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Must Read: Before She Dies… Part 4



“I see.” Stephen interrupted. He looked at Marcus who was already writing on the notepad and turned back to Noel, “Forced to save his life.” He repeated the phrase twice and said calmly, “Noel, are you a security guard or a student?”

Noel was completely taken aback by his question, “A student of course.”

“And you saw two cultists with guns dragging a young man into an empty classroom and went to save his life?”

“Yes. I suspected what they would do to him.”

“And what happened when you eventually met the cultists?”

Noel recollected for a few seconds and told them everything that happened in that classroom.

“You took laws into your hands.” Marcus said with smiles, his gaze on Noel but his ballpoint still moving on the notepad, “There’re security agents all over the campus and you didn’t bother to alert any of them?”

“There was no time for that.” Noel said quickly, “Moreover, no officer was at hand.”

“We’re done here.” Stephen said; his expression, indifferent, “We shall come back when your friend has regained consciousness. He rose, Marcus followed suit and returned the ballpoint and notepad into his pocket. Noel watched them until they left the ward and closed the door after them.

It was after two days that Williams regained consciousness. When he opened his eyes, he saw his parents and Noel seated in the ward. He tried to talk but slept off. In the evening, he was awake again. His parents were gone but Noel was still there. Noel introduced himself to him and they discussed at length about that particular incident and grew very friendly with each other. Williams thanked him for saving his life. The next day, the detectives came back. This time around, they were in uniform. They took Williams’ statement and commended Noel for his bravery.

“Why not announce your candidacy for the post of the students’ president?” Stephen suggested and smiled, his eyes blinking steadily. Noel guessed that smile must be his first in his life. Stephen continued, “Your courage will save many.” They shook hands with them and left.

After Williams was discharged, he talked Noel into taking the Inspector’s advice and he later contested for the post. Williams stood solidly behind him and greatly saw to his success. This was thirty-four years ago.

To Be Continued…

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