Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 94


A Story written by Kevin_88…

I smiled to myself. “These other siblings don’t know what they’re missing out on.”

We sat there, fighting with the urge to just say Fork our neighbors and go at it right there on the porch, but we’d be dragging mom and dad down with us, so we settled for just sitting there and looking out into space, until the door popped open and mom and Aunt Lisa walked through.

“Ooh Lisa look how clear it is tonight,” mom said as she sat down.

“Yeah it hasn’t been like this in… I don’t remember the last time it was this clear,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Its a perfect night to go for a drive.”

“What? You’re supposed to sit and enjoy the clear night, not ride around looking at it,” Rita jumped in.

“That’s the whole point, you see the city much clearer and everything’s all lit up.”

“Come on, even we weren’t grouches to you all the time,” Aunt Lisa said.

Rita slouched in her seat, not really wanting to leave. “Its just a perfect night to sit here and look up at the sky though… Randy what do you think?”

“It could be fun, I mean we haven’t been just out on a drive in a while.”

“Yeah we haven’t. Ok lets go, it is nice to get away from the house.”

We grabbed our shoes and piled in moms car with us in the back and Aunt Lisa driving, mom didn’t look like she wanted that responsibility tonight. We drove down the main street until we hit downtown, and everything was lit up, it looked like we were in Vegas. You see everything like this in the daytime, but its different at night, it looks more…authentic. As we passed downtown we came to an area where we haven’t been in a while, like the park we went to a lot, the skating rink, the arcade, even the old ice cream store we went to every Saturday was still there. As we rode in silence, all these memories of when we were younger came flooding back, when Rita and I would kid around and bicker and get on mom and dad’s nerves whenever we were at any of those places. A lot has changed from then till now, a whole lot. If we went back to those places now it wouldn’t end well, well at least not for anyone who could hear us. We had been driving around for so long we ended back up on our side of town, and had come across the place we frequented most in our youth, the beach.

“Come on, lets go in!” Rita practically screamed.

“Don’t think so, you can get arrested for trespassing on the beach, especially at night,” mom said.

“Umm you seem to forget all the times we came here at night, All in Anna!” Aunt Lisa grinned.

“All in Anna?” Rita and I said at the same time.

“It was a nickname we had for her, she would always be the first, and sometimes the only one to do something crazy, and she always gave it everything she had, hence the nickname.”

“I haven’t been called that in about fifteen years, besides its different now, I have kids. I won’t risk them by doing something stupid and us getting separated.”

“You know police don’t search the beach, they just shine their lights down there, and when was the last time they did even that? Plus they never came when we were at our secret spot.”

“Oh we have to go now, even if just for a little bit,” Rita said, and I agreed.

Mom debated with herself for a while trying not to give in, but the constant nagging coming from every direction around her made her give in. “Lisa if we get caught I’m blaming everything on you!”

“Yeah yeah fine lets go!”

Mom made some quick turns around corners and before we knew it we were parked in a bar parking lot. Aunt Lisa grabbed the blanket from the trunk and we followed them across the street and through the back lot of a pizza shop that looked like it had been closed for over thirty years. We followed them down a slope and around a couple corners and before we knew it we were on the beach, and a secluded part it looked like. Keep in mind it was almost ten o’clock at night, but with the moon and stars out like they were, it only took a couple minutes for everything to light up around us. We lay the big blanket out on the sand and bunched up on it together, looking straight up at the sky.

“A lot better than looking at it from the porch huh?” Aunt Lisa asked Rita.

“I gotta admit it really is, I’m glad we came out here.”

“I’m still worried we might get caught,” mom said a little nervous.

“Remember what you said to me whenever I said that? You said ‘stop being a baby, the only way were gonna get caught is if SWAT surrounds the whole beach, and unless Saddam Hussein is here, I don’t think that’s gonna happen.’ Now I say that to you dear elder sister.”

“You know its bad when your little sister is flipping your own words on you,” mom laughed, relaxing.

“Man we used to come here all the time, well not here here, but here, before dad got stupid busy. We still had a lot of fun though,” I said.

“Hey Anna, remember all the beach volleyball games?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“Do I? I’d never been hit on so much in my life!”

“Remember when we hit on every guy, and then rode around on the jet skis topless? You could see all their cocks getting hard from the water!”

“That was the day when Jimmy Caldwell became Jimmy “creamy” Caldwell. He came in his pants in front of everyone! Good times.”

“Hey mom, remember when the lifeguard caught you and dad in the storage closet making out? That was funny when we asked us were you our parents,” Rita jumped in.

“Yeah I remember that, you remember when you faked hurting your ankle so you could take your brother to the lifeguard shack and Fork him? I do,” mom retaliated.

“What! When did this happen? Where was I?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“It was just about when we started fooling around, before you caught us the first time,” I said.

“Either way I was walking in on some Joystick into Kittycat action, and I bet you still didn’t even lock that door did you?”

“Probably not, we weren’t too focused on the door at the time,” Rita said.

“Figures. You two will never learn,” she said as she sat up and turned her gaze to the water. “Look how clear the water looks, we should all go in!”

We looked at her, trying to see if she was serious, and she wasn’t budging, so we knew she was. “We didn’t bring any extra clothes with us,” I said.

“We can go in in our bra and panties, and you your boxers.”

“What? That waters gonna be hella cold!” Rita screamed.

“No its not, its always just right over here. Whenever its a hot day the water is always lukewarm the first fifty or so yards from shore.”

“And how would you know, you haven’t been here since you were a teenager,” I said.

“Who said that was the last time I was here? I never stopped coming here, that’s how I knew we’d still be able to get in without a problem. So are you coming in or no?”

“I’ll go in if you go in,” I said to Rita.

“I’ll go in if mom goes in,” Rita said to mom.

“I’m still a little touchy about the police showing up,” mom said.

“Do I have to give that big speech again Anna? I’ve been here five times in the last month alone, the police aren’t coming, hell I barely even see other people around here, and if police do come, break Randy’s leg and run, they don’t know how we got here,” Aunt Lisa joked as she took her dress off.

“That’s not funny!” we all said in unison.

“I thought that would get a rise out of you,” she said as she flipped her dress over her head and onto the blanket. “Last one in the water gets no S£x for a week,” she said as she ran into the water and dove under, her head popping out about twenty-five yards back. “COME ON!”

We all looked at each other, confirming what Aunt Lisa just said could hold value, and in a mad dash we all scrambled to get out of our clothes. Since all mom had on was a dress she was done first and took off for the water laughing, I caught up to her just after she dove in and Rita followed right behind me, splashing the whole way in. When I came up all I could see were three sets of bra clad breasts surrounding me, like they were plotting on me. As soon as the thought crossed my mind they all lunged at me, picking me up and slamming me under the water and then passed me off so each of them could push me under the water by my shoulders as they jumped into the air. They were all laughing and having a good time, but I wasn’t gonna just be their dummy for much longer, so I had it planned the next one of them to pop up in front of me was gonna be in for a rude awakening, well kinda. Just as I suspected, someone grabbed hold of my shoulders as I came from under the water ready to push me back under, but I quickly cupped their crotch with my hand and squeezed my hand together.

“Uuuuuuuuuugh, that’s not fair!” I heard Rita’s voice moan over the waves.

“What’s he doing?” I heard mom ask.

“H-He’s cheating, he got his hand on my oooooooh Fork!” Rita screamed as I moved aside her panties and slipped my finger into her Kittycat, making her instantly forget about the game and throw her arms around me and shove her tongue down my throat. The splashing calmed down as we made out, and mom and Aunt Lisa disappeared under the water. Slowly we made our way back to the blanket, and Rita wrapped her legs around me so by the time we were out of the water I was carrying her. We got back to the blanket and she pulled me down on top of her, our lips never breaking. I smiled on her lips at the cliché like setting we were in… on a beach, at night, under the moonlight, being all romantic. This scene was in too many movies to count, but to experience it for yourself made it feel…original. 

“Alright alright we didn’t come here for that,” Aunt Lisa said, breaking us from our kiss. “That wasn’t a cue to get all horny and get nasty on the beach.”

“Hmmm, lets think about that…you bring two lovebirds to a secluded beach, at night, under a full moon, and yet you’re surprised were messing around?” Rita asked.

“You two are gonna be the death of us. Come on, lets go back in, you can do that later,” mom said grabbing Aunt Lisa and taking off back to the water.

I leaned up off Rita and was about to go back in when she grabbed my hand.

“Where do you think you’re going?” She gave me a seductive, yet fierce look, jumbling my brain before I could respond. “I told you earlier I wasn’t done with you yet, I think we have time for a little something,” she added as she pulled me back down on top of her as we heard mom and Aunt Lisa make a splash back into the water. 

I ground myself into her and she responded by grinding her panty clad Kittycat right back into me, and even though I just came out of the slightly cold water and was in the air, I was hard in no time. Rita pulled my Joystick through my boxers and stroked it as we made out more fiercely. I felt her breathing quicken and she got so worked up to the point where every little touch from me no matter where it was went straight to her clit, and she was panting under me as she held my Joystick at her Kittycat.

“I need this Joystick in me so bad baby, Fork me right now,” she said as she moved her panties to the side.

“Not so fast,” mom said from behind us, with Aunt Lisa still doing laps in the water. “Before you two do anything, I want a little piece of him first.”

“What? You still have to do what we say, why should we let you?” Rita huffed.

“Because if I remember correctly Rita was the last one to get in the water, which means she shouldn’t be having S£x for a week if I heard right,” mom grinned.

“What? We didn’t take that bet seriously,” I lied, mom saw right through it.

“Yeah that’s why you took off trying to beat me into the water. You lost a bet so you have to be willing to honor it, or you can Fork my brains out and we can forget the whole thing even happened.”


She had us, and she knew it. We lost and if we wanted out of it we had to play by her rules, again. Every damn time, never fails, mom always finds a way to come out on top, even on a day where she has to do what we say. No, you know what, Fork that, not today. She may have pulled a fast one here but I’ll be damned if she got the last laugh today, but for now, I was her Bytch, again. 

I rolled over on my back, my Joystick sticking straight up in the air and Rita sat up next to me, leaving way for my mom to do as she pleased.

“That’s a good girl, now move over and let mom have some fun,” she grinned.

She stood over me, water dripping on my body as she cocked her panties to the side, squatted down and grabbed my Joystick, and slid down on it until it was all the way inside her.

“Ooooooh Fork I almost forgot how good that feels!”

Rita sat next to us looking pissed as mom impaled herself on my Joystick over and over. I too had forgotten how mom felt, she was tight like Rita, but it was a tight that felt like it was worked at to attain, while Rita’s tightness was natural. She put her hands on her knees and literally slammed herself down on me.

“Oh Fork yeah, god I’ve missed this,” mom moaned.

Rita slid over my face and kissed me as mom continued to ride me, pushing her hard Tips into my chest in the process. “I want that Joystick in me Randy, tonight! I don’t care what you have to do, just get rid of mom and Fork me, I don’t care if its only for a minute, just Fork me!” Rita anxiously whispered.

She eased back and out of the way so I could see mom still slamming away on my Joystick but was now using my legs as a brace so she could go faster. I looked at Rita again who was rubbing her Kittycat waiting for mom to get off me, but it didn’t look like it was doing anything, she wanted a real Joystick, my Joystick, and it was too busy being buried in someone elses Kittycat. I thought about what Rita said, do what I have to do to get mom off me, but then she would get the upper hand, and then just like that a thought hit me. There was a way I could get mom off me and still come out on top, I would have to Fork the hell out of mom to do it, but it would be worth it in the end. Rita saw the grin on my face and knew I was up to something, so she rubbed herself faster in anticipation of what I was thinking as I grabbed mom and forced her on her back and slid my Joystick inside her as deep as it would go, wasting no time as I pounded her Kittycat for all it was worth.

“That’s it honey, Fork mommy’s Kittycat with that big Joystick of yours,” mom groaned.

Rita looked at me a little envious, but a little pissed at the way I was Bleeping mom, her body being forced up the blanket by how fast I was ramming her. I put my hands on the blanket at her sides for more leverage and to force her legs off the blanket, which would give me more access to her clit, and she screamed her approval.

“Fork YES! KEEP Bleeping ME LIKE THAT!”

“Mom if you don’t quiet down the police could hear us,” I said.

“Fork the police! Keep ramming that Joystick into me!”

I was surprised by mom’s sudden change at being caught, as was Rita, but it turned me on that much more, and by the look of lust on her face it did the same for Rita.

“Fork, Fork, Fork, I’m about to Pour! Keep Bleeping me,” mom screamed.

I lay down on top of her and she hooked her legs around mine, but couldn’t lock them due to how fast she was being Forked. I looked down at her with her eyes closed and mouth half open as I pounded her relentlessly, pushing her to her breaking point.

“Fork! I’m about to Pour, I’m about to Pour all over your Joystick honey!”

Right on cue. I looked at Rita who still had that envious look on her face and grinned her grin, the patented evil Rita grin. She stopped rubbing her Kittycat out of confusion and looked on as mom was about to explode in orgasm, but that moment never came. As soon as mom got to the point of no return, her eyes glued shut and her legs about to lock around me while she screamed to the heavens, I did what would be considered a Sekxual crime, I pulled out before her orgasm hit.

Mom, who was as close as you can get to an orgasm realized what happened as her momentum was slowly fading down to nothing. “What the hell are you doing? I didn’t Pour yet!”

A sinister grin spread across my face as I backed away. “I know.”

“Get back over here and finish Bleeping me right now!”

“I did finish Bleeping you. Your exact words were ‘you can Fork my brains out and we can forget the whole thing ever happened’, well I did just that, but you never said I had to make you Pour.”

“But I… I said… You…”

“Found a loophole in your plan, like you did in ours, and since we held up our end of the deal, I think I’ll get back to what I was doing in the first place.”

As soon as I finished that last statement Rita was pushing me on my back and sitting down on my Joystick, still wet from moms juices.

“That made me so Bleeping horny, GOD I love you so much right now!”

I wanted to say something, but Rita was doing to me what I was doing to mom, Bleeping my brains out. The second my Joystick was fully inside her she would instantly rise back up then plop back down on it, never missing a beat, actually speeding up a fraction of a second each time. We had a break in eye contact and looked at mom who was forced to finger herself to bring on the orgasm that was just out of her reach not even two minutes ago.

“You brought it on yourself mom, if you had let Randy Fork me first he would’ve Forked you next, but you had to be greedy. I guess the early bird missed the worm this time.”

Mom put off what Rita said and frigged herself crazy until she finally had an orgasm, though she didn’t look completely fulfilled from it. Rita went from bouncing on me like crazy to grinding me like crazy all in one transition. 

“I want you to Fork me hard like you did mom, I want your Joystick slamming in my Kittycat so fast I won’t be able to walk straight, then I want you to Pour in me, over and over and over and over and…”

I cut her off by pulling her down and smashing my lips to hers, which she eagerly returned, before I leaned her head back to look at her. “You’ll have to get on your knees for me to do that.”

In an instant she was on her hands and knees with her Buttocks pointed directly at my Joystick. She didn’t even wait for me to thrust into her, the moment my Joystick touched her Kittycat she thrust back into it until it disappeared inside her. 

“Yes! Pull my hair, Fork that Kittycat like you own it!”

I obliged her and grabbed a handful of her hair in one hand and steadied her with the other as her Kittycat made wet sloshy sounds from being pounded. We were facing out toward the water and saw mom and Aunt Lisa making out with half their bodies still poking out of the water, they looked up and saw us when Rita grunted louder with each thrust I forced into her and made out even harder.

“I never get tired of this Joystick filling up my Kittycat!”

Her saying that made me let her hair go and grab both hips so I could feel the ripples of her Buttocks bounce off me as I Forked her. I leaned up with my left hand and pinched her Tip hard, but not too hard, then I fiddled with her clit just enough to push her to the edge.

“I’m gonna Pour Randy, don’t do me like you did mom, please make me Pour!”

I had no intention of doing that to her, instead I squeezed her clit harder and when she fidgeted under me, I brought the same hand up and stuck my thumb in her Buttocks, that just about did it.

“Fork! I’m cumming! Oh my go…”

She lost her voice before she got the rest of her outburst out. The shaking she was doing was making her involuntarily Fork my Joystick and my finger at the same time, no doubt adding to her orgasm. Finally, after she’d had enough, she fell forward on the blanket with a little of her juice oozing out of her freshly Forked, and by the looks of it, and the smile on her face, freshly satisfied Kittycat. At that moment, mom and Aunt Lisa came back in from the water, mom still looking a little agitated she got conned. 

“That was a rotten thing to do to the woman who brought you into this world.”

“Its your fault, you gotta be clearer next time,” I smiled.

“I won’t forget this, but for now get your sister up, we need to get back to the house.”

To Be Continued…

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