“Have you suddenly forgotten I made you the vice-president?” The senator was talking very fast, “Have you also forgotten the role I played when Chief Igbinedion, the former running mate to Williams died? Williams didn’t want you to become his running mate and the party’s stakeholders supported him. You approached me and I came in. I threw my weight behind you and the party adopted you. Was it only my weight I threw?” He shook his head, “I threw my resources.” He accentuated the point with a finger and his voice became grating, “You sit here telling me you can’t waste the nation’s resources, what of mine you’ve wasted?” He watched the sweat trickling down the president’s cheeks and smiled, “I’m not implying that you embezzled the nation’s fund, I’m only saying you give me what rightly belongs to me.”

The president, who all this while was waiting impatiently for him to finish, sprang to his feet, “Did I hear you say what rightly belongs to you?” He smirked and wiped his sweat with a white handkerchief he took from his trouser pocket, “You can’t manipulate or blackmail me. I’m the president of this country for God’s sake and I can’t betray this nation because of your greed. You said Williams disappointed you. For your information,” he pointed a finger at him, “I’m not only going to disappoint you but will crush.”

The senator rose slowly and tossed his head, “That’s a good inheritance.” His voice was frustrated, “I love the trait.” He squeezed the tip of his tie and hit his fist on the table, “You just stepped on my toes where it hurts,” a stern look passed between them, “but I promise to make this nation ungovernable until you meet my demand.” He smirked and stormed out of the office.

To Be Continued…

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