Must Read: #B•I•T•C•H….. Part 41



This is a very fantastic story, written by Stephen C. Osaji, I’m so in love with his writing believe me, you can visit his blog Here!!!…. If you missed the part Forty yesterday read it HERE!!!

John had lost it all. He had quited working for his father and
the business he was trying to set up wasn’t growing as quick
as he wanted, but all of that wasn’t really his main problem.
His main problem was Jummy. He had lost her all because of
his foolishness, he hadn’t always been bisexual and it took
loosing Jummy to know that he can be straight… If there was
one thing he was sure of now, it would be he sincerely loved
Jummy with all his heart.
As he stared down from the roof of the GNP building, he
realized committing suicide isn’t as easy as people portray it.
His brain was fighting a war with his broken heart. While his
heart told him to jump and he would feel no other pain again,
his brain told him to go home and think about how to win
Jummy back.
At a point, he climbed the pavement and just a step forward
would have sealed the deal but his brain finally won the war.
He stepped down from the pavement and decided to go home.
He believed he still had a chance with Jummy if he was alive,
but if he killed himself, then nothing can happen.
As he sat down on the chair, he realized he was crying and that
was a very strange thing for him, considering he hadn’t cried in
Suddenly, he heard a voice. The voice seemed to flow with the
wind and he wasn’t sure until a heavy wind blew once again
and asked him the simply question of faith.
John was so astonished to reply so he just nodded. And the
next thing he knew, his heart was filled with joy. He didn’t
know why, but he was smiling and all he could say was “thank
At that spot, on the roof of GNP, John gave his life to Jesus.
He was truly saved.
Jummy was worried. After the dinner with John, she had gone
straight home, showered and laid on her bed in an attempt to
sleep, but Mr Sleep didn’t seem to be her friend so she kept on
tossing and turning round the bed, thinking about no other
person than John.
With a clear head, she saw things differently. She started
thinking maybe she was too harsh on him. She couldn’t deny
the fact that she loved him so much it hurt.
Her thoughts were interrupted by her ringing phone.
She glanced at the wall clock and silently cursed the person
who was calling at such ungodly hour before picking up the
phone and saw it was Zainab. She knew Zainab would never
call at such a time without having a good reason.
She pressed the green button.
After the call, she only became more worried after hearing
what Zainab had to say.
Toafeek had been kidnapped, the kidnapper requested for ten
million naira, Zainab had less than half of that and she wanted
to trick them with it and finally she wasn’t supposed to call the
Can tonight get any worse? She thought.
She knew she wasn’t meant to call the police but she had to
help somehow, she need advice and only one person came into
her mind.
She took a deep breath and dialed a number.
Henry drove like a thief being chased by the entire New York
Police Department (NYPD). He knew he didn’t have much time
to get to their next destination but he also knew that the
kidnappers didn’t care about that so he drove like his life
depended on it.
Although Zainab complained about his speed out loud and
requested he reduced it before they ended up spending the rest
of their night in a hospital or at worse a morgue, she silently
prayed that he even increased the speed and silently thanked
her stars that he was involved in the matter, she didn’t know
how she would have kept herself together if she had done this
all alone.
Eight minutes later, they drove past the Mile 2/ festac
intersection and at exactly Nine minutes later, they were at
Mile 2 – Oke as instructed.
Henry looked at Zainab and saw a kind of expression he had
never seen on her before. Usually, he could read her facial
expressions, but this time, she was blank. He knew playing the
cracking-a-joke card at this time would be a bad idea, he
decided to play a different card.
“Don’t worry,” he said, “your brother would be rescued, trust
Zainab didn’t even act like she heard him. He continued.
“When next they call, request to see your brother so that you
would know he is still alive.”
A minute later her phone rang.
“Hello,” she said.
“Are you there yet?”
“Take one bag this time and get out of your car. Look around
and you would see two buses parked besides each other, one
red, one yellow. Drop the money beside in the red one and go
back to your car.”
Zainab remember Henry’s words. “I want to speak to my
brother now, I want to know that he is still alive and safe.”
Mr Dayo sighed. “Okay, I’ll do better than that. I’ll show him to
you life and direct.”
Zainab ears opened wider as he said that.
“When you drop the money in the red bus, go to the back of the
yellow bus and don’t try fast move.”
Zainab dropped the money in the red bus as she was told and
walked to the back of the red bus. Through the glass, she saw
her brother.
He was tied to a chair with his mouth taped together. Zainab
walked closer and wanted to open the door when she saw a
gun appear beside Taofeek’s head, she couldn’t see the face of
the person because of the darkness.
She reluctantly went back to her car.
She had barely sat down when her phone rang.
“Now that that’s settled. Drive back to Oke-Afa now, locate St
Pauls Anglican Church and wait for my call. You have twenty
five minutes to get there and locate it.” Mr Dayo paused as if
thinking of something then he added. “So far you have been
pretty obedient and I like that, just do as I say, and you would
see your brother. And don’t think I don’t know you brought a
friend along even after I told you not to. I’m not angry yet…
Don’t give me a reason to be.” Mr Dayo hung up.
Henry started the car and drove off, heading to Oke-Afa, the
call had been on loud speaker and he heard everything.
As they drove, Zainab received a text message from Jummy:
Zainab replied: ON OUR WAY TO THE LAST DROP (St Pauls
Anglican Church, Oke-Afa). Please I know you want to help
but don’t do anything silly.
Jummy had other plans of her own.


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