Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 99



A Story written by Kevin_88…

“Don’t try to act like you have us all figured out, not all women are like that.”

“But most are.”

“Men aren’t any better with the sizing up every woman that walks past them.”

“All men don’t do that.”

“But a lot of em do. “Damn she has some big titties! She got big titties and a big Buttocks! She got big titties, a big Buttocks, and she kinda dumb, jackpot!”

“Hahaha, what kind of men you been hanging around?”

“Any man would fit into that description.”

“Even me?”

“You’re in the 6% of men who don’t do that.”

“Its gotta be higher than that.”

“Nope, 6%, and I’m being generous.”

I laughed as I took my last bite of steak. “So what do you wanna do when we get out of here?”

“I wanna go back to that store with the…” She stopped talking when she realized she’d been set up, that and me laughing at her. “That still doesn’t mean anything.”

“How did all this come about anyway?”

“Talking about Stephanie and Chris, nothing good ever comes from thinking about them.”

“Yeah, we still need to beat their Buttocks for not telling us about this place.”

“Its too bad they won’t let us leave with anything, that was so good I’d stay for another round if I wasn’t so full.”

“Me too. We should leave though, we’re getting low on time in the day left.”

Rita looked at her phone to see it was 9:00. “Only three hours left, we can make it work.”

I waved over Kristen and asked her for the bill and paid or it with the money mom gave me, and gave Kristen what I assumed was a real generous and expected tip from mom.

“Thank you so much, I hope you guys enjoyed the food,” Kristen said.

“We did, and we’ll definitely be back,” I said as we got up to leave.

“I’ll save a table for you, come back soon,” she said as we waved and walked out the door.

We left out the restaurant and Rita took my hand in hers and started walking in the opposite direction of where the car was again, checking out some more sights. 

“Looks like we got somebody on the inside now,” Rita said.

“No you can’t bring her home with us,” I joked.

“I wasn’t going to, but now that you said I can’t I have to do it,” she said as she faked going back towards the restaurant.”

“Nice try, get over here,” I said as I pulled her by the arm into me.

She smiled looking me right in the eyes. “And if I don’t?”

“Then I’ll go in there and get her for myself.”

“I don’t think so, nobody kisses my manz but me.”

“What about mom and Aunt Lisa?”

“They’re grandfathered in.”

“I don’t think they’ll like that you said that.”

“Then you better not tell em.”

“What do I get in return?”

She took my hands and put one on her tit and the other on her Buttocks.”Your pick.”

“You’re just gonna let me feel you up in public like this? You know I won’t move my hands.”

“I won’t move em either, they don’t know us, plus I like us being noticed as a couple finally.”

We just stood there, not paying attention to anyone around us, or anything, just us, me groping her, and her smiling right back at me while I fondled her in public. “Having fun Randy?”

“As a matter of fact I am.”

“Just wait until later.”

Her crooked devious smile peaked my interest. “What’s gonna happen later?”

As I said that we rounded a corner and saw a big fountain lit up in the night sky. “Randy look at that! Come on lets go take some pictures by it.”

We sped walked all the way to the fountain dodging between all the people that crowded the sidewalk. When we got there she immediately sat down directly in front of where the water pours out at and struck several different poses. I took that as my cue to take out my phone and started snapping away. I took so many pictures throughout the day I ran out of memory about 15 snaps in, so Rita gave me her phone, I wouldn’t be taking pictures in front of the fountain so it was fine with me. I kept snapping pictures until her phone ran out on memory like mine did and sat down on the fountain next to her.

“How did both of us go through our entire memory?”

“Not counting all the songs we have, we did take over a million pictures today.”

“Well at least we got some good shots in.”

We sat there just looking out into the street when we heard rumbling, and looked up to see rain clouds had crept in, but they didn’t look that bad so we decided to stay.

“Hey look, we could use those mechanical cameras pointing at the fountain,” Rita said.

“Yeah those are the professional ones that’s supposed to work in any weather. It takes good night shots, zooms in for you, backs out, takes out the red eye, even crops it for you, it does almost everything you’d do, but it costs like $15.00 for ten minutes to use, complete ripoff.”

“Do the pictures come out really good?”

“From what I hear yeah, you pick em up in I’m guessing that booth over there, like how Cedar Point does when you get off the roller coaster, it cost like ten bucks a picture though.”

“Well I wanna try it anyway, its only ten dollars.”

“On a picture?”

“Don’t forget we just spent over a hundred dollars on candy.”

“Oh yeah, well now it seems like nothing. Why not.”

I put a ten dollar bill in the one closest to us and went to sit down next to Rita who was waiting patiently for the camera to start taking pictures. When the red light blinked on and the camera started taking pictures she grabbed on to me, looking at the camera with my face touching hers, kissing my cheek, acting like she was falling in the water, just having fun. I reciprocated by doing the superhero face with my hands and picking her up wedding style and acted like I was gonna throw her in the water, making her squirm and hop down. The camera still flashing, I looked at it for a second before looking back at Rita who had her eyes locked dead on me smiling.

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” I responded without hesitating one bit.

In that brief moment we had forgotten where we were, who we were around and even what we were doing. The only thing that mattered at that moment was us. As she moved her arms around my neck I didn’t wait for her to lean up, I brought my head down to her and kissed her. As my lips melted into hers, everything around us disappeared. No cars, no people, no bright flashing from the camera, just the feel of her soft lips pressed into mine, her arms holding tight around my neck, and the crisp sound of the fountain splashing behind us. I was in awe of the moment, we were kissing in public, and not just any kiss, the most romantic kiss we’ve ever shared. The way she moaned in my mouth and held on to me told me she was thinking the exact same thing. We were so lost in the moment that we forgot to pay attention to our surroundings, not noticing that everyone had disappeared from the area, but it came clear when we felt that first rain drop, then another, then one more, and before you know it, it was pouring down heavily. I broke the kiss for a second to look at Rita and motion for us to get out of the rain, but she still had that smile on her face.

“We’re already wet, so we might as well stay,” she said as raindrops bounced from her soft face.

That was all I needed, and just like that, we were back to kissing each other, under the moonlight, in the rain, without a doubt the most romantic moment of either of our young lives. We kissed and kissed and kissed until we noticed the camera stopped taking pictures and we had drawn a small crowd of older women looking at us from under the booth. Still standing in the rain, we got the number from the screen, gathered ourselves and walked over to the booth, holding hands as the women giggled at us.

“That ones a keeper honey,” the brown haired woman said to Rita.

“Trust me, I know,” Rita said as she pulled us into the booth.

We walked over to the desk, dripping water on the floor as we did so and went to look for our pictures. We gave the screen number to the guy in the store and in seconds about fifty pictures of us flashed on the computer screen. They were all really good shots, but there was one that stood out over all of them, and Rita was looking dead at it. It was a perfect shot of us with my hands at her waist and her arms around my neck kissing as the rain fell down around us, it looked like such a perfect picture you would’ve thought it was photoshopped (legit photoshop, not that bent surroundings crap).

“Oh my god, I want that one, we look so good together.”

“Awww! You two make such a cute couple,” the black haired woman said from behind us.

“Let me see,” the blonde said as she eased over and looked at the picture then smiled. “I’m so jealous, my husband never did anything like that with me.”

I wanted to say something about these women we don’t know just being all up in our personal space like that, but when I looked at Rita her smile was bigger than ever, like she was feeding off their compliments. To have someone, let alone three women we didn’t know acknowledge our relationship in such a positive manner was music to Rita’s ears, and she was soaking it all up. 

“I want this one,” Rita said to the guy and pointing at the picture.

“We should get this one too,” I said pointing to the one where I picked her up off the ground.

“Why should we… oh ok, yeah we’ll get this one too,” she added after realizing we needed a cover picture for mom and dad.

The guy pressed some buttons and before we knew it, the pictures were coming out of the machine. When he handed them to us they looked even better than they did on the screen, everything filled the entire picture, it was bigger, the colors were brighter, and even the rain around us looked amazing.

“We have a special going where if you buy two pictures you get them framed for free, would you guys like to do that?” the guy at the booth asked.

“Yes that would be perfect!” Rita said a little too excited.

“I guess that’s a yes,” I said as I handed him $20 and the pictures back.

He framed them and handed them back to us and once again all the women were staring at it in a circle, smiling and sharing all their comments.

“We get like two or three of these every week, and more times than none these same women are here when it happens, but they never take the pictures themselves,” the guy behind the counter said.

“Maybe its a young thing I guess, a “girls night out” thing or something,” I said.

“Whatever it is, I always seem to sell more pictures when they’re here, so I’m not gonna tell them to stop, I might end up having to pay them.”

I laughed as I looked over at the group of women and saw Rita walk from the middle of them holding the picture to her still damp chest.

“Lets go home.”

When she said that all the women did that squeal they do when they’re in a group and they all understood an inside joke or something, but Rita didn’t hide her intentions either, looking at me with a combination of love and lust, I think everyone in that store knew what we were going to do.

Luckily the rain slowed down enough to where it was just a light drizzle, so the walk back to the car didn’t soak us any more then we already were. When we got to the car we rang out our clothes as best we could and got in, going home after probably the best day we’ve had as more than just brother and sister. While we were driving home Rita pulled her phone out of her purse and called someone, but I was too busy watching the road I didn’t get to see who.”

“Hey mom.”

“Were on our way home, we just took the most amazing picture in the rain.”

“Its so romantic mom, wait till you see it.”

“Yeah were fine, we rung out our clothes. Are you guys still out shopping?”

“I just wanted to make sure you remember our little agreement about not coming home.”

“After today, definitely.”

“That should be ok, but call just in case.”

“Haha no mom, you’re such a Sluut!”

“No were not up there on your level of freak yet.”

“Ok see you when you get home.”

“Love you too mom, bye.”

“What she say?” I asked when Rita hung up the phone.”

“They just finished shopping an hour ago, they’re taking dad to go see a “blow em up” movie since he was a good sport and didn’t complain.”

“They just finished? They have a shopping disorder.”

“That’s the best one to have.”

“Dad’s a trooper for that, over six hours without complaining? Wow.”

“Just wait till its your turn.”

“As long as its not tonight.”

“No were going home, I have different plans for you tonight.”

“Where are you gonna put those pictures?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t thought of it yet.”

“Well when you do make it good, we don’t want dad finding them.”

“I wish we could show him, this one of us is such a good picture.”

“Yeah it really is, but we can show him the other one.”

“That’ll have to do for now I guess.”

I could feel her mood dropping a little at having to hide our relationship again, so I thought of something to say I knew would cheer her right back up almost instantly. “So what we don’t get to show dad, we still get to flash it around mom and Aunt Lisa, you know they’re gonna be hella jealous.”

It worked because the moment I said it that smile came back to her face. “That’s true, I know they’ve never had a moment that was half this good. Now I really can’t wait to show them!”

The rest of the drive home was silent with me concentrating on the road and Rita looking at the picture of us kissing, I swear she never took her eyes off it, except to look at me. When we finally pulled into our driveway we hopped out of the car, leaving all that picnic stuff and candy in the back and taking nothing but the pictures and our wet clothes,which were starting to make us a little cold.

“It got cold fast, my Tips are freezing! Rita shivered as she stripped off her wet clothes.

“Mine too, but I didn’t wanna say anything.”

“I think were way past that awkward moment stage Randy,” Rita laughed.

“I don’t know why I’m so weird when I talk about my Tips.”

“Because YOU’RE weird, but you’re a good weird, you’re my weird,” she smiled.

“If that’s a compliment I’ll take it. But yeah it did get cold really fast, I need to warm up.”

“You wanna take a bath together? Its been a while since we last took one.”

“That sounds pretty good actually, I can be lazy, warm up, and get clean at the same time.”

“Slouch. I’ll go run a bath for us, you go throw our clothes in the wash.”

She took off up the stairs Buttocks Unclad and two at a time, her Buttocks jiggling every time she landed on a stair. I, just as Unclad as she was, waited until she was completely out of sight before I finished taking off my clothes and grabbing hers and headed to the basement. I threw the clothes in the wash without turning it on and grabbed the pictures and headed back upstairs to our room to grab some towels for us, Rita wasn’t in the room so I assumed she was in the bathroom so I grabbed some towels and our ipod deck so we could listen to music while we were in there. I sat our phones down in our room and went to the bathroom to see Rita sitting in candlelight on the edge of the tub stirring her hand in the water to mix around the soap and bubbles.

“Go ahead and get in, the water’s pretty much high enough.”

I sat the ipod deck down on the sink and did as she asked and slowly sunk down in the tub, the hot water adding instant relief to my still cold body. Rita grabbed the ipod deck and set it on an r&b playlist, then came over to the tub and slipped in in front of me.

“Oh this water feels so good,” she said as she sat all the way down.

“I know right? This was just what we needed.”

Rita turned the water off with her foot and I wrapped my arms around her and held her, her body relaxing into me as she sighed her approval. For a good while we just sat there listening to the music and reveling in the feel of the hot water and our bodies touching in the soft glow of the candlelight, about as relaxing as you can get.

“We haven’t taken a bath in a long time,” Rita said breaking the silence.

“I know, if we didn’t have to watch out for dad so much we could do it more often.”

“You think we should just take a chance and tell him?”

“We can’t, you remember what he said at the cabin?”

“But if we told him we could do this all the time, among other things…”

“After the way he responded when we got back to the cabin, he wouldn’t have it.”

“Ahh its so frustrating, hes the only one who doesn’t know about us.”

“I don’t think Chris and Stephanie’s dad knows either, about any of us.”

But he doesn’t live here… why cant dad just react like mom and Aunt Lisa did, bribe us then support us, or since its dad yell at us then support us?” 

“Because hes dad, and you’re his little girl, you’re not supposed to have S£x, ever. The fact that were Bleeping the hell out of each other almost on a daily basis would blow his mind.”

“He cheered you on when he walked in on you having S£x.”

“Its different with a son, don’t ask why, it just is.”

“He should be happy, at least he’d know I wouldn’t end up abused, or a single mom or on drugs or something if he knew I was with you.”

“True. Its not all bad though, it makes sneaking around that much better, like when you were playing the game and I crept up and started licking you, or when dad was talking to you at the door and I was licking you, or that time I was under your desk while you were talking to mom and Marie and I was…

“Ok ok I get it haha, you have your head between my legs a lot.”

“I cant help it if you taste that good, you want me to stop?”

“HELL NO! I was just pointing it out, we don’t need to go down that road.”

“See, there are some up sides.”

“Yeah, but eventually he’d have to know.”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it then.”

We fell into another silence as we listened to Frank Ocean sing “Thinkin Bout You” on the ipod. She turned the hot water on with her foot and grabbed her loofa to wipe off whatever oil and dirt the bubbles had soaked out of her skin. When she finished I took the loofa from her and ran it across her legs underwater, getting it close to her crotch, but not too close where it looked intentional.

“That feels good, can you get my back too?”

She sat forward and I ran the loofa over her back making sure not to miss a spot, and when I was done she fell back into me in the water. She turned the water back off and nuzzled her head against my chest like she was about to go to sleep, she certainly looked peaceful enough to. The track switched to some song I didn’t know and about a minute in Rita started to get a little fidgety.

“Whats wrong?”

“Nothing, its just this song makes me a little…”

“Oooh, lady parts going into overdrive huh?” I snickered.

She play slapped me on the chest. “Hey you be nice when you talk about my lady parts, they like to play games with me with certain things happen.”

“Speaking of games, we never finished our question game. I think it was my turn.”

“Why are you so sure it was you turn?”

“Because I remember getting double points for something.”

“There were no double points! You cant just add rules. Maybe we should just call it a draw, we went for like thirty minutes and neither of us got a single question wrong, I don’t wanna be in here for three hours and turn into a prune because we know too much about each other.”

“We won’t be, I got the perfect question.”

She thought for a second. “You know what, fine. I’m not scared of you or your question. I’ve already proved there’s nothing I don’t know about either of us, so go right ahead,” she said confident.

“Ok, here it is,” I said as I sat her up so her ear was right next to my mouth. “What time was it the very first time you asked me to make love to you?”

She turned around to look at me and had a blank look on her face for a second, then the emotion took form as she fought to hold back tears. She turned around in the water so we were chest to chest and lay her head in the nape of my neck.

To Be Continued…

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