Must Read: As Deep As The Sea… Part 53

A Story Written By Shewrites…

Blessing hurried into her husband’s office without knocking.
“Are you okay darling?”
“Yes, I am, but Promise isn’t.”
“Promise? What’s going on?” His heart did a somersault.
She sat on one of the chairs at his desk.
“She called me a few minutes ago. The married man she had an affair with in Abuja is in town.”
He stood up in anger, “What?! How did he find her?”
“His company was one of the firms TL Communications invited for a business meeting last week. They met by coincidence.”
“How convenient!” He could still remember what his daughter went through when she returned from service.
“He has been disturbing her for a while… ”
“And she is just telling you now?! What rubbish! Nonsense!” He picked up his phone.
“Honey… ” She got up, she knew how upset he was. She had also been very angry when her daughter called her.
“That man needs to be put behind bars. He almost killed my daughter for Christ’s sake. I can’t believe he has the guts to start chasing her again,” he dialed a number on his phone.
“Darling, please remain calm, don’t do anything rash,” she hoped he wasn’t calling his lawyer or the police. She knew her husband, he would deal with anyone who tried to hurt his family.
He eyed her, “Where is Promise?” Her composed state surprised him.
“She is at work, she called from the toilet. She is devastated and she has been crying.”
He met her sad gaze. He cut the call he was making and sat back on his chair. They needed to act fast, but, with wisdom. 
“I am going to see her at the office. Pray along with me. I believe we can sort out this issue without involving the authourities. It is a family matter.”
He nodded. She was right. He wished he had paid closer attention to his daughter over the past few days.
“If this man proves stubborn, I won’t hesitate before getting him arrested and suing him for attempted murder.”
“I concur one hundred percent. I will be back soon,” she got up and reached out to squeeze one of her husband’s hands.
“I will pray while you talk to Promise.” 
“All right love,” she headed out.
Osagie bowed his head and began to intercede for his daughter.
Blessing called her daughter via phone when she got to TL Communications company’s premises. Promise met her at the reception. She followed her mother to her father’s SUV Jeep which was parked in the visitor’s space, at the car park. They got in and said a word of prayer.
“What exactly do you want?”
“I want Keshinro Phillips out of my life for good. I wish he will repent and go back to his family. I am tired of his persistent harassment. I can’t go on like this mum.”
She held her daughter’s hands, “I understand baby. I do. If he calls you again and refuses to return to Abuja, tell him you will report him to the authourities as a stalker.”
She folded her hands, “But what if he doesn’t give up?”
“Your father will report him to the police and sue him for attempted murder. I am sure that doctor he connived with won’t want to lose his license. Keshinro will have no choice but to leave you alone for good.”
She sighed with relief. Her parents’ plan seemed like it might work. Why didn’t she confide in them sooner?
“Thank you mum.”
“You are welcome my darling.”
She bit at her lower lip, “Mum, I am scared.”
“About what?” She had a feeling it was concerning Boma.
“Boma and I have grown close over the past few months and I am sure that he wants more than friendship.”
She smiled, “Good. So, why are you scared?”
“If I tell him about Keshinro, I don’t know if he will reject me like Gbenga,” tears gathered in her eyes.
She squeezed her daughter’s hand, “It is okay dear. If he rejects you, then he isn’t the one for you.”
Tears slided down her face, “Is this how it is going to be? How long will this continue? How soon will I find the man that will accept my past?”
Blessing cleared her throat. She could feel her daughter’s pains. She wished she could stop it.
“Everything is going to work together for your good. Have a little faith.”
Promise sniffed again and again. She really liked Boma. She had grown fond of him and it would hurt if he couldn’t handle her past.l

To Be Continued…

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