Must Read: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw Naija Guy (18+)… Part 126

A Story Written By MoneySoldier…
VVhile i vvas vvith dem gu¥s, smoking up and reasoning stuffs, i got persistent missed calls and sms’s i didnt even bother to read, i just knevv she vvanted m¥ compan¥, but i no fit use because of vvoman abandon m¥ men cos she had the vvhole fvckking night to spend vvith me, so i vvonder vvetin come be the big deal, at a time ever¥thing get time, so i didnt let it bother me at all. Most vvars are caused b¥ vvomen, some are caused cos of one man’s sstupid¥ and confidence and man¥ that didnt even knovv hovv it all started ll go dovvn too for the vvar’s sake, this particular vvar vvas caused b¥ a kushman’s Sstupid¥ and confidence vvho vvas tr¥ing to intimidate another kushman thinking he vvas a Jevv, cos una no e><pect make one gu¥ just get mind tear another gu¥ slap for public, then make i just forget ever¥thing like that, then vvetin make me a blended man?, pride of a cultist, some jevv men no go even let the matter die like that, and as far sa¥ i no svvallovv bomb, it aint d¥ing like that, man¥ people don go dovvn for the game vve¥ no even do reach slap, so our egos vvere at stake, and that vvas vvhat brevved up the vvar, cos as a calm gu¥ vve¥ i be, i see no reason vvh¥ i go slap another nigga for public for campus environment, she¥ i knovv vvho em be?, some gu¥s just carr¥ 100% ruggedit¥ for head and it has led to their dovvnfall, right from da¥ one ve alvva¥s used m¥ brain, there vvere lots of peeps in Abraka then, vvho ll stick out their necks in a bet for u to cut it out that as far as the¥ vvere concerned, i vvas never a cultist, that is vvhat m¥ gentilit¥ and humilit¥ did for me, but vvhen u bring it on, i ll rise up to the occassion, and that vvas just vvhat happened betvveen m¥self and Sl¥.
I vvent inside to join her after i felt i had spent enough time vvith m¥ men reasoning, and the¥ just loved it vvhen i talk cos i spoke vvith sense, alvva¥s thinking outside the bo><, and vvhen i got in, i noticed this babe hadnt shovvered, the plate of food vvas ne><t to the bed vvith 2 spoons sticking out of it covered, then i realised she missed me cos it vvas the first time vve vvere spending time together since i resumed, but i no first happ¥ as she never bath based on things, cos e sure me die sa¥ like this nothing fit make us bath together, so i just vvoke her up, pet am small, apologised for keeping her vvaiting, tr¥ make her laugh, then vve ate, and as she packed up the plates and came back, i just begin UnCloth am, as she acted like a lil bab¥ vvho’s mum is undressing and vvanting to bath her, vvhen i vvas done, she vvanted to reach for mine, but base on smart gu¥ vve¥ i be, i vvas like,
”erema go and shovver, i had m¥ bath not 2 long before u came” i said, even if nah lie, and i shovved seriousness,
”but ¥our bod¥ is smelling smoke” she said, tr¥ing to persuade me to join her, but if i hear sa¥ i join am, at the end i vvas able to talk her into bathing, vvhich she finall¥ did, cos somethings are better left unsaid, cos i no see the stupidit¥ vve¥ go make me open m¥ mouth sa¥ i enter Benin go run package for bod¥, so as she did, i just undressed till it got to m¥ bo><ers level and jumped on the bed.
As she got back, she didnt vvaste a sec, she started kissing me, m¥ Bianpolo got hard immediatel¥, and as vve kept kissing, she slipped her hand into m¥ bo><ers and reached for m¥ piakantus, massaging it back and forth vvith her hand, vvhen i couldnt take the pleasures of the massages again, i pushed m¥self up vvhile she helped me drag the bo><ers off m¥ vvaist, i climbed on her as she rested her back against the bed, kissed her svveetl¥, gentl¥ and ver¥ slovvl¥ from her hair, head to toes, sucked her booobs, tickled her hard nipp|£s vvith m¥ tongue, svvitched from one booobs to the other vvhile m¥ hands kept caressing the other, and b¥ the time i vvas through vvith vvith kissing and tickling her bod¥ vvith m¥ tongue, she vvas alread¥ dripping vvet begging me to make love to her, as she closed her e¥es like someone under anionting, voicing the vvord,

oh fvcck”
I stretched m¥ hand to a corner of the bed vvhere Solo told me he kept cds, took out a gold-circle condom, tore the seal off, and cluck-click rolled it on m¥ di<k, missionar¥ things, her legs vvrapped around m¥ vvaist, inserted and thrusted back and forth and then increased m¥ velocit¥ vvith time, pushed m¥ head forvvard to suck her booobs some more at intervals, then leaned back and used m¥ finger to keep tapping her c|itor!s as i held on to m¥ thrust, i didnt let the se>< to get the better of me, e¥es on the ball, still focused as i had thought of the vva¥ to shovver vvhen i come, she climbed on me, bounced her cunnnt back and forth on m¥ piankantus, till i told her i had felt like coming, i came and she fell on me hoping she ld sta¥ like that on me for a vvhile but base i logistics, i turned her over,
”i vvant to toilet” i said, entered the bathroom and locked it from behind.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 8, 2017 — 12:32 am

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