Must Read: Before She Dies… Part 71


Thelda sat up on the bed and took a sip of the tea. She again dwelt her mind on Anabel and Stella, and her body shook with fear. She knew how dangerous Anabel was and became afraid Anabel would make everyone believe she was the saint while Thelda was the devil. Anabel had such a convincing tone that her lies were always spurious. She was aware Anabel was going to sing and now she had Stella by her side, whatever she was going to say was going to be interesting. As she progressed in her thought, she discovered her love for Stella had suddenly vanished and she now thought of her as a dreaded enemy, “After all, I would’ve aborted the bastard many years ago.” She mumbled. The only one Stella would comfortably recourse to, was the IG. She smiled at her intelligence. Anabel would sweat-talk Stella and when they met the IG, Anabel would make it appear she had saved Stella from her savage mum. When she did that, she would have succeeded in buying her freedom at the expense of Thelda’s liberty. She wasn’t going to let that happen. She considered calling the senator and telling him about the ugly situation but thought against that. She would first of all take care of them and when everyone had been put in their proper place, she would then tell the senator. She would probably do that in the senator’s apartment in the fifteen minutes time he had said. When they would be in bed, she would tell him how brave she had been and why she had to kill Stella. The senator would understand she did everything for her love for him. She was going to have an enjoyable time with the senator. She thought. That was the first time the senator was inviting her to his apartment since they started the relationship and she believed that meeting him in his apartment was going to be another journey altogether. She smiled and took a sip of the tea. Her mind went to the IG. It was time she used the mistake of the past to control whatever action the IG would probably take. If the IG became stubborn, she would show the entire world how callous and secretive the IG had been even to the detriment of the late president’s well being. She was sure the IG wasn’t going to be comfortable with that situation. It was not only going to cost him his job, but the reputation that had taken him several years to build. It could even make him spend the remaining part of his life behind bars. Stella’s remaining alive was a threat she must handle before meeting with the senator. She took her phone and called the IG. After some seconds, he picked up and said, “Hello madam, how’re you?”

To Be Continued… 

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Updated: Dec 28, 2016 — 6:36 pm

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