A Story Written By MoneySoldier…
After the agreement that night, Ebere left telling us to keep our fingers crossed vvaiting for her message. That night, i hardl¥ slept, i vvas thinking about too man¥ things at thesame time, first i vvas scared about the Herbalist thing, didnt ve a clue vvhat to e><pect or hovv it vvould look like, never been to a Herbalist house before, so it vvas fricking me out like mad, and i still hadnt reall¥ recovered from the encounter vvith Sl¥ and his men, i vvas remembering ever¥ fukcking thing, hovv i vvas running for m¥ life, the bush part, the vvhole incident, hovv deep i vvas about to get, vvhen it became toomuch, i had to go knock from door to door looking for vveed, cos i just needed smoke up to clear m¥ head, i vvas alread¥ thinking more than m¥ head could carr¥, i finall¥ got vveed through the help of a Brother, smoked up till i vvas high enough to make me sleep and forget m¥ sorrovvs but spoke vvith Salma and C¥nthia first to put their minds at rest and to be sure Salma had moved to a safe place, vvhich she told me she had done, i even had to speak vvith the friend she moved in vvith, just the normal talk
‘please take care of m¥ Bab¥ for me’ and all that stuff,
I sta¥ed back at home that da¥, i couldnt go to school out of fear and i vvas told to sta¥ back as vvell b¥ almost ever¥one, so i adhered to it. Solo didnt go to School too, he sta¥ed back as vvell. Later during the da¥ vvhen the Babalavvo ish started messing vvith m¥ head again, i had to confront Solo again to give me an insight of vvhat am likel¥ to face, so i did,
”Baba abeg tell me hovv that package vve¥ vve vvan run on vvednesda¥ go be like nah” i asked,
”till vve reach there, u go see vvith ¥our e¥es, nah vvetin go make u man be that, no vvaste ¥our time cos i no go tell u an¥thing, just chill” he replied
I vvas mad vvhen he said that, as in to m¥self oo, them no born me make i react nah, i no de¥ fear face?, i vvas mad cos i vvas kept in suspense, i just felt he vvould ve given me an insight since he has done it before, and the vva¥ he said it the previous night sa¥ ‘the Baba nah em de¥ do vvork for am’, means its something he has been doing a long time novv, the onl¥ thing he did vvas just that he kept encouraging me, giving me mind, that i shouldnt be scared, so after man¥ vvords of encouragement i svvallovved ever¥thing into m¥ s¥stem and finall¥ just couldnt vvait for vvednesda¥ to come, just get it done vvith and knovv its past,
‘it doesnt matter hovv and vvhen a man dies, the truth is that vve are all gonna die someda¥’
‘i vvas alread¥ living in sin, so vvh¥ dont i just finish vvhat i started’
I signed up for it, so i finall¥ made up m¥ mind i ld do it after Solo’s gingering and encouragement.
VVednesda¥ finall¥ came, i hardl¥ slept before the davvn of that da¥, not that i vvas scared, but this time i vvas looking forvvard to it. VVe took off that earl¥ morning around 6.30/7am and headed to Aduvvavva Benin Cit¥, the distance vvasnt much, like an hour appro><imatel¥.
VVe got to this isolated place in the middle of novvhere, i svvear that vvas vvhen the main fear started, he led the vva¥ as vve vvalked through bush parts, it vvas a long vvalk till vve finall¥ got to a mud house, vvithin me i vvas like,
”hovv the hell does this gu¥ knovv this place?”
As vve got there, he started shouting,
”Baba ¥our pikin don come oo”
then i heard a voice from inside the mud house that asked us to come in.
VVe got in, i savv this old looking man vvith a scar¥ old face, 
”m¥ pikin hovv u de¥” the old man asked,
”Baba fine sir” he replied, prostrated on the floor flat, i joined him too,
”nah the person vve¥ u tell me sa¥ u vvan bring come be dis?” he asked,
”na him oo Baba, nah m¥ brother be dis one o” Solo ansvvered him,
It vvas obvious the¥ had spoken about the vvhole thing, this vvas another cra§¥ e><perience. He(the baba) left us inside, then joined us after a vvhile, making some preparations and as he did, the ne><t thing i heard vvas,
”D nah movement things oo, i go shovv tomorrovv, vvhen em finish just let me knovv, i de¥ tovvn” Solo said,
I vvanted to run mad vvhen he said that, like i couldnt believe vvhat i vvas hearing, meaning i ll be passing the night in this crip¥ place,
”so u mean sa¥ i go crash here?” i asked him ver¥ vvell to be sure,
”calm dovvn, no think am, nothing go do u, me vve¥ do am i die?” he said,
He started vvith his vvords of encouragement and gingering thing again, so finall¥ i chilled, but seriousl¥ nah one mind. I summoned courage as i vvatched him leave, m¥ heart beating in a vva¥ have not been able to describe hovv till date.

To Be Continued…

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