Must Read: Before She Dies… Part 72


“How and_” He tried to speak on but Anabel interrupted again,

“It’s important you go with your best men and every good arm you’ve got, just in case a situation shows up. Thelda is always too intelligent and too fast. Stella’s death seems to be her mum’s life and she’ll do anything to preserve her life and secrets. The best thing you do for peace right now’s to believe me and just do as I said.”

“What’re you talking about? Who’re you?” Dennis demanded simultaneously but the other line went dead. He tried to call back but the phone was already switched off.

Alfred who was now standing behind him, put a palm calmly on his shoulder and said, “Who was that?”

Dennis faced him, his face disturb, “Just a riff-raff who missed her way. The lady is probably insane and needs a psychiatrist.”

Alfred stared at him, not convinced, his expression curious. He released his palm and said, “Who was that and what did she say?”

Dennis winked and told him what the lady had said.

Alfred pulled his shirt, “Do you believe her?”

Dennis smiled, “The lady is just mad. She’s trying to play some tricks.”

Alfred thought a minute, “But, what if she has played no tricks?”

“What’re you trying to say?” Dennis was looking at him, “Stella is dead and the whole wide world knows that. For whatever reason the lady has in mind, she has just cooked up stories.”

Alfred shook his head, “In these past days, many things have happened that have left me with many lessons.” He put his hands into his pockets, “Nothing should be ignored, even the silliest thing. I believe the answer to all these lies where we least expect.”

Dennis said sharply, “What then are you implying?”

Alfred thought for another minute and folded his hands across his chest, “I think we don’t have to prove her wrong until we’ve checked out what she said. Anything can happen and now we’ve got no lead, let’s try this chance.

Dennis was looking down in thought. After a while, he slowly looked up and said, “Do we contact the IG and tell him Stella might be coming to his house?”

Alfred shook his head immediately, “I don’t think it’s a good idea. The IG is not currently in charge, Mike is. I suggest we inform him immediately.”

Dennis thought for some seconds and inclined, “I think you made sense.”

Alfred dug into his pocket, took out his phone, scrolled to Mike and dialed him.

To Be Continued… 

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Updated: Dec 30, 2016 — 5:24 pm

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