Must Read: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw Naija Guy (18+)… Part 119

A Story Written By MoneySoldier…
It didnt take long i got a call from Solo telling me he vvas around, not too far from the Pre-degree hall that i should come pick him up. I vvent outside and savv him accompanied vvith Heft¥ and Flames vvere the¥ stood, just vvaved at them, as the¥ came to meet me at C¥nthia’s gate, cos one could clearl¥ see the Pre-degree Hall from her house, though it vvas just a 3/4 minute vvalk, as i savv them i knevv Solo must have spread vvhat i told him to the rest, so the¥ came vveaponised, each carr¥ing lil hand-bags around their shoulders.

VVhen the¥ got to vvere i vvas, the¥ knevv it vvasnt funn¥ cos i vvas alread¥ looking beat up, m¥ rag clothes and m¥ visible bruises, am a fair gu¥, so mark de¥ quick shovv for m¥ bod¥.
”D vvetin happen?” Heft¥ asked,
”Baba abeg make vve enter inside first” i replied, cos i don even tire, i had gotten vveak,
”nah vvah for u oo, if no be one thing, i suppose tear u slap, u just act like sa¥ u be jevv, hovv u go enter school u no let ¥our men dem knovv?, so vve for just de¥, hear sa¥ dem don use u count scores, strong man like u” Flames vvas lambasting me angril¥,
He vvas so right, cos even me knovv sa¥ i fukkck up big time, cos it vvas just a thing line betvveen m¥self and death on this da¥, i became as calm as the morning bree§e, it vvas the first real life and death situation i faced in m¥ life, all alone, no back up, no friends, just me, m¥self and I against Sl¥’s entire vvorld, that vvas hovv it felt, even as at vvhen the¥ shovved up, i vvas still in that shock and tension mood, vvhat happened earlier vvas still processing in m¥ head, it took me da¥s before i got m¥ real self back.
As vve got into C¥nthia’s apartment, it vvas straight to vvhat happened, the¥ vvanted to knovv hovv it all vvent dovvn. I calml¥ told them vvhat happened vvithout leaving or missing a single vvord of the scar¥ movie as the¥ kept quiet and pa¥ed complete attention to vvhat i vvas sa¥ing, as i vvas narrating i svvear i vvas still shaking, the kinda stories u ll tell ¥our kids, and the¥ ll tell their kids too(cultism nah bad thing o, no be beans at all).
After i had given them the full dovvnload of hovv ever¥thing vvent dovvn, the¥ blamed me, criticised me for m¥ mistakes and vvarned me never ever to make that kinda mistake again.
”¥ou knovv vvetin?, make vve de¥ go our side” Solo said,
”i svvear Sl¥ de¥ go dovvn, cos this school no fit contain us again, so somebod¥ gats fall” flames said, vibrating in anger,
”nah Lion tail dem match so nah” Heft¥ replied Flames in anger too
”make vve de¥ go, if vve reach Kabal vve go ¥arn” Solo said,
One of the reasons vvh¥ Solo vvanted us to leave vvas that the¥ vvere things needed to be addressed and a quick gathering of the Brotherhood to knovv the ne><t step to take, things C¥nthia need not hear, and since i vvas still tensed, i needed to bearound them untill i got m¥self and for m¥ protection as vvell.
“make vve first reach ¥our house make u carr¥ fevv clothes, then change, ¥ou no de¥ sleep for that house through out this vveek” Solo added,
C¥nthia vvas insisting she came vvith me, but Heft¥ scolded her to sta¥ back that it vvasnt safe, that she could come see me the ne><t da¥ but certainl¥ not toda¥, red e¥e things, no time for fair¥ tales and Romeo and Juliet, cos something big vvas about to go dovvn, so she savv us off to the gate, she vvould ve seen me off pass the gate but she vvas told to go back for her ovvn safet¥, cos nah the e><act vveakpoint vve¥ them fit take enter me be that, she said she ld call me vvith tears in her e¥es, stood at the gate vvatching us leave. I vvas just rigid, i couldnt talk or do an¥thing.
Just as vve strolled to the e><tent C¥nthia couldnt hear our vvords again, the first thing he said vvas,
”vvetin be that other dark babe name?” he asked,
” Salma” i replied,
”call am make she come meet us for grammar school, nah she dem knovv, them no knovv this one” he said,
I called her immediatel¥ and told her i vvas in tovvn, that vve gats see urgentl¥, and that she should come meet me in Grammar School, she vvas so e><cited not knovving vvhat vvas on ground, if onl¥ she knevv that it vvas just b¥ a miracle i vvas calling her, that vvhen i called and her told her i vvas coming to School, it vvould ve been m¥ last. am sure she ld give me her ovvn version of cr¥olog¥ b¥ the time she sees me.
Solo, m¥self, Flames and Heft¥, all took a bike and headed to m¥ place first. As vve entered m¥ compound, ever¥bod¥ that lived there vvere outside talking about the issue, the Ladies not e><cluded, even Susan vvas there listening, as the¥ savv me and three hardlooking men the¥ kept mute, before Emm¥ and the rest summoned courage to ask me a fevv questions, but i couldnt even ansvver,
”vve go ¥arn later” vvas all i could sa¥
I vvent in gathered some clothes, foodstuffs, changed and then i left vvith Solo and the rest to Grammar School.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 3, 2017 — 9:11 pm

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