Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 29

A story written by Dan Chucks… If missed part Twenty Eight, read it HERE!!!

The electrifying zest in the crowd could charge a mobile phone! Almost everybody was standing and stretching themselves to get a full view of what was about to happen before us! Some already had their hands on their fly and you could wonder what they were going to do when the ladies began dancing eventually! The obviously high CEO was still in full control, dictating the tempo of things and of course, endlessly talking still! At some point, he suddenly invited his Vice to the stage!
“Martin please come up…”
The unsuspecting Martin seemed comfortable with the invite and just as soon began heading to the stage after coming off his seat.
“That’s good. That’s good. You are going to be part of the judging panel…” continued his boss as soon as he got onto the platform.
“Judging panel?…” quickly queried the amused Martin
“Yea yea. They will dance and we will score them….”
The crowd exploded into laughter!
He hardly reacted and continued. “…So, begin dancing ladies! It’s a dinner party and I want us to have fun. Maybe next year, we will have to invite an artiste or something…”
People were already re-echoing his suggestion and commending the idea. Low music had suddenly started from somewhere and some of the watching audience had already began moving their bodies in relation to the rising beats! The lady from Port Harcourt was the first to begin dancing among the four ladies on the stage! She didn’t seem to want another round of cajoling before giving in! After looking like she wasn’t interested at first, she was suddenly shaking things up, literarily though!

Binta followed up just as soon and went straight into doing some very skillful moves with her waist! She began twisting the thing so much so that the entire attention began turning to her all of a sudden! It was unbelievable how much of the twerking she could do because she continued to seamlessly transition from a particular style into another! It was as though it was something she had known how to do all her life!
Binta followed up just as soon and went straight into doing some very skillful moves with her waist!
Rosemary and Dami who had been watching her – spellbound, had to begin shaking their bodies gradually. Rosemary in particular was quite surprisingly uninspiring because she barely did much until the dancing was over. Maybe it was because of her position as a Branch Head, as she was obviously going to find it rather embarrassing facing her staff the coming Monday after twerking her Buttocks non-stop in front of them at the Retreat! As for Dami, I wasn’t exactly sure what her excuse could be. While she did do better than Rosemary, she still didn’t do anything significant when compared to the other two ladies. She only once did a ‘drop-down’ and that was all! The CEO must have been unimpressed even though he didn’t express that in his follow-up comments. That was several minutes later. And after the ladies had finished dancing! The crowd roared in appreciation, chanting the names of Binta and the other young lady from our Port Harcourt office! The two had been wonderful and deserved to be called out as the best among the four. The crowd were making their feelings known already after being swept off their feet! In fact, they had to join the dancing at some point – they couldn’t hold themselves back anymore!

My very own Anthony who had been standing with me also did join the rumba! He had shown obvious excitement all the while the CEO was introducing the ladies and did whisper to me how hard his Joystick was getting watching Rosemary and Binta in their very scanty dresses! As soon as the music had set in significantly, he began pulling on me and wanting me to join the already dancing crowd! For some unknown reasons, I just didn’t feel the urge to do so. But then, he proceeded to dance alone. And he never held anything back in making sure he caught all the fun he could! Everybody was dancing away in ruthless vigor! And just a few like myself were watching from the sidelines. The guys hardly tried out any other kind of dancing move other than endlessly humping the front of their pelvis into the backsides of the ladies! The ladies seemed to be encouraging that too by giving them as much Buttocks to hump on as possible!

To Be Continued…

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