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The president saw that he had settled, straightened his polka-dot tie, which slanted to one side and scratched his cheek, “I once more welcome all of you to this sudden meeting. I’m glad you honoured the invitation. Necessities call for necessary actions and I’ve invited you so that we decide on those necessary actions to take. This once peaceful nation has suddenly started experiencing the ebb and flow of crime. Few days back, President Williams was murdered and as if that’s not enough, another tragedy just struck the nation. A couple of days ago, this administration vowed to ensure the security of lives and property of the citizens and I’ve called for this meeting so that this vow will be sealed. It’s time we got on top of this ugly situation.” He paused, studied their countenance and saw they were attentive. He went on, “When Williams was murdered, I gave two weeks for the mystery behind his death to be unlocked but now his daughter is murdered, I give a week.” He looked sternly at the IG and saw the effect the statement had on him. The IG didn’t blink but shifted uneasily in his chair. This was indeed the nadir of his career and he was prepared for the unimaginable. The president ran a finger on the bridge on his nose, “I think it’s time to get CCU fully involved.” He faced Mike as if expecting him to give a nod. Mike’s face was expressionless. The president turned away, “I‘ll stop here for now.”

The senate president relaxed his elbows on the table, interlocked his fingers and put them under his jaw. He was aware his guts were beginning to ebb away and he was yet to recover from the shock of Stella’s death. He only wanted Williams dead, not his daughter. When the president called him for the meeting, he wanted to give excuses but when he remembered his other agenda, he agreed. He knew that now the president had spoken, he needed to speak next, at least to appear normal. A ghost of a smile appeared on his face as he spoke, “We’re really in a bad situation.” He released his fingers and brought his hand down on the table, “I agree with the president that it’s time we got on top of this situation.” His gaze was moving about, “This nation has got all it takes to make security what it ought to be. We’ve the best men at the helm of our armed forces and we’ve a lot of experienced officers in the police.” He concentrated his eyes on the IG, “We’ve got the best resources at our disposal.” He almost sang, “I still wonder why no progress has been made since the murder of Williams.” His face became solemn, “And now, another tragedy has happened.” He began moving his eyes about again, “This murderer of Williams felt that he was impregnable and that explains why he went ahead to murder his daughter. The citizens are already losing confidence in us and are feeling insecure; we’ve got to restore their confidence by the decisions we make today. But before we proceed, I think we’ve to hear the IG. At least let’s see where we’re and how we nip the situation in the bud.” He watched the president nod approval and managed a smile.

The IG bit his lower lips and spoke, his voice audible, “Actually, it appears no positive progress has been made in our investigation of Williams’ murder but the fact remains that we’ve not rested ever since that incident. Immediately Williams was murdered, we started investigation. I called in Dennis, the best agent of the Intelligence Department. He has been on this until he was wounded. We’ve interrogated a couple of high-ranking citizens and we’re still going to interrogate more. As we all know, the murder of Williams was professional and no trail was left. From our database, we’ve got dossiers on snipers and first-class criminals operating within Genna. It’s obvious that one of them masterminded the both assassinations and once we find him, we find the man who commissioned him. According to the late Williams’ wife, Stella was shot when she was taking a scenic drive. She was tired of the endless litany of clichés of death from sympathizers and had to_”

Mike interrupted, “Where’s Thelda at the moment?”

The IG said, “She’s in Ghana. She said she travelled out due to the shock of the news of her daughter’s death, but I know it’s for security reasons. How can she continue staying in this country while her husband and only daughter were murdered just in the space of one week?”

The president gritted his teeth and said, “Go on with what you were saying before Mike’s question.”

The IG went on, “Whoever that is behind this is dangerous and I’m afraid he still has other sinister things in store.” He shifted his gaze to the president, “Your Excellency, Dennis has almost fully recovered and has been called back.” He watched the president grin and he said, “That’s all for now.”

Mike pulled on his nose and said, “Where were Stella’s guards when she was taking the scenic drive?”

“From her mum,” the IG said, “She was unaccompanied. In fact, she sneaked out.”

“Oh,” the president said, “why would she do that?”

Senator Mahoney frowned, “There’s something fishy about all this. She was manipulated and lured to her death.”

The president nodded, “That’s obvious.” He faced the IG, “Have the police laid hands on any hostage since Williams’ death?”

“We had a hostage but_”

“Had?” The president looked surprised.

“Yes sir. We had Lucia Brime, a female hostage but she escaped when she was being transported to the headquarters. She shot three of my men and fled, but our eyes are kept peeled for her.”

“I see.” The president turned to Mike, “Who’s your best agent?”

Mike said immediately, “Alfred Bright.”

The president said, “Let’s hear his profile.”

To Be Continued…

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