Must Read: As Deep As The Sea… Part 40

A Story Written By She writes…
To the cubicle close to the

Oyetunde groaned and pulled

out his list of assignments

from the board. He marched

away in anger.

Promise shook her head.

‘God, thank you for this

dream job of mine. I need you

to help me excel in this

company’, she said a silent

prayer and found out that the

only desk left was the one

opposite Boma.


At about twelve noon, Boma

left the office and found his

way into the cafeteria on the

ground floor of the company.

The place was crowded with

staff members who were

buying and eating their lunch.

He bought a set of chicken

sandwich and a can of orange


While trying to find a place to

sit, he saw Oyetunde downing

a bowl of pounded yam and

melon soup at a corner.

“Mr. Man, don’t you think you

are swallowing the wrongest

meal at this time of the day,”

he sat beside him.

“I need all the energy I can

get. That sandwich you are

eating won’t get you

anywhere today.”

He sipped at his drink, “Your

heavy lunch will only make

you sleep.”

“I hear you,” he concentrated

on his meal, “That reminds


Boma met his excited gaze.

“We are lucky to have three

beautiful ladies working with



“Yes. Promise for instance is

the prettiest of them all. She

is tall, slim and curved in the

right places. She might not be

as physically endowed as

Kemisola and Adaeze, but,

that girl is fine. Her smooth

dark chocolate skin is… ”


He started to laugh.

“Are you sure you are not

falling for her already?”

He shrugged, “It won’t matter.

A girl that looks like that is

either engaged or in a

serious relationship.”

“Hmmm… ” He thought about

what his colleague said.

“Kemisola is also pretty and

well packaged in all areas,

but, I don’t like the way she

is exposing all her goods


“I agree with you,” a picture

of Kemisola’s exposed

cleavage assaulted his mind’s


“Adaeze is a beautiful Ibo

girl, but she too is exposing

herself. I don’t know what is

wrong with these girls.”

“They lack knowledge.”

“A man who wants to play

games goes after girls that

appear loose and dress

indecently. But, a man who

wants to get married will go

after someone like Promise.”

Boma nodded in agreement.

“I hope they learn from her,”

he downed his drink and got

up, “I have to go. See you

later in the office,” he headed


Boma finished his sandwich

and sipped at his drink. He

was grateful to God for his

new employment. He had been

looking for a new job for

over five months. His former

place of work went bankrupt

early that year and laid off all

their staff. His fiancée

cancelled their wedding in the

process and left the country

with a man she barely knew.

He had been devastated, but,

God stood beside him, healed

his broken heart and

provided him with a new job.

His salary and allowance was

twice what he used to earn. It

would enable him to change

his Honda car and rent a new

apartment. He had been using

the car since he graduated

from the university, it was

long overdue for a change.

He glanced at his wrist-watch.

His one hour break was

almost over. He finished his

drink, got up and headed out,

lost to the longing stares

from some of the female staff

in the cafeteria.


It was the third time she had

tried to take a nap, but, the

giggles and loud gossip

comments filtering into her

ears had made it impossible.

She wondered how Adaeze

and Kemisola seemed so close

despite the fact that they

were just meeting for the first

time that morning. They

summed up the popular

saying, ‘Birds of a feather

flock together’.

“I overheard one of the

secretaries in the office

opposite us talking about

Boma Etuk.”

“Really?” Adaeze leaned

forward. Her ears anticipated

the gossip.

“She said as far as TL

Communications was

concerned, he is one of the

most handsome men in the



“His name is on the lips of

every girl who wants to drag

a man to the altar this year.”

Adaeze bursted out laughing.

“Assuming he was taller, let’s

say, about six feet tall, he

would have been compared to

a sun god,” her dreamy eyes


She nodded in agreement.

“His five feet ten inches

height isn’t bad anyway. At

least, he is taller than me,”

she winked.

“His creamy brown skin is so

smooth, I wonder what cream

he uses.”

“I won’t mind caressing it.”

Adaeze smiled and nodded.

“I wonder what it would be

like to lie with him in bed and

feel his total body against… ”



“You are crazy.”

“Shut up!” She eyed her, “As

if you haven’t thought of

sleeping with him too.”

Adaeze started to laugh


Promise got up and walked

out. She couldn’t stand their

loud laughter again.

Kemisola and Adaeze hissed.

“That one thinks she is fine.”

“Fine indeed. She is flat in all

the right places. Yuck!”

“I doubt if she eats at all.”

“She cannot compete with the

likes of us.”

“No, no, she can’t. We run

things here.”

They gave each other a high


“Oyetunde isn’t bad either.”

“That short rat!” Kemisola p …

To Be Continued…

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