Must Read: #B•I•T•C•H….. Part 35



This is a very fantastic story, written by Stephen C. Osaji, I’m so in love with his writing believe me, you can visit his blog Here!!!…. If you missed the part Thirty Four yesterday read it HERE!!!

After a quick shower, Taofeek quickly dressed up in a black
pant trousers and purple long sleeve packet shirt, he indeed
looked really smart even with out wearing the matching jacket
of the trousers.
He sat on his bed in the guest room of Zainab house and pulled
the trolley box he had brought with him to Nigeria closer. He
turned the box in a way it lay on its back and then input the
combination: 3210, with a sharp click, the box swung open.
Just like he knew exactly what he was looking for and where
exactly it was, he lifted two pair of jeans and a polo shirt then
brought out the mini suitcase which laid under the clothes and
then went ahead to unzip the top layer of the box and brought
out a brown file that was almost as thick as a regular James
Hadley Chase novel. He sighed at the sight of the file and
peeped inside the file as if to confirm the contents. Satisfied, he
closed the box and push it back to the former position then he
picked up the file and pull out all the documents in it.
The file contained about eight copies of his C-V and many
other documents… Both originals and photocopies. It was
obvious he had already sorted his credentials earlier.
He took four copies of his C-V and a couple of some important
documents he guessed he might need and then placed them
neatly in the suitcase which he had already opened down. He
stood up, dropped the file and the remain contents on the bed-
side table and picked up his suitcase. He had a quick glance of
himself at the mirror and nodded in approval as he saw he
looked like someone who meant business.
He left the house leaving the key under the doormat with a note
on the table for Zainab which said: I am off to look for a job, I
don’t know if I’ll be able to make it home tonight so I’ll call you
if I can or can’t later on.
* * * * *
Sitting in his office, behind his desk, Boniface grinned as he
saw a new BBM friend invite. He had emailed Zainab his pin
few minutes ago so all arrows pointed to the conclusion that
Zainab was the one who sent the invite.
His office was in every definition of the word elegant. Every
piece of the wood in it which included the chair he sat on, the
table and the bookshelf at the corner, was Ivorian. The entire
floor of the office was tiled with a dark brown cheetah skin
patterned tile and the ceiling wasn’t the usual white ceiling
plates but some assorted plastic-like ceiling plates which only
made the office look like it was owned by a very wealthy oil
Boniface accepted the invite without any hesitations and sent a
“hi :)” message to her which Zainab replied immediately. He
grinned at this and then plugged his phone to the charger
which was always plugged to the wall socket, the last thing he
need now was his battery to run down.
He leaned back and replied with: I’m pretty good, how about
“I am fine.” Zainab replied.
Boniface shrugged at the reply which seemed kind of cold, but
he didn’t let that get in his way. He decided to play it slow then
went ahead to ask her about her night, day and stuffs like that,
within minutes, they were chatting like they have been friends
for years and even Zainab couldn’t help but notice how fun he
was to chat with.
Just when she least expected it, he sent a message that she
had expected but was still somehow surprised.
“Can I take you out for dinner tonight?” He asked bluntly.
* * * * *
Jummy was more of shocked than surprised. She had been on
her computer working since and John didn’t call, but the
moment she decided to open the ring box he suddenly called, it
didn’t seem like a coincidence but she couldn’t think of any
other explanation.
She contemplated on picking the call and came to the
conclusion that it was best she didn’t pick it but after four
ignored calls and a text message which said: please pick up,
with a sad smiley attached to it, she changed her mind and
picked up.
She kept quiet.
“Hello,” John said in an expressionless tone.
“Yea? What’s it?”
“Have you checked the box?” John asked.
“Yes I have, and I’m going to send it back to you as soon as I
have the time to.”
“No… No… Please don’t. Just keep it. I bought it as a gift for
you and it won’t be fair if you return it.” John said and Jummy
could sense he was literally begging.
“I’m going to return it, and that’s final.” Jummy said unmoved.
John sighed, “errr… Jummy.”
“What?!” She yelled.
“Can I ask you for a small favor?” John asked politely.
“No you can’t John! I did a lot of favors for you and look at
where I landed. Please I don’t want to have anything to do with
you again, and if you are so dumb that you have figured it by
now, the reply to the deal you proposed is no… Capital N O!!!.”
Jummy replied screaming, the veins on her neck were already
protruding and it was highly obvious she was pissed, “goodbye
and please don’t call…”
“Wait!” John cut in, “please don’t hang up yet. I really need to
talk with you, just once, please Jummy. If all the times we
spent together meant anything to you please say yes, I just
want to talk.”
“Talk? Talk about what? So far you have been doing all the
talking, its my time to talk and you still want to talk more?”
John didn’t quite get what Jummy meant by that, she was
beginning to sound like a heart broken teenager rather than the
adult she was.
“Jummy, I love you! I’m willing to do anything just to spend
five minutes with you.”
Jummy bursted out in an uncontrollable laughter. “Love me?
Do you even know what love means?!”
“Yes! I do. And that’s why I need to talk to you to tell you and
show you how much I love you.”
“John, please don’t make me laugh too much before my lungs
start to ache. You know nothing about love, I gave you my all
in all and you treated me like trash, is that love?” Jummy
asked, suddenly feeling the urge to cry.
“Jumoke, I love you and would do anything for you. For
starters, I’ve chased Samuel out of my house.”
That got Jummy’s attention.
“What did you say?” She asked in a lower tone.


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