Must Read: Bra Boi (18+)… Part 8


A Story written by Dan Chucks

I shut my eyes so tightly and held onto her wide hip so firmly and began drilling her sloppy Kittycat doggy, with all the strength I had got in me! “SUUUSH!! SUUUSH!!!….” went the wet sound of her mercilessly soaked cunt as I banged her without pity! She was now screaming and calling me all manner of sweet names! The chair under us squeaked and rattled while the cubicle echoed and reechoed the screams, moans and the slapping sounds of my pelvis against her flapping Buttocks! I couldn’t see her huge hooters but I already imagined they were swinging so heavily but undoubtedly magnificently! The erotic thought of how amazing a view they were likely to be, only tempted me to stretch a hand – with eyes still closed – to grab one! And of course, it felt heavy as postulated and my decision to begin squeezing it, only caused my customer to yell even louder! When I bent into her, by way of leverage, she almost blew up, because my driving in further into her Kittycat drove her to another level altogether, and she quickly swung a hand behind to grab my Buttocks while asking me to pound her harder while still remaining in that position! So I did! I squeezed and massaged her boob while ferociously increasing my tempo until I hardly could see my Joystick on the mirror! It was completely blurred out ! I was still in the driving in and out of her in that furious speed when she let out a loud wail, before beginning to convulse so violently! Her orgasm!

It took a good four seconds or so before the orgasm will completely get through her body, and even when it did, she still occasionally jerked as smaller reverberations hit her in quick succession! I had equally felt up my own climax halfway through hers and just as she was stepping down from hers, mine kicked off! I growled like some wild animal as spurt after spurt of my semen began to shoot into her Kittycat! The hole was already full with all sorts of fluids so there was barely any room for mine! Expectedly, a good load sipped out just as it poured in, leaving both my crotch and her Buttocks cheeks in rather pleasant mess! By the time I would completely Pour and pull away from her, the floor under us had received a fair share of my sticky thick goo!
“Please help me package the bra…” was the woman’s sudden comment as she rose from the chair she had bent over on, as though nothing had happened, “…it’s already late.”
A quick glance at my watch said 11:17pm. Couldn’t believe we had been together that long already! Strange how she wasn’t even saying anything about the S£x.
“And how much is it?” she was putting on her gown; but without her bra!  The way her Tips Forked the material of the clothe made me want to grab them again!
I told her how much it was. Wished I could give her without her paying, but for my brother. She said nothing, but quickly pulled some notes from the side pocket of the gown – which I was only just noticing – and began to count.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 13, 2016 — 1:38 am

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