Must Read: Broken In (18+)… Part 6

Written by Missy Erotica… If you missed part Five, read it HERE!!!

“Bruised Buttocks and raped, and disgraced or simply Forked?” he asked.

I couldn’t form the words to reply. He took my whimpering, wheezy breaths as an indication that I preferred the latter. In all honesty, at that moment, I didn’t care. I was used to getting my Buttocks spanked by Susan and in fact loved it and my fear of Molest paled in comparison to my father finding out about his little princess, Ayo. Panic settled across my small body as I readied myself mentally. I wasn’t a virgin in practical terms as my hymen was long gone but I was in the sense that I had never had a real Joystick inside of me. We had used all kinds of toys on our young bodies, from mammoth dildos, to lipstick size vibrators, anal balls, our fingers and fists and even our feet but I had never had a Joystick! And the fear was almost paralyzing. I nodded fearfully, expecting him to get it over with.

But to my surprise he kissed me long and deep, sticking his tongue into my mouth and then sucking up my tongue and saliva too. I was at first revolted and just lay there with a stiff lip. He wasn’t deterred however as he kept up the mouth job and after a while, as if my lips had a mind of their own, it thawed and started responding to his kiss. Then his mouth left mine and trailed down my neck, planting soft kisses along the way. All this while his hand was caressing and fondling my small Bosom, pinching the Tips and rolling each in his thumb and fore finger. Soon I began moaning and only became aware that the sound was coming from my throat when I heard him chuckle knowingly. I became ashamed of my reaction to a boy and the fact that I was cheating on Susan even if not willingly at first, my body was betraying me. I stiffened my body again, mentally vowing not to respond to his overtures, let him have his way and go but I would not enjoy it, I promised myself. 

I was fooling myself because as his lips began to trail down my body again, my body in no time began to respond again! I began gasping and moaning as his lips left a fiery trail down my stomach to my belly button where it rested a bit, probing and rolling his tongue through the small protrusion. I was virtually on fire. I was panting and making tiny jerking sounds from deep within my throat. Then his lips left my belly button and once again continued downwards towards my Kittycat mound and by this time I had unconsciously flung my legs wide apart with one resting on the back of the coach. The smell of a Kittycat in heat filled the entire sitting room and I could see his nose flare wildly as he sniffed in the smell. The seat of my shorts were soaking wet! I didn’t know, can’t even remember when he pulled off the shorts, all I can recollect is me raising up my butts at his prompting for him to slide it off my bottom. Soon I was lying there spread before his hungry eyes Unclad and panting. He looked down at me with hooded eyes and then bent his head again and I gasped and jerked up as I felt his tongue on my inner thigh.

‘’oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’’ like a broken grammaphone was the only sound coming out of my mouth as he lickek me. My wet Kittycat quivered as he brought his face towards it. His tongue lightly touched my inner thigh and began to move closer to my waiting cunt. He made circles around my Kittycat lips several times and also teased my clit slightly. Then he licked my clit and then put his lips around it and began to suck on it directly.

“Unnghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’’ I panted, letting go of all control or pretense that I was not enjoying the attention he was paying to my Kittycat. His tongue and mouth felt different somehow. There was a different flavour to the whole experience, more masculine and stronger than what I usually experienced with his sister Susan. He like his sister was a professional pussyeater. My Kittycat was gushing Pour and my body was trembling in preparation for a massive climax. He continued to suck and lick my clit with his mouth, each time bringing me closer to my inevitable orgasm. I unconsciously used my hands to rub my Bosom and play with my hard erect Tips. He then placed his hands under my Buttocks bring it up and pushed my Kittycat harder into his face.

He let his tongue travel deep into my cunt and then come back out to tickle my throbbing clit. The heat between my legs was becoming tremendous. I was ready to explode and let my stream of Pour loose. I ran my hands down my body and legs and rested them on the back of his head. I could feel my juices building deep within me and I knew that I was about to erupt. Just as my Kittycat began to tighten on his lips, he lightly nibbled my clit with her teeth.

“Uunngghhh…aaaaggghhhh…aaaggghhhh!!!!!” I screamed as my body exploded in orgasm. I gripped head with my hands as the incredible orgasm hit me like a tidal wave. My Pour shot out into his mouth and face, soaking it with the hot sticky fluid. He didn’t let go of my Kittycat but continued sucking greedily, I could hear the slurp slurp sound his mouth was making as he sucked away. This make my orgasm prolonged as my sensitive Kittycat sent me over the edge and back again in close succession. My eyes lost focus and I must have momentarily lost consciousness because when I opened my eyes again, there he was kneeling between my legs with his Joystick dangling between his legs and it was massive. The size of the Joystick immediately jerked me back to reality as it dawned on me that he was going to Fork me with that, that thing that had never been inside me before. I panicked once more.

When he first pressed his Joystick against the entrance to my Kittycat I became absolutely silent. This wasn’t happening, this could not be happening. But then he began to press himself forward, and my Kittycat lips parted, and he sighed and said, “This is more like it. Nice and wet and fresh. Ha, and eager, too…” I began to cry again. I couldn’t help it because he was right. I was moist between my legs and I had unconsciously parted my legs and raised my hips for him. Then he gripped me by the waist and began pushing his Joystick ever so slowly into my receptive cunt.

To Be Continued…

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