Must Read: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw Naija Guy (18+)… Part 101

A Story Written By MoneySoldier… 

VVe vvarned him but he didnt listen, he just felt he vvouldnt get caught, toomuch mind, imagine the confidence, it vvas reall¥ a dumb thing to do. I couldnt concentrate on m¥ reading again, i couldnt vvait for Solo to come around and gimme the full gist either, cos ve heard about similar situations and i never heard of an¥ that ended up vvell, so vve just pra¥ his connections help him out if not his stor¥ might just end up tragic.

I tried Chuks’s number severall¥, but he vvouldnt pick, i guess i vvasnt calling at the right time, i vvas just restless and couldnt vvait to hear about the latest development if things had become better or had gotten vvorse.

After i had vvaited a long vvhile, Solo finall¥ came and saved me from almost going cra§¥ from the thoughts of things that might ve happened.

As soon as he got in, i didnt even allovv him catch his breath or sit dovvn, i rushed him vvith questions, i vvas so eager to knovv the rest of the stor¥,

”gu¥ hovvfar vvetin happen?, hovv dem take catch am?” i asked,

”hovv dem take de¥ catch person before?, gu¥ see no blame an¥bod¥ cos vve vvarn am, nah em no just gree listen to an¥ of us” he replied me, lamenting,

”i even de¥ call am but em no de¥ pick, hovv u take knovv?” i asked,

”nah em call me tell me” he said.

VVe talked about the issue for a long time, kept deliberating but couldnt come up vvith an¥thing meaningful, i prepared something for us to eat, shovvered and then vve both headed to his place cos vve both vvanted to hear from Chuks himself vvhat reall¥ happened.

Before vve got there, the nevvs had spread like vvild fire, all them gu¥s vvere sitted outside talking about thesame thing, vvetin u e><pect vve¥ be sa¥ nah Capo de¥ involved. VVe joined them talking about the issue and vvaiting for Chuks to return, but the truth vvas that vve have no idea hovv concrete the matter had gotten just hopefull¥ vvaiting to hear things from the horses mouth cos the last time i heard about someone getting caught vvhen vvriting e><am for someone, the person got rusticated, so as vve talked about the issue, vve kept pra¥ing that his doesnt end up like that cos it ll be a disaster, someone vvho vvas alread¥ in his final ¥ear and vvas looking forvvard to graduating that ¥ear, that stor¥ vvould be cra§¥, sa¥

’em go vvrite e><am for vvoman, then them catch am e><pel am’

its a terrible thing, i vvouldnt do it even if the girl’s p*$$¥ vvere to be made of gold, there are better vva¥s one can go about that, not jeopardi§ing his education, no gu¥ in his right senses ll put his education on the line to embark in such risk¥ adventure, i keep vvondering vvhat he vvas thinking.

He didnt shovv up till it vvas dark, i just couldnt go back home even if i had paper the ne><t da¥, i had made up to pass the night there vvith them, and vvhen he did shovv up, bro vvasnt smiling, he vvas looking so tired and unhapp¥, and vvas kinda tips¥, then finall¥ vve knevv things vvasnt alright.

He just vvalked pass ever¥one, didnt sa¥ an¥thing, instead vvalked straight to his apartment, vve vve¥ de¥ vvait to vvan knovv things couldnt even ask him an¥thing vvhen vve savv his face angr¥, from there i sensed it that it vvas a serious ish.

M¥self and Solo decided to go to his room and tr¥ and talk to him to knovv the situation of things, cos vven one gets caught, the ne><t thing ll be facing panel.

VVe got to his room and tried engaging him in conversations, at least knovv vvhats up and calm him dovvn, novv is’nt the time to apportion blames but look for a vva¥ forvvard,

”baba hovvfar nah, vvetin be the situation of things novv” Solo asked,

”abeg vve go ¥arn later, i no de¥ in a good mood novv” Chuks replied,

he vvasnt in a good mood to talk to an¥one, so vve just allovved him be, later at night vvhen he must ve rela><ed the issue ll be revisited.

VVe sta¥ed in his room that night, vvaiting and hoping he vvas going to talk to us, after he slept and vvoke up, vve had to force him to sa¥ something cos it vvasnt getting funn¥ an¥more, so vvhen the pressure became toomuch, he had to voice out,

”that matter serious oo, headache de¥ vvorr¥ me like this” he said,

”so vvetin be the situation of things novv” i asked,

”i no even knovv hovv the vvoman take catch me, e just be like film, the matter de¥ school novv, like pla¥ like pla¥ dem don carr¥ me registrar office” he sobbed,

vvhen he said that, that vvas vvhen vve knevv the issue had reall¥ gotten out of hand, and vvhatever happens to him, it vvouldnt affect the girl he took the risk for one bit, nah dr¥ fasting and pra¥er sure pass novv oo.

To Be Continued… 

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Updated: Jan 22, 2017 — 7:53 pm

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