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Noel believed him. He knew he would eventually die, but dying painfully and slowly was what he didn’t want. He looked him in his eyes, read the callousness written there and dropped his gaze. When he finally spoke, his voice came out in a whisper, “I’ll miss nothing.” He looked up immediately and noticed Williams. He was crawling painfully toward the gun which was some steps from him. Noel knew he needed to keep the cultist distracted until Williams got the gun, “Did I say I’ll miss nothing?” He almost sang, “Sorry, that was a mistake. I’ll miss everything: my parents, my friends, my classmates, everyone I value,” Williams was now holding the gun. He aimed at the cultist’s spinal cord and fought to steady his nervous finger on the trigger. “I’ll miss Jack, my dog,” Noel’s voice grew louder but slower, “and most importantly, I’ll miss you.” Williams pulled the trigger that instant and the cultist dropped dead.

In the next fifteen minutes, Williams was already on admission in the campus clinic. He looked pale and lay unconscious. He was put on a drip and was being giving a blood transfusion. Noel was sitting on a seat at the tail end of the ward, his eyes fixed on Williams and a brown plaster was on his left cheek. Two detectives stood beside the bed. One was in his forties, tall, with a sensitive face and hazel eyes. He looked serious minded and had the habit of blinking non-stop whenever he spoke. The other was equally in his forties, but a bit younger. He was an attractive and avuncular-looking man who seemed to be smiling always. They were both in casual clothes. After a brief examination of the unconscious Williams, they walked over to Noel.

“I’m Inspector Stephen” the older one said, his eyes blinking. He placed a palm on his colleague’s shoulder, “and this is Inspector Marcus. We’re from the anti-robbery squad. We need to ask you some questions about the incident that just happened.” They sat down. Marcus took out a notepad and a ballpoint from his Bosom pocket.

“You’re Destiny Noel?” Stephen said, running his eyes through him.

Noel wondered whether it was a statement or a question. He nodded, “Yes.”

“A third year student of criminology?”

Noel nodded and adjusted forward.

“How did you become involved in what happened today?” Stephen’s voice was flat.

Noel inhaled slowly, “I was heading to the library when I heard shots. The next thing was that I saw two cultists dragging this young man” he pointed at Williams, “into an empty classroom. I knew immediately that something was wrong and was forced to save his life though I didn’t know_”

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 21, 2016 — 9:48 pm

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