Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 97


A Story written by Kevin_88…

A pet store! I bet they have the cutest little puppies! Come on lets go in!”

Before I could even utter a single word out of my mouth I was being pulled into the pet store. When we got in it was like it was her first time in a candy store to Rita, she was wide eyed and had a huge smile on her face as she took in the sight of all the animals around her. 

“Ooh look at all the little kitties and puppies! Let’s look around,” she said giggly.

She took my hand as we started our own tour of the store, with her taking of pictures of every puppy we passed. For being a store holding hundreds of animals, many different kinds at that, it was pretty well kept, and didn’t stink, so I didn’t mind walking around with her and looking at all the animals. There were dogs, cats, fish, birds, ferrets, hamsters, turtles, almost anything that can be legally kept as a pet was there, but Rita mostly hung around all the small animals, mainly the puppies, huskies and german shepherds to be exact.

“Ooh they’re all so cute! Its a shame they have to be locked in cages like this.”

“Its either that or have them all running crazy around the store.”

“But does it have to be a cage? Its like they’re all in jail.”

“There’s no other way to keep them organized, I’m sure they let them all out every day.”

She finished looking at the puppies for the moment and walked around the rest of the store. There was a kid trying to feed a bird a cracker it didn’t want, so he threw the cracker at it, and the bird had a temper tantrum at the kid and scared him half to death, but to us it was hilarious, he cried like the kid who got scared by his father from the maze game on youtube. 

“Randy that’s not funny,” Rita said as she play hit me.

“Then why were you laughing too?”

“I only laughed because you laughed.”

“Then you’re just as guilty. Come on, lets go look at the shark fish.”

We were walking towards the back where the fish were and as Rita rounded the corner she stopped dead in her tracks and dropped down to her knees. 

“Awwww! Oh my god hes so adorable! Look at him!”

I caught up to where she to see what she was looking at and in a cage by itself was a newborn black and white huskie, no more than two weeks old.

“We just got him in yesterday,” a lady employee walked over and said.

“Why is he in a cage by himself?” Rita asked.

“He’s the only one of his litter, and he hasn’t had shots yet,” she said then walked away to tend to some other animals trying to get out of their cages.

I could see the look on Rita’s face as she looked at the puppy and it was clear as day, she wanted it. Its the same look everyone she knows is used to when she wants something and will do anything to get it. She put her hand on the cage and the puppy sniffed it and put his paw right up against her hand.

“Awwwww! I want him, we have to get him Randy!”

“I thought we were just coming to look around?” I laughed.

“I know, but look at him, hes so cute and lonely in a cage all my himself…”

“You don’t wanna look at any other animals in the store?”

“Nope, I want HIM. Who’s a cute little puppy? You’re a cute little puppy that’s who!” she said talking in baby voice at the puppy. 

“You think mom and dad would let us have a dog?” I whispered so noone would hear.

“I don’t see why not, we had a cat remember?”

“That was a long time ago, and they didn’t wanna let us get that.”

The shop lady walked back over to us. “Well if you’re serious about buying him he still needs to get his checkups and get caught up on his shots, so that should give you some time to figure out if you want to get him.

“Ok,can you hold him for us?” I asked.

“We’ll do what we can, his appointments might take a while so you’ll have time.

Rita stood up off the floor and fixed her clothes,then she wrote her number down on a piece of paper and gave it to the lady. “Thank you, when he gets all his shots and stuff can you call me please?”

“Sure thing, I’ll call you when hes all ready to go.”

We thanked the lady again and started to walk out of the store when Rita’s phone rang, scaring some of the animals. She fished it out of her pocket and hurried up to answer it not even bothering to check and see who it was, just so the animals would stop their little tantrum attack.


“Hey Stephanie what’s up.”

“Actually we’re on your side of town, me and Randy are spending the day together.”

“Haha shut up, this time is different.”

“What are you guys doing?”

“Not in a long time, you never really forget though.”

“I don’t know, I don’t wanna fall like three million times.”

“How long are you gonna be there?”

“Ok then we’ll meet you there, where is it?”

“We’re in the pet store in the Biddulph Plaza, how do we get there from here?”

“Oh it is? We didn’t see it on the way here.”

“Ok, meet you there in a little bit then.”

“Haha you’re such a Sluut, see ya.”

“Umm so what exactly just happened?” I asked her when she hung up the phone.

“We just got invited to go ice skating with Stephanie and Chris, I told then we used to skate a long time ago but haven’t in a while so we’ll be falling a lot.”

“Ring isn’t even on your finger yet and you’re already setting up double dates,” I laughed.

Rita looked at me as if she was looking at a unicorn carry a leprechaun over a rainbow. She didn’t say anything, just looked a me with that big smile of hers.

“What!” I said now confused.


“Yet what?”

She was now fully smiling. “You said the ring isn’t even on my finger “yet”, I heard you.” 

I rewinded the incident in question in my head and realized I did say just that, and without even knowing either, it just came out. I couldn’t help but smile. 

Her smile got bigger. “Oh my god, I could be Mrs. Randy Stevens! Lets go buy a ring right now!”

I laughed. “Come on Mrs. Stevens, we don’t wanna keep the other married couple waiting,” I joked.

She held my hand as we walked out the door and all the way back to the car, and while I was driving to the rink, which was closer than we realized. Even though I was paying attention to the road I could feel her looking at me, and each time I would smile or glance at her she’s rub my hand or hold it in both of hers and keep her gaze on me, wanting to say something but not wanting to clash with the mood that had been set in the car. In no time we arrived at the rink, went in, rented some skates, and went to look for a place to sit and spotted Stephanie and Chris putting on their own skates. We snuck up behind them and pushed their heads together in a mock kiss.

“Hey who the… oh its just you two, real mature,” Chris said.

“Oh quit acting like you didn’t wanna do it, or did we make you kiss the wrong body part?” Rita joked.

I tried not to laugh, but it was too nicely set up to hold it in, Stephanie laughed too seeing as it was her joke to begin with. 

“Everyone’s got jokes today, just wait till we get on the ice and you guys bust your Buttocks over and over again, then I’m gonna be laughing,” Chris retaliated.

“Yeah but until then you’re the kiss Buttocks,” I said, receiving a punch in the arm in the process.

We all got our ice skates on and held on to every wall possible until we got to the ice, but Chris didn’t wait for us, being a hockey player he was already on the ice and had done three laps around the rink before we even got off the carpet. Finally though we got on the ice, and we weren’t doing much better there than we were on the carpet. Stephanie fell immediately, Rita wouldn’t let go of the wall, and I slowly slid one foot in front of the other going a whopping one and a half miles an hour on the ice. Just as I started to get the hang of it a little Chris flew past me, throwing of my concentration and making me fall on the ice along with Rita and Stephanie.

“You guys are looking pretty good over there, twenty more years and you’ll be pros in no time!” Chris yelled back as he took off around the rink.

“You can skate like Wayne Gretzky all you want but you’re still a kiss Buttocks!” Stephanie yelled back.

“That joke is never gonna die is it?” I asked. 

“Probably not, especially since he literally does kiss my Buttocks.”

“And who knows what you do to him…” Rita added, laughing.

“Haha you don’t wanna go there, I’m sure you and Randy…”

“Ooooook we’re gonna stop right there! No need to get into any details,” I jumped in.

“Rita’s just gonna tell me later, so you might as well get it out now.”

“Dammit. Well at least wait till I’m not around.”

“In here? Yeah that’s not gonna happen anytime soon, here help me up.”

We all helped each other stand up and slowly built up our progress on the ice until we were all able to skate without using the wall, but we were nowhere near as good as Chris was, who was making his way back to us, gloating as he did.

“Well its not pretty, but its progress, I’m tired of skating by myself.”

“Then quit leaving us,” Stephanie said.

“Its better than watching you guys fall every three seconds.”

As they were talking, Rita snuck behind Chris on the ground and Stephanie tabletopped him over Rita’s back, causing him to crash down on the ice, both of them laughing out loud (actually laughing, not lol).

“There, now were all even,” Rita said as she and Stephanie skated away before he could get up. I went to help him up but before I even got close to him he was already back on his feet and flying after them. I followed behind as best I could but there was no way I was catching up to them just yet. When he caught them he tackled them both to the ice and held them down.

“Stop it Chris the ice is cold,”Stephanie whined.

“Uhh, no Shtt Steph, its ice, its supposed to be cold!”

“You know what I mean, get off!”

I finally made my way there and went to pull Chris off but lost my balance along the way and fell on top of the pile, which made it look like I was helping Chris to keep them on the ground.

“Oh you’re playing like that Randy?”

“Like what? I lost my balance and fell!”

“Lost your balance my Buttocks! When I get up I’m gonna throw you into the wall!”

“You too Chris, unless you say you’re sorry right now!”

Chris got off of them and helped Rita up, then helped Stephanie up and started skating away with her, a little too fast for her to be able to keep up, then out of nowhere he started spinning around in a circle holding onto her by her hands.

“Ok I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you talked smack in a place where you clearly have a disadvantage!”

Stephanie was holding on to his hands for dear life as Rita and I looked on. “You asshole! I swear to god if you let me go Chris I’m gonna punch you in the nuts!”

He just kept spinning around with her, to the point where we knew she would be dizzy in no time, and Rita took out her phone and started clicking away again. When he finally did let her go, she was so disoriented she couldn’t skate straight or keep her balance to save her life, and fell almost immediately. 

“Just wait till I can see straight Chris, you’re gonna be doing a lot of Buttocks kissing tonight!”

“Blah blah yeah yeah yeah, we already know where this joke goes,” he said still laughing.

“You better not do that to me, or were both gonna be celibate for one whole week,” Rita said.

“Now you know we wouldn’t last one whole day, why put us through that?” I mock reasoned.

“I think you get my point, no spinny Rita, at least not like that.”

I pulled out my phone and snapped a few pictures. “Gotcha.” I said not letting her know if I was talking about her being spun or saying I got her on camera.

In no time our fun little skate time turned into one big TNA (because WWE fuckin sucks now) wrestling match. I don’t know how, but both Chris and I both ended up under our little sisters being pummeled with tiny fists as their wrist jewelry jingled back and forth with every contact to one of us. In my case, the punching stopped and we looked over at Chris who was still getting smashed.

“Don’t look at them look at me!” Stephanie said as she grabbed his head forcing him to look at her then went back to slapping and hitting him.”

“Ok ok you win just stop hitting me!” Chris gave in, trying to protect his face.

“Say I’m the queen!”


Her face turned up and she gave him what looked to be a very painful Buttocks Tip twister. “Say it!” 

“Oooooow! Ok you’re the queen! Ow!”

“And you’re a kiss Buttocks!”

“Ow ow ow you’re the queen and I’m a kiss Buttocks, there you happy? Let my Tips go!”

“And don’t you forget it,” she said as she let his Tips go and crawled off of him.

“That was cheap. That make you feel better?” Chris said rubbing his Tips.

“Lots, now were even.”

“Good thing there are no little kids in here or we’d all be kicked out,”I laughed as both Rita and I took pictures of Chris getting his Buttocks beat.

“My Tips feel like they’re about to fall off, you Bytch,”Chris complained.

Stephanie went to lunge at him but fell just as soon as she stood up, and Chris took the chance to skate away from her. While I was distracted by Chris and Stephanie, Rita took the opportunity to sneak up on me and wrestle me to the ground.

“Hey I thought we were done with that,” I said trying to get free.

“Nope just took a break, make sure you get a lot of pictures Steph,” Rita said.

I heard Stephanie’s phone make the picture snapping noise over and over until she felt she needed to give Rita a hand and came over and sat right behind her on my chest, pushing Rita closer until she was pretty much sitting on my face.

“This doesn’t look good for the cameras in here,” I mumbled from under Rita.

“Yeah but it’ll look great in ours,” Stephanie said while taking more pictures of the who of them making themselves comfortable on my chest. It really was a good thing no kids were there, we would have been kicked out, banned, and damned to hell a long time ago.

“Ok I think you had enough, just remember this next time you get on my bad side,” Stephanie said.

“What? I didn’t get on your bad side, Chris did!”

“Well you’re a guy and you were with him, so you’re guilty by association, so you get it too!”

“Stephanie if you twist my Tips like you did Chris I swear I’m gonna punch you in the Kittycat!” I don’t know why I said Kittycat, it just sounded like the better word to use at the time.

“Oh, you will now? Now I have to…”

“Not these Tips Stephanie, if anyone’s gonna do anything to them its me,” Rita interjected.

“Then I guess I’ll just have to make up for it with your Tips!”

“Now that’s what I’m talking about!” Chris said as he skated back to us from out of nowhere, still tending to his Tips. I myself moved Rita off of me and scooted from under Stephanie and sat up in anticipation, wondering if she was bluffing or if she’s actually do it.

“I don’t think so, if anything’s gonna happen to my Tips its gonna be licking or sucking,” Rita said.

“Holy Shtt that’s even better, that’ll completely make up for the nubs I have left,” Chris said.

“You think I should? Right here on the ice rink in front of everybody here I should just pull out one of her titties and start sucking it?” Stephanie said smiling at Chris and I then at Rita. “If you guys think I won’t do it…” Stephanie continued as she put her hand on Rita’s shirt and moving it to the side a little while moving her mouth closer to it. Chris was about as anxious as it gets as she put her lips right on Rita’s cloth covered tit, bit on it a little making Rita moan, and went to pull her shirt off to the side to expose her tit to the world, then she stopped completely and grinned an evil grin at Chris. “You’re right, I won’t, not here at least. I would like to come back at some point in time.”

Chris looked like a kid who just saw his puppy get ran over. “Aww that was an asshole thing to do!”

“Yeah you know all about assholes don’t you Chris? Stephanie joked again at Chris’ expense.

“Laugh it up now, won’t be so funny when we get home.”

“What’s gonna happen when we get home?”

“Oh you’ll find out soon enough.”

We laughed all the way to the carpeted area and sat down to take off the skates that felt so heavy they had to be taken off for a while. It took around five minutes, a lot of straining, and a little help from Rita before I finally got my skates off, next time I won’t listen to Chris and get a size too small.

“So what are you guys doing on this side of town anyway?” Chris asked.

“Randy and I finally have some time to ourselves to do whatever we want,” Rita said.

“How is that different than any other day?”

“That’s what I said,” Stephanie jumped in.

“Be quiet, its different! We don’t have anyone breathing down our necks for a change,” Rita replied.

“Time together my Buttocks, you two are on a date, you’re not fooling anyone,” Chris said.

“We’re not trying to fool anyone, were out on a date,” I said plain and straight forward.

Chris made a stink face and then looked at Stephanie. “What the hell is wrong with them, hes on a date with his sister, I mean who dates their sister?”

“I don’t know, maybe they grew up in a dungeon or something,” Stephanie said playing along.

“You two do know you’re not supposed to date each other right? You’re only supposed to make out, feel each other up, and Fork each others brains out, then wake up and do it again.” Chris said.

“That’s all?” Stephanie said breaking character. “Then what was that yesterday when you…”

“AHHHHHHHHHLALALALA BE QUIET NOW AHHHAHAHLALALALA!” Chris yelled while covering his ears with his hands while Stephanie tried to pull them away.

“Look at em, and I thought we were weird,” I said to Rita.

“Hey don’t include me in that, hes the one with the problems,” Stephanie said.

“While we’re on the subject, when are you two gonna quit with all the runaround stuff and have a first date?” Rita asked, emphasizing the word “are.”

“That’s not something we can just decide on and go do,”Chris said.

“Yeah you can, you ask her out, she says yes, you go on a date, simple as that,” I said.

Chris frowned. “It seems forced that way.”

“Its not forced if you both wanted to do it,” Rita said.

“Shouldn’t there be a time requirement or affection thing or something before your brother asks you out on a date?” Stephanie asked.

“Wait, why am I the one who has to ask?” Chris asked Stephanie.

“Because I’m the girl and you’re the boy, duh.”


“And that’s the way its always been.”

“Yeah maybe in 1950, those days are long gone. Women killed chivalry when they asked for independence, you cant have both.”

“That’s spoken just like a man.”

“And that’s spoken just like a woman to want everything handed to her and give nothing back.”

“Keep talking and I’ll “give” you another Tip twister!”

“You come near my Tips again and I’ll…”

“Ok kiddies! I guess we jumped the gun a little bit,” I interrupted.

“Yeah, maybe you guys should wait a few months, or years, something,” Rita joked.

“She’d probably want me to pay for everything,” Chris mumbled.

Stephanie looked dead at Chris. “I heard that!” 

“I did say it loud enough, its not like it isn’t true.

Stephanie put on a baby face and poked her lip out, kinda like one of the faces Rita makes when she wants something. “You wouldn’t wanna spend money on your pretty little sister?” she said in a baby voice and tilting her head, looking at him with her big blue eyes.

“Don’t try it Steph, not gonna work this time.”

“But I’m your little sister, you love me don’t you?”

“After that Tip twister I’m not so sure.”

“You love me don’t you?”

“Stephanie quit it, that’s cheating.”

“You love me don’t you?” Stephanie said, managing to look even sadder.

He sighed hard, knowing he lost. “Dammit.”

Stephanie looked at us. “He won’t say it out load, but he know he loves me.”

“Then again, maybe they don’t need to wait a few months, they’re being all cutesy, and even in public, that’s what happened with us,” Rita said.

To Be Continued…

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