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This is a very fantastic story, written by Stephen C. Osaji, I’m so in love with his writing believe me, you can visit his blog Here!!!…. If you missed the part Thirty Five yesterday read it HERE!!!

“Bow down to me and I won’t destroy your land!” A man on a
horse said. He was of the black race and had a funny looking
piece of metal on his head which was assumed to be a crown.
“Never!!!” The person he was talking to screamed in response,
“my people would rather die and bow down to you!”
“Hmmm… Very well then. You shall all perish before night fall!”
He turned back to his second in command who was patiently
waiting for an order and said the three words he had been
waiting to hear in a while, “Kill them all.”
The second in command just smiled and bowed in response.
He looked over his shoulder to have a quick glance at the
millions of blood thirsty soldiers who were ready to kill and
with the loudest voice he could conjure, he screamed,
And then Henry stepped in and screamed, “cut!!!” Just like that,
the lights were turned on and the actors on the stage all stood
and turned to wait for Henry’s directions.
Henry glanced at his wristwatch, “take ten you all, when we
come back, we would stage the war.”
The actors all mumbled words of agreement and stepped out of
the stage to rest and so other stuffs before the shooting
Henry on the other hand turned went to the extreme right
corner of the studio to seat. A table and chair had been placed
there and it was his supposed office during the shooting of the
movie. TOP believed that giving his office in his studio would
make him think more about the movie and produce a better
After making slight adjustments to the script and handing it
going through it, he raised his head and starred at the door of
the studio. He was worried. Zainab was supposed to be here
and she hadn’t even passed by once. Was she avoiding him?
He asked himself but immediately responded in the negative,
he had done nothing wrong yet so there was no reason for her
to avoid him.
He decided to go and check on her in her office for the second
time that day.
He dropped the scripts and the little microphone attached to
his shirt and headed to her office. He got there soon enough
and instead of knocking or entering straight up, he stood at her
window for a while, just admiring her.
In the real sense, she wore a dark green skirt which could be
mistaken for black if not looked at properly and a light green
top with a Sekxy looking dark green jacket to match. She initially
wore black heels but after considering the discomfort it
rendered to her, she removed it and replaced it with a flat she
had brought from home. Henry notice all this and even more
noticed that she was concentrating on her phone so deeply that
she didn’t even notice he had been standing at her window for
nothing less than five minutes.
He thought clearly of his approach, he could approach angrily
asking her why she wasn’t present at his shoot or he could go
in warmly and crack a couple of jokes… He decided to go with
the latter.
He knock just once and without waiting for a response he
barged in to the office. “I’ve always wondered why women
loved to stress their selves. Why bother where a high heeled
shoe to work if you would change to a flat once you get to the
office?” Henry asked as he walked to the chair.
Zainab was startled at first but almost immediately gained her
compulsure back, “I’ve always wondered why you don’t ever
wait for me to invite you in when ever you knock. You just
barge in, you may as well not knock at all…” She mischievously
Henry wanted to fire back but Zainab response had put in on a
tight spot and he had no reply, he just smiled and changed the
topic. “I was expecting you at the studio but you never showed
up?” He said in a tone that made it seem more like a question
that a regular statement.
Zainab quickly sent Boniface a “cwyl,” message which meant
Chat With You Later, and dropped her phone. Without any
argument or mischievous reply which Henry had expected she
stood up and said, “I’m sure you still have thirty minutes left,
so let’s go.”
Henry remained in his seat, looking surprised.
* * * * * *
As he stepped out of a four story building IT company which
specialized in providing internet services for firms and
individuals, Taofeek was pretty sure he would receive a call
from them within the next twenty four hours.
He had just dropped his C.V with the personnel manager on the
third floor and even though the receptionist on the ground floor
had told him there was no job vacancy, he felt that with a C.V
like his, someone would be sacked so as him to to replaced.
He had two degrees from Canada number one university and
another from Oxford in England, let alone the different
professional degrees he got from both online courses and from
Yale and Harvard. How and why he attend all these schools
still surprised and better yet annoyed his dad up till present. All
his dad wanted was for him to get a B. Sc and join the family
company but due to Taofeek keen interest in education, he had
gone ahead to bag a B.Sc, masters, Ph. D and an endless list
of degrees from the best universities he could lay his hands on.
Then to top it all he had more than enough working experience
as a manager in one of his father companies which happened
to be a very huge and popular IT company too. So when he
expected them to call in 24 hours, he was bragging or trying to
sound cocky.
That was the third company he had dropped his C. V in that
afternoon and decided to head over to the last company which
was at the other side of the Lagos Island to drop his last one
before trying to look for an accommodation. He didn’t like the
fact that he stayed with Zainab as that indirectly put a pause to
his search for independence. He knew Zainab cared too much
about him that she would ask him tonnes of questions each
day after he comes back from work, he wasn’t ready for that,
he had already answered more than enough questions during
his years of acquiring the degrees which rested comfortably in
the suitcase held firmly.
Taofeek headed to the bustop and waited patiently for a taxi,
after waiting for a short while, one stopped at his front.
“Where you dey go?” The driver asked staring at his through
the rare view mirror.
In his foreign American accent, Taofeek replied, “shey you
know where Christ Embassy dey?”
The driver was angry at first thinking it was just a joke
considering the fact that there were thousands of Christ
Embassy churches all around but after turning to face Taofeek
directly and see his face was straight, he assumed Taofeek just
didn’t know what he was saying. “Which one?” He calmly
Taofeek had google possible IT companies all around Lagos
island where he could drop his C.V and although others had a
specific address, the last one – the one he was about to head
to didn’t have one. Rather, a phone number and direction to a
Christ Embassy church was on their website. The only reason
Taofeek was interested in them was the amazing salary range
they offered.
He picked up his phone and checked his saved pages on his
browser where he had saved the website of the company and
handed it over to the driver.
The driver took it and starred at it for a few seconds then
looking confused, he turned to Taofeek and asked, “you wan
dash me your phone abi wetin?”
It occurred to Taofeek that the driver could either not read or
had no idea what to do with the phone, he took it back and
gave him the comprehensive address of the church.
“So na wetin you no fit talk since be that shey?” The driver
asked in disgust as he heard the address and knew it, and it
was also obvious Taofeek was a “JJC” aka Johnny Just Come,
so the driver decided to make some extra cash of him, “oya
enter make we dey go, your money na one thousand naira for
thirty minutes oh!”
Taofeek bursted out into an uncontrollable laughter. He
couldn’t exactly believe the driver though he could cheat him
that much. He didn’t know the price but he was sure that
Nigeria drivers don’t charge based on time but distance and
here this driver was telling him to pay half hourly… Simply
“Oga, if na play you wan use me play, abeg carry you scatter
scatter car commot my front make better person come, na five
hundred I go pay for the whole journey, if you no gree, dey go
abeg!” Taofeek replied, and although he still sounded funny
with his American accent, the driver could easily tell he was
serious and he knew what he was doing.
“Oya make we leave am as one thousand naira, I no fit take
five hundred for this kind long journey.” The driver replied.
“I no get one thousand oh, you go take eight hundred naira?”
The driver sighed, the original fee was actually six hundred
naira, “oya enter.” He said and Taofeek entered.
The driver deliberately spent and extra fifteen minutes on the
road taking a longer road instead of the usual shorted road to
make the journey seem longer and in his naiveté, Taofeek had
no idea all he wanted to do was get there on time so he could
do what he had to do and then go house hunting before night
The driver eventually arrived at the destination and after
pointing at the Christ Embassy church across the road, he took
the money and zoomed away happy over the extra two hundred
naira he had just ripped of Taofeek.
Taofeek on the other had stood on the road side, carefully
scanning the environment with his eyes and searching for a
huge building that could possibly be the IT company
considering they paid that much, he expected the company to
be huge. He saw none.
He picked up his phone once more and dialed the number on
the their website. After the third ring the call was picked.
“E gbon, ta lon soro?” The recipient said as soon as he picked
the call.
“I beg your pardon?” Taofeek said in response, “please is this
Ginger net?” He added.
The recipient immediately readjusted and switched from his
initial Yoruba to queens english, “yes, sorry about my earlier
response, how may I help you?”
Taofeek sensed something suspicious about that but just
played along, “I saw on your website that you guys were
employing new staffs and I also saw an address to your
company so I followed to the address and I’m right where the
address in the website says but I can’t find your company.”
The recipient went silent for a while as if he was trying to think
of what to say or was whispering to some one in the back
ground, after a few seconds he replied, “sorry for the
inconviniences. Ginger net is a new IT company in Nigeria and
we operate in the a different way. We love to treat or staffs in a
special way and at the same time be anonymous, thus the
address on the website. We would send a driver in a car to pick
you up in a few minutes so please just hold on a while and put
your phone on standby.”
Taofeek was confused but impressed at their style of operation,
“okay, I’ll wait.” He said excitedly.
But maybe he shouldn’t have waited.


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