Must Read: Before She Dies… Part 70


Thelda was silent. There wasn’t any problem with him helping her wear the necklace. She thought. After all, he had bought it for her and it was a common courtesy to allow him to do that. If he tried to touch her or do any other funny thing, she would cry out and the guards would handle him. She looked at the senator for a while and nodded slowly in agreement. The senator stood and moved majestically toward her, his charming smiles on his handsome face. As he approached Thelda, she observed he was more attractive than he had looked the previous week and she prayed God to help her repress the sudden strange feeling she was already having inside her. The senator stood in front of her, lifted the necklace and as he carefully wore it round her neck, the pleasant whiff of his perfume filled her nose. Stella felt his soft hands on her neck and her Sekxual urge was instantly aroused. The memory of their first day in bed was brought back and she started to wish him inside her. The senator buckled the necklace, looked into her eyes and that look sent her lost in another world. She started chuckling when the senator moved his hands down her chest and began to undo her buttons. She thought of stopping him but her hands didn’t move, she thought of screaming but her mouth didn’t open; she felt like a corpse. She had earlier believed men were the weaker S£x but the erotic power the senator was presently exercising over her made her realize she had only misconceived; women were the weaker S£x. The senator slowly put his hands through her shirt, took off her bra and began to tickle and fondle her Tips. Thelda was breathing fast and she threw her arms round his shoulders and heaved her weight on him. Very soon, she started laughing; a laughter of pure lust and powerlessness. She forgot her dignity and wished the senator pushed her down on the couch and put his Unclad body hard on hers. The senator squeezed her breasts continuously and she felt her entire body on fire and wanted him to take her to the very place he had taken her the previous week, “Take me senator.” She finally moaned.
The senator smiled, “What about the fifteen minutes you instructed?”
Thelda said quickly but weakly, “I didn’t mean that, I was only joking.” She pressed her body harder against the senator.
The senator said, “Then not here. Let’s go to the room.”
She whispered, “Please be fast, I’m dying.”
The senator engulfed her in his arms and went for her lips. After long minutes of kisses, he carried her up the stairs to the room. When the senator finished with her that very day and drove out of her compound, she bothered no more for either fasting or prayers. After that afternoon, Thelda was no longer herself again. She spent each minute of her life hungering for the senator as thirst hungered for water. The senator became a part of her and any week he failed to make it, she became sick. She forced herself to believe that her secret affair with the senator was her destiny. And for her, destiny could never be changed.

To Be Continued… 

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Updated: Dec 27, 2016 — 7:34 pm

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