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The door pulled open and Thelda was jerked to consciousness. She turned absentmindedly to the door with a slug of her wine and watched Anabel, her secretary, walk into the room.

She was attractive and sassy with sensual full lips and lovely long legs. She had vivid blue eyes that blazed with intelligence. Her brown hair was cut short with a few strands spreading across her forehead. She was an ambidextrous in her early thirties and a wedding band encircled her ring finger. At seventeen, Anabel married a magnate who divorced her at twenty-five when she tried to talk him out of infidelity. After two months of their divorce, she paid Reagan to assassinate him. Her former husband’s relations sued her for murder but she greased the palms of the chief judge and when he gave his verdict, she was found not guilty. At twenty-seven, she remarried to a politician who later found her a job in the villa as Thelda’s personal secretary. One morning, Thelda eavesdropped as Anabel called Reagan on the phone to assassinate Charley Hills, one of the presidential aides, who probably was not in good terms with her. Later that day, when the deed was already done, Thelda invited Anabel to her office.

“Did the assignment go well?” She said with smiles when Anabel had settled and she started walking up and down her office.

Anabel looked confused. She adjusted on the two-seater sofa, “What assignment ma?”

Thelda stood still, smiling. She walked to the sofa and sat, “Don’t pretend.” Her face turned stern, sudden lines appearing on her cheeks. That was her habit whenever she was angry.

Anabel looked more bewildered, “I don’t get it ma.” She said calmly.

“You don’t get it? I like that. You certainly don’t know the implication of what you just did or maybe I sounded cranky.” Anabel’s mouth was now agape and Thelda started smiling, “Are you pretending you don’t know what I’m talking about?”

Anabel shuttered, “Honestly, I’m lost ma. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Thelda smirked, “You just murdered Charley Hills. Do you now understand?” She ran a palm down her hair.

Anabel began to hyperventilate, “Mur, mur, murd_” She couldn’t find the word. She was instantly stupefied and could feel her heart slamming against her ribs. She opened her mouth to speak but no word came forth. Her legs felt paralyzed and beads of sweat gathered on her forehead. She bent her head and thought the world had come to an end. Thelda watched her and chortled,

“Relax my dear, you don’t have to panic. You did it because it was necessary, I understand. I won’t utter a word to anyone about what happened today.” Anabel looked up at her, her face overcome with frisson. Thelda shifted closer to her, smiling, “No person will know you murdered Hills and it’s a promise.” She patted her shoulder. Anabel was now gazing at her. Thelda folded her arms and stood up, “You’ll do something for me and it’s urgent.” She strolled to the table and relaxed her hands on it, thinking about what she had decided with the senator. After a while, she walked back to the seat and sat. She unfolded her arms, “I want Williams Bruno dead and he shouldn’t last beyond the university anniversary.”

Anabel’s eyes became wild. She didn’t know what exactly to think of. Her heart did a complete somersault, “What?” It was an echo.

Thelda put a finger on her lips, “Sh! Keep your voice down.” She stood again, “Get your hit man on the phone, I want to speak to him right now.”

“What’re you talking about ma?” Anabel’s voice was low and tensed.

Thelda collected her phone, “Just do as I said.” She gave the phone to Anabel.

“Ma, you want to murder your husband, the president of this country?” A vein started throbbing in her temple.

“And you just murdered a presidential aide. Just do as I said immediately.” She ordered.

Anabel knew she meant it and spoke no more. She dialed Reagan’s number with an unsteady finger and gave the phone to Thelda.

“That’s good.” Thelda said and placed the ringing phone against her ear, “In this life, you do things when they’re necessary, that’s what survival is all about.” She said as she waited for Reagan to pick up. In a short while, Reagan came on the other end and she said, “This is Thelda Bruno.” There was silence, “I admire how you masterly assassinated Charley Hills. You’re indeed a professional” She paused, “I honestly don’t mean any harm.” Silence, “I’ve an urgent assignment for you.” Another silence followed, “My husband is the target.” She stopped, “I’m not joking, I’m damn serious.” She smiled, “Yes, I’ve never been more serious in my life.” Her face became mean, “Four million Duros.” Silence, “That’s all I’ll give you.” Short silence, “Five million then and that’s final.” She breathed, “Meet me in an hour at my apartment at Niger Street for more elaboration. Anabel will give you the address.” She hung up and turned to the shivering Anabel, “This is exactly the type of man I want. He seems to have the guts.” She started smiling, “Send him the address immediately.”

To Be Continued…

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