Must Read: Before She Dies… Part 75


Stella was brought back to the reality by a driver who drove past, yelling curses at her for she had driven onto another lane. “Jesus Christ.” She shouted as she sharply turned the steering and brought the vehicle back to her own lane. She concentrated on the windscreen and managed to keep her mind free from all thoughts until she got to the huge gate of the IG’s apartment. She honked the horn twice and by the time a guard opened the gate, it was already raining heavily. She turned on the wipers, passed through the gateway and drove in. she drove up the pathway and brought the vehicle among some flashy cars parked in the wide garage. She got out of the car, approached three guards positioned in front of the door and was directed upstairs. As she strode up the stairs, she was overtaken by a sudden excitement and she started smiling. Very soon, everything would be taken care of. She ran up the remaining steps, her face still beaming with an accomplished smile. She got to the big iron door that connected to the sitting room, passed it and shifted the glass door open. She entered and met a guard standing in the sitting room. He recognized her, greeted her and quickly showed her to a seat. She sat and moved her eyes to the television.

“Make yourself comfortable as I go to inform the IG you came.” The guard smiled.

To Be Continued… 

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