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Williams nodded, “That’s another good news. The senator has assured me of his full support.” He smiled, “Senator Mahoney still remembers our friendship back in our undergraduate days. With him behind me, I suggest we start now to drink a toast to our success.”

She smiled and lifted his palm, “I love you.” She kissed it and strode to the fridge. She came back with a bottle of wine and two glasses. She placed them on a stool, sat and filled the glasses. For the next one hour, they drank, discussed politics and shared a common optimism about Williams’ success in the polls. One thing Williams cherished most in his wife was her expertise in politics. Though she was a biochemist, whenever she talked politics and the games there in, one would think she had a doctorate in political science.

When they were done with the drink, Thelda adjusted forward, her smiles diminishing from her face. Williams observed her sudden change of mood, looked her in her eyes and demanded, “What’s the problem darling?

Thelda took his palms in hers and squeezed them gently, “Darling, each time I remember you’ll become the next governor, I’ve missed feelings.”

Williams looked confused, “How do you mean?”

Tears filled her eyes, “Our childlessness.” She wrinkled up her nose in dejection, “I’m yet to give you a child.”

Williams sighed, “Oh, let that not bother you. I know God will still answer us in his own time.” He drew her to his chest and she leaned on him, “Don’t you still believe in the scriptures?” He ran his palms down her cheeks and wiped her tears.

Thelda nodded, “I believe in the scriptures.” She breathed and said, “Don’t you think we see the doctor again?”

Williams thought a moment and smiled, “If that’ll make you happy, then we do that tomorrow.”

The next day, they were in the doctor’s office. The doctor examined them and found nothing medically wrong with them. He advised them to have faith in God who is the giver of children and be more fervent in prayers. They bought the doctor’s advice and left the hospital. After some days, Williams invited the senator for lunch in his apartment. Before the senator left, he assured Williams of an overwhelming success in the election. Williams in an attempt to keep the most powerful political godfather and the richest man in the country on his side, made the lunch frequent and they had lunch together once every week. The first day Thelda joined them for the lunch, the senator became captivated by her beauty and took special interest in her. He kept stealing glances at her until the lunch was over. After that day, the senator insisted that he came every two days for lunch and Williams willingly accepted. Three weeks to the election, Williams was out for a rally in one of the districts of the state when the senator drove to his apartment. He was wearing a black suit and a black hat was on his head. Thelda ushered him to the dining room as usual and served him lunch. She didn’t feel like joining him for her husband’s absence so she left him as he ate. When the senator was done, he moved to the sitting room and started watching the television. After a while, Thelda joined her. She sat on the adjacent couch and said, “Did you like the food?

The senator brought his eyes to her, smiling, “I’ve not tasted such delicious meal for many years now. I really enjoyed it.”

Thelda chuckled, “Thank you.” She scratched her wrist, “You didn’t go for the rally?”

The senator smiled, “Your husband is already the governor. I’ve done my job and I’m waiting for the electoral body to do theirs by announcing Williams the winner.” He stood, “Do you know what it means for the most powerful politician to support your husband?” He pressed on his hat, “My being at the rally or not doesn’t change anything. Your husband has already made it.” He dropped his hat on the couch and started moving up to Thelda with a dazzling smile. She was gazing at him, confused with what he was up to until he sat next to her. When he started bending toward her, she wanted to reprimand him but she was tongued-tied. The senator took her cheeks, kissed her lips and Thelda was overtaken by the euphoria of the moment that she closed her eyes and found herself allowing the wild kiss to linger. The senator had such awesome handsomeness that she found irresistible. A sudden spasm of libido swept through her and she wished the senator clasped her possessively, then, scooped her up in his hairy arms and carried her to the room. The senator pushed her away and pulled sanity into her. She looked weakly at him for a while and wanted to shout, what the hell have you done? But when she finally spoke, her voice was calm and she said, “You’re splendid senator.” She was embarrassed with herself for making such degrading statement, but deep inside her, she knew she had only expressed her thoughts to the one she had suddenly started having feelings for.

The senator smiled. He wasn’t surprised with her response. That was what he was expecting. He knew he had such a rare charisma for women that none of them he touched found him resistible. He saw the desire burning in Thelda’s eyes and got to his feet, “You want me to take you?” His voice was a whisper.

Thelda moaned, “I’m all yours senator.” Her red lips quivered invitingly.

To Be Continued…

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