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After Thelda started having an affair with the senator, she found out she had become a Sekxual tool in his hands. Each time the senator left her apartment, she was always angry with herself for sleeping with him and vowed never to have anything to do with him again; but whenever he was back, she found herself acting against her decisions. She discovered she couldn’t resist him and she couldn’t exist without him. His touches alone ignited her passions and made her longing feverishly for his Unclad body on hers. There was this exceptional way the senator made love to her that quickly made her have orgasm after orgasm. Any week the senator for one reason or the other failed to make it to the apartment at East Legon, Thelda got sick. The senator became the blood running in her system that she couldn’t do without. But, not minding the unimaginable longing Thelda had for the senator, she only wanted him as a bedmate and not the father of her child. When the doctor told her she was pregnant, she felt sick. All her life, she had dreamed of having Williams’ child but there she was, pregnant for the man she didn’t love. She loved her husband but only liked how the senator made love to her. Tears filled her eyes as she sat opposite the doctor in his office, staring at him with her mind on many things at the same time. The doctor observed she was in a bad mood and said,

“You don’t look happy. Is everything alright?”

Thelda forced a smile, “You don’t understand how I feel. For all these years, I had thought I was barren and had believed I was never going to have a baby, but here I’m, pregnant.” She continued smiling, “This is the happiest day of my life.” She stood, “I can’t wait to tell my husband about this miracle.” She chuckled, shook the smiling doctor and made to the door. When she left the hospital, she drove to the senator’s apartment and told him with tears about the pregnancy. She was surprised with how the senator reacted. He was excited and immediately brought wine.

“This indeed calls for celebration.” The senator shouted in happiness.

“But I can’t have the baby. I love Williams.” She cried.

The senator poured the drink in a glass and sipped it, “You don’t have an option.” He poured another quantity in the other glass and gave it to Thelda. She hesitated and collected it. The senator smiled, “I know it will be a boy.” He watched her stomach for a while and made to kiss her lips but she pushed his face away.

“I’m not going to have this baby.” She dropped the glass on the stool, “I’ll abort”

The senator cut in, “You dare not try that.” His voice was low but deadly, “Your husband can’t make you pregnant, and God has used me to answer your prayers.” He smirked with pride as he watched Thelda flaring-up, “No one dares waste my precious seed. I know what it took me to put that thing there.” He took a sip, “If you’ve made up your mind to abort the baby then go ahead and do that, but don’t shiver when I walk up to your husband and tell him about the Lovepeddler he’s married to.”

Thelda wiped her tears, stood angrily and left his apartment. As she drove home, she was battling with many thoughts. She knew they wanted a child but having another man’s child for her husband made her go wild with fears. Aborting the baby was a viable option but the senator’s threat was her problem, his words kept haunting her each time she thought of them. She knew the senator pretty well; he was a man who followed his threats with actions. If she disobeyed the senator, he would certainly tell her husband and when he did that, her husband would believe she was a LovePeddler. The senator had told her horrible stories about how he handled his bevy of women who refused to dance to his tune. The senator had on several occasions told her how he was always at the centre of the stage in both his private and public life and she believed him. Thelda considered opening up to her husband about her relationship with the senator but immediately cancelled that thought. Her husband would divorce her immediately she did that and it would be a scandal. She wanted the taste of power, she wanted to be the wife of the governor and she dreamed to one day become a first lady of the country. It was only her husband who could take her to that height she wanted and she wasn’t going to destroy that opportunity now her husband was about becoming the governor of the state. After some minutes of thought, she decided to confide to Destiny Noel. He respected Noel not because he was her husband’s best friend, but because he was a reputable counselor. Thelda came to know him as an astute counselor after she got married to Williams. Then, a lady wanted to snatch her husband from her but she approached Noel who gave her what he called marriage formula. She followed the steps he taught her judiciously and the lady never disturbed her husband again. Since then, Thelda had always built on his series of candid advice and none of them had failed her.

To Be Continued…

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