Must Read: Before She Dies… Part 5



After long minutes of thinking, it dawned on the IG that he was heading nowhere with his rigorous thoughts. Williams was dead and there was nothing he would do to bring him back. His only obligation at the moment was to find the person behind his murder. He remembered the president’s instruction and decided it was time he called Agent Dennis. He was happy the agent was already discharged and had almost recovered fully. He collected his handset, scrolled to Agent Dennis and dialed him. Within few seconds, Dennis picked up and the IG requested him to come over. As he awaited Dennis’ arrival, he pressed a button on the remote and the plasma screen at the farther end of the sitting room turned on. He forced his eyes to the screen and was staring at the replay of the interview he granted some days back to Gennanian Broadcasting Service, on security, which had become the talk of the day since Chief Paulinus Wilfred was sworn in as the president of the country.

“Sir,” A GSB reporter said calmly, “what can you say about the current state of the nation’s security?” His gaze was on the IG.

The IG ran his eyes through the three journalists seated gently before him, concentrated on the lady that asked the question and relaxed his fat hands on the large table, “The current state of the nation’s security can be adequately termed being at low ebb.” He frowned, “For some months now, this nation has been going through hell in the aspect of her security. Sequel to President Williams’ assumption of power until the university anniversary, the nation had known peace. That fateful anniversary came with a very sad history for the nation. Just in the space of one week, we lost a president; in addition, a good number of our policemen have been added to the list. We’ve been brought back to those dreadful forgotten years of living in tension for fear of the unknown.” His voice became sympathetic, “Just within this time, the protection of lives and property which are our priorities seem not guaranteed any longer. Actually, the present state of our security puts tears on the face but there’s no cause for alarm.” He forced a smile, “I assure every citizen that the security of this nation is still active. I assure every citizen that our perceived shortcomings are adequately being addressed. Very soon, things will return to normalcy. Once more, there’s no cause for alarm.” He concluded with smiles, his eyes reading their faces, and he was glad he had their trust on his assurance.

Another journalist pushed his recorder a little bit forward on the large table and demanded, “What do you’ve to say on the President’s stand that his administration will uncover those behind the murder of President Williams?”

The IG smiled and adjusted the glasses on his eyes, “The President meant every word he uttered during his inaugural speech, on his preparedness to promote security. In line with his promise and recent moves, it’s obvious that everything’s being put in place to ensure that the long arms of the law catch up with the murderers of Williams. Certainly, there’s a big hope.”

The third journalist said immediately, “Sir, in precision, what moves have the administration made to ensure the President’s promise don’t end up a pipe dream?”

The IG smiled and responded, looking at her over the rim of his glasses, “This administration has started making many laudable moves. The results will be seen soonest. For some reasons, I can’t go into details but what you’ve to know at the moment is that the President has had series of meetings with the nation’s security chiefs. Necessary measures are already being taken. Also, plans are being made on involving some notable nations to help boost our security”. He regarded the journalists, they looked impressed. He went on, demonstrating each word with his hands, “By implication, the president’s words will be a reality and not a pipe dream. Wilfred’s administration is entirely committed to security. Security is the priority and we’re serious about that.”

“Sir,” the first journalist was questioning again, “what influence is your personal relationship with the late president having on the_”

“This is not an issue of prejudice or personal preference.” The IG cut in, “This is a matter of death, a murder of a citizen.” He locked eyes with the reporter, “I’m taking it as I would have taken the murder of any other citizen of the country.”

“Thank you sir,” The journalist said, “Is it true that President Williams’ elder brother left a message through a suicide note before he committed suicide? If it’s true, what was in the note and how authentic is it?”

To Be Continued…

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