Must Read: Before She Dies… Part 74


Stella got to a roundabout, slowed down the Honda Accord and took the second exit for the Inspector General’s apartment. The atmosphere was getting dull and the skies showed signs of impending downpour. She turned on the headlights, put her foot down on the accelerator and the speedometer rose to 130. As she drove up the paved road that led to his apartment, her memory replayed the conversation she had with Anabel. At a point, she started breathing hard as she fought to doubt the conflicting thoughts that dwelt in her mind. What was her mum’s secretary blabbering about? The senator was not her father. She was convinced Williams was her biological father and not the senator. She behaved like her dad and he always pointed that out when he was alive. She was sure the senator had nothing to do with her. She hated the senator for his arrogance. She could only remember seeing the senator twice in their house and at the other times she had seen him, it was on the television. She was always with her mum and had never seen her mum either in the company of the senator or speak about him. Whatever resemblance Anabel claimed she had with the senator was a mere coincidence. Anabel was just sent by her mum to get her back. May be her mum planned to kill her herself. The IG was the only one she could confide to. She was convinced that what Anabel had said about her mum sleeping with the IG was not true. The IG wouldn’t have done that. He was his father’s best friend and appeared too responsible for that. She was happy she fled from Anabel’s apartment. Where she was going to was the only place the solution to everything that had happened lied. She would expose all of them. She would tell the IG how she had found out through the telephone conversation that her mum killed her dad. She would tell him how her mum had sent an assassin after her and how she planned to use her secretary to get rid of her. She would also tell him about all the lies Anabel had told. She was convinced the IG would handle them appropriately. He knew how best to handle criminals. She visualized herself standing inside the court, testifying against her mum and Anabel in the dock, and witnessing as justice took its full course, and she found her lips smiling at the thought. Very soon, all these would be over. She assured herself. And she would begin her life all over. She still had the IG. He would help her get over everything that had happened. He would help her start over again and would take her to that height she had in mind. He would_

To Be Continued… 

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Updated: Dec 30, 2016 — 5:28 pm

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