corner.

“Is everything ok over here? What happened?”

“I tried to reach one of the cans on the top shelf and lost my footing, sorry. Its ok though, I got one,” mom said as she picked up a can from the floor and put it in the cart, laughing it off embarrassed.

“Probably shouldn’t be reaching like that in heels but ok, as long as noone got hurt. CURTIS,” the kid yelled to the end of the aisle. “CLEANUP ON AISLE THREE!”

“Oh you don’t have to clean this up? Aunt Lisa asked.

“What? Noooo! My shifts about to end, and Curtis is the new guy, so he gets to have all the fun.”

Just as he finished talking another teenage kid our age turned the corner and slumped his shoulders at everything he had to pick up. “Have fun bro,” the guy said as he patted him on the back and left the aisle.

Mom apologized profusely before she turned and pushed the cart out of the aisle as fast as she could.

“You see! Now that boy has to clean all that up. Are you happy?”

“Yeah mom cuz it was completely worth it,” I said trying to suppress a laugh.

“Ok are you done having fun now? This thing is really making my skin tender.”

“I guess we can stop for now, but were not done by a long shot,” Rita said as she turned the vibrator off much to moms relief. 

Aunt Lisa was still feeling the effects of having a buttplug in her for most of the day, so much so that she was straining trying to walk, and Rita noticed.

“That plug really hurts huh?” Rita asked.

“You try wearing a plug all day and let me know how it feels!” Aunt Lisa retaliated.

“I don’t need a plug, I got the real buttplug right here,” Rita said as she locked my arm smiling. “Anyway, since you gave the right answer earlier I think its time we finally let you take the plug out.”

“Oh thank god! This thing was really starting to hurt,” she said as she started to walk away.

Just then, I got an idea that would make that simple task of removing the plug that much better. “Wait Aunt Lisa where are you going?”

“To the bathroom, I’m taking it out. You guys said I could, you can’t renege on that!”

“Were not, but you don’t need to go to the bathroom to do that,” I said with a grin on my face, followed by a grin from Rita and a look of understanding then surprise from mom. “You can do it out here, in fact, why don’t you take it out in front of Curtis then give it to him, it’ll be a nice consolation prize for having to clean up that aisle.”

Aunt Lisa was shocked. “What? Are you crazy? Why do I have to do that? It wasn’t my clumsiness that knocked the cans over it was Anna who couldn’t control herself!”

“Ha! Serves you right for turning on me,” mom said, reveling in Aunt Lisa’s misery.

“No gloating!” Rita said as she flicked moms Tips that still had the clamps on them, causing her to groan in pain, but still had a grin on her face at Aunt Lisa’s expense. “If you hadn’t tried to cheat earlier you wouldn’t have to do it, but you did, so you brought this on yourself.”

“That’s the deal Aunt Lisa, either take it out in front of that kid and give it to him, or keep it in for the rest of the day, your choice. To be honest I don’t know how much more your Buttocks can take,” I said.

She crossed her arms pissed, but she knew she didn’t have any other choice if she wanted to be rid of the buttplug once and for all, so she slowly turned around and headed back towards the aisle.

“You two are the devil! I hope they don’t have cameras in this store.”

We all followed close behind her but not too close until we got back around to the aisle where the kid had made a small dint in the mess, but still had a long way to go. Aunt Lisa looked at us for confirmation and we looked back in anticipation of what was to come, she was really about to do it.

As she approached him he looked up from his kneeled spot on the ground and stood up to face her. “You know, next time you want something off the top shelf can you just call someone? They’re always gonna make me clean it up because I’m the youngest and I’m new guy, and its gonna stay that way until they get another new guy.”

We’re really sorry about that, I don’t know why she would reach like that in heels, it was her, she did it,” Aunt Lisa said as she pointed to mom who waved back in embarrassment. “No hard feelings? We promise it won’t happen again,” she added as she held out her arms for a hug.

You could tell he was still pissed, but he wasn’t stupid. He saw Aunt Lisa’s huge breasts looking back at him waiting to be squeezed into his chest, so for the moment, he sucked it up and smiled.

“Ok, but next time you have to help me,” he said as he accepted the hug, holding himself to her chest. Aunt Lisa didn’t help things either when she rubbed her tits into him and leaned them down, giving him a great shot of her cleavage before she let him go.

“Deal. Ow!”

“What is it? What happened?” Curtis asked suddenly afraid he’d hurt her somehow.

“Somethings been bothering me all day I can’t…” Aunt Lisa said as she reached under her dress. We all stood there in shock as we knew she had just pulled the buttplug out just by the look of relief that came over her face. “Ohhhh, that’s much better, can you hold onto this for me? I won’t be needing it anymore,” she said as she dropped it into his held out hand. 

To Be Continued…

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