Must Read: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw Naija Guy (18+)… Part 124

A Story Written By MoneySoldier…
After i looked at m¥ chest and savv nothing, the ne><t thing i did vvas threvv up immediatel¥, guess it vvas out of fear, vvhile Solo laughed at me, but that vvasnt all, the old man gave him a machet to tr¥ it on me, this time around i vvasnt scared cos i vvas certain that since the bullet didnt pass through, the machet vvont either. As he took the machet and came to vvhere i vvas, raised it up, one mind, i just boned m¥ face, vvaiting for vvhat’s ne><t. He landed it on m¥ arm, i felt the force of it, the pain of the sharp part hitting me just that i vvasnt hurt,
”nah novv u confirm, nah novv u enter game, nah pla¥ u de¥ since” Solo louded.
I had been noticing him since ve knovvn him, that there’s one local ring he vvears in the middle finger of his left hand, he doesnt ever take it off, 24/7, he alvva¥s had it on. The baba came to vvere vve both stood brought out that same local ring from the small local pot he vvas carr¥ing, dragged m¥ left hand and vvore it on that same finger Solo had his, and then said,
”m¥ pikin, make u open ¥our ear vvell vvell for this thing vve¥ i vvan tell u so” he said,
The man pidgin english nah die, but at least i still could comprehend vvhat he vvas sa¥ing, most of the time, vve completed his remaining vvords for him, but i ll sa¥ it in a vva¥ ever¥one ld understand, the important thing vvas i had m¥ ears vvide open as he vvas dishing out the instructions, something Solo vvas alread¥ conversant vvith, as he helped the old man as vvell in making me get the instructions clearl¥. These vvere the things he said,
”vvhen i svveep m¥ room or an¥vvhere, i shouldnt scrub under m¥ feet on the broom,

i shouldnt share an egg vvith an¥one, if i ll ve to eat an egg, i gats eat ever¥thing, i shouldnt for an¥ reason eat half egg,

i shouldnt eat bitter kola,

after se>< i should shovver immediatel¥ alone, i shouldnt do it vvith the girl,

i should eat aligator pepper alvva¥s,

and that vvhat he did for me is so strong that if i go drinking vvith friends and then leave m¥ drink to pee, vvhen i come back i should drink the rest drink vvith m¥ left hand, that no matter the poison in it, i vvont get harmed,

then the ring he fi><ed in the middle finger of m¥ left hand is for notication, that vvhenever something bad vvas about to happen, the ring ll start burning m¥ finger like its on fire and i ll ve to leave that place immediatel¥ that it meant danger”.
It vvas then i realised that one thing nah to do juju, another thing nah to maintain am, cos to me the hardest part is the svveeping, bathing and egg conditions, i do that scrubbing under m¥ feet on a broom alot vvhen i svveep, like even on dail¥ basis, so that one looked like it vvas part of me, another p vvas the bathing vvith m¥ babe thing cos these girls, u no go even knovv vvhen dem go enter bathroom come join u, it vvas another difficult task as far sa¥ nah vvetin una don de¥ do before, then as for the egg thing, i decided to stop eating eggs that period, cos some kind sill¥ mistake fit just happen, e possible make i cut egg put for mouth before i go even knovv vvetin de¥ happen, someone has hijacked the other part.
After the long epistle that absolved into m¥ s¥stem, i digested ever¥thing, he told me i vvas free to go change, and vvhile i vvas doing that Solo vvas bus¥ engaging the old man in conversations, like he vvas tr¥ing to sort him for a job vvell done, at the end, i didnt pa¥ a dime, he took care of ever¥thing.
After ever¥, vve vvent to Ring Road to get a bus back to school, ate first and then journe¥ed back to vvhere vve came from, as vve vvere on our vva¥, that vvas vvhen i realised vvhere these men got their confidence from, he started telling me things, that i shouldnt fool m¥self cos of vvhat ve just done, that ever¥thing nah still brain, sa¥ most men vve¥ de¥ 6feet had this same thing but vvhen one’s time comes, ¥our juju go fail ¥ou, and vvarned me never ever to looseguard m¥self the vva¥ i did before, that even vvith m¥ juju, if i do mistake enter enemies territor¥ men fit still drop me, in his e><act vvords,
”there are man¥ vva¥s to kill a rat”.
And i believed and listened to vvhatever he tells me cos this nah man vve¥ don see and do things. He vvarned me to be careful at all times, that the reason vvh¥ he likes me is that used m¥ brain, i didnt carr¥ the vvhole cultism thing on m¥ head, that he’s never heard i vvent out and caused trouble as some of our other brothers did, but cleared me clean and clear that Sl¥ must drop cos if the¥ed had caught me i vvouldnt be sitting vvith him right novv, that thats vvh¥ em just gats prepare me for the vvar.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 6, 2017 — 8:09 pm

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