Must Read: Anniversary Night… Part 2



Tosin: Darling this is wow, am short of words, you are the best thing in my life
Me: You deserve all the good things in this word because you are the best lady in this world, a woman of every man’s dream
Tosin: stop flattering me, you are the best man ever created by God because everything around you turns to Gold, I am very sure God created you with a Midas touch because you turn my life around and brought me up, you give me a new life. I love you so much.
Me: I love you too but am just a normal human created and I receive favour from God and to cap my glory he sent an Angel to be my guardian which is my one and only oluwatosin, Happy wedding anniversary dear, I pray we celebrate next one in more riches and glory.
Tosin: Amen, I have a good news for you but I will share it with you after our meal 
Me: no, oooo, you know I won’t take that from you, so please tell me the news please dear
Tosin: okay, beg me more and call me your big mummy
Me: as if I have a choice, you are my mother so Big mummy please tell me the news, I beg you 
Tosin: you are ready now, close your eyes and I will tell you   
I closed my eyes with the expectation of hearing her voice but instead she tap me and showed me a white sheet, I collected it to look closer and realise it’s a laboratory test result. I had little experience with laboratory because I did my SIWES training in a teaching hospital laboratory but I can’t believe what am seeing, she is pregnant but you didn’t tell me you will do such test today dear I said 
Tosin: is that what you ought to say, am angry joor
Me: am sorry am just speechless, am happy dear this shows that you really love me, now I can’t wait to have my baby and am very sure he will be a male child 
Tosin: better stop dreaming this foetus is a female so please 
I stood up and hugged her, either male or female, I just can’t wait to carry my child in my arms and I will be call daddy, I kissed her not minding where we are, soon we order for food which is her best food fried rice and chicken coupled with veleta wine because we don’t take alcohol.

To Be Continued…

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