The IG got the question, kept silent for some minutes before he managed to choke out, “For the first in my life, I doubt my instincts.” Tears still flowed down his cheeks and he winked a tear off. “We’ve_” He started gazing at Dennis as if he was seeing him for the first time. He uncrossed his legs, a fading smile resting on his face. Dennis stood dazed, his heart thudding loudly behind his ribs. He felt like smashing the IG’s mouth and forcing words out of it but he knew that was not possible.

“What’s the problem sir?” He almost echoed.

The IG gritted his teeth and managed on, his voice trembling, “We’ve got another situation under the same roof.”

Dennis looked more confused. His temper was beginning to rise for his boss’ beating about the bush. He was about to ask him to come to the point but his boss finally said,

“The late president’s only daughter has been murdered.”

To Be Continued…

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