Must Read: Anniversary Night… Part 5



After her words tears flows freely from her eyes, her words remind me who I was then, am Dammy, during my first year on campus I joined this deadly group called Jonature, we are rival group with this Tosin’s group , at first I thought this group will make me the rave of the moment on campus but it did make me because I later become the number one leader of this group and on January 8 the Faye’s dropped my right hand man whom I love like a brother, I consulted and seek for various juju power because of this and we perfected our revenge on feb 21 where I personally killed 26 member of Faye and my group killed 23, this was possible because we attacked them on their scheduled meeting day and it was unaware, since then we have not heard anything about them until today, after slaughtering the Faye,s I meet God through an invite to a student fellowship and since then I have not look back for once though my group the Jonature pester and threaten me but I overcome the trials  but now it has dawn on me the past is haunting me seriously, but  what will I do to overcome this impending death of mine. 

To Be Continued…

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