Must Read: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw Naija Guy (18+)… Part 129

A Story Written By MoneySoldier…

After Queen brought the information, that included ever¥ single details of these gu¥s and the e><act rooms the¥ lived in, Chuks organised an 18 man squad vvho vvere to go for the mission that same night, 5 from the 18 he called from different vinicities scattered around campus, i vvas part of the choosen 18 men, vvhere these girls got their information from, i dont knovv, i just knovv the¥ vvere good at vvhat the¥ do.
VVe chilled outside that evening smoking up, getting high and at thesame time getting prepared, and this squad for this mission vvere top men, Chuks said vve ld leave for there 11/12 at night, to be certain that these bo¥s vvere home. Novv question vve should ask ourselves is ‘vvhat vvas their crime?’, the truth is the¥ had no crime at all, just that the¥ had a stain, and that stain is belonging to thesame frat as Sl¥, vvhen it comes to vvar, nobod¥ vvants to knovv if ¥ou ve an idea of hovv the vvhole thing even started, vvhat the¥ knovv is that as long as ¥ou are on the opposing side, ¥ou are a classified enem¥, the koko nah vvhich frat loose men pass,(counting of scores). Even vvith the 8pm curfevv thing that vvas imposed then, men still ran their $h¡t, cos the so-called nightgaurds cant even do an¥thing, the reason is the¥ dont ve the kind of machines vve had, hunter gun and steel/A.ks aint desame, so even if them de¥ hear gun-shots, dem no born them vvell to near there, dem go de¥ vvhere dem de¥.
Before the time comes for the mission, i decided to go inside and rela><, heart beating fast cos ve never seen vvhat vvas about to go dovvn, i ve vvatched a gu¥ die before, but to vvatch 6gu¥s go dovvn at thesame time just became toomuch for me, i vvas doubting m¥self if i could stand that, bo¥s vvho should probabl¥ be m¥ age mates. As the thoughts marathoned through head, first vvas a slight headache, and then it got heavier, and then i started running temperature, then cold came in, i vvas on the bed shaking, ma¥be God knevv if i savv that much, i might just end up going insane, i dont knovv, but it just happened like that.
”D hovvfar, vvetin de¥ do u?” Solo asked as he came inside and savv me shivering on the bed,
”be like i get fever” i replied vvith m¥ voice shaking,
He came to the bed, touched m¥ face, m¥ neck and then deeped his hand into m¥ top, touching m¥ chest,
”vvhen this one start again?, no be u de¥ outside novv novv de¥ smoke?” he asked,
”i been don de¥ get the signs since morning” i lied,
”nah em u come go use am de¥ smoke, nah vva u oo, make i ask people for hostel vvho get malaria tablet” he said, then vvent out
After a vvhile, he returned vvith a sachet of Amalar accompanied b¥ Chuks, Heft¥ and Mourinho, he brought vvater, freed the drugs of 3 tablets from the sachet, placed it in m¥ palm vvaiting for me to svvallovv them, vvhich i did,
”D u sure sa¥ u go fit go vvith us again so?” Chuks asked,
”Baba i no think so o, m¥ head vvan fall from m¥ neck as i de¥ here so” i replied in a vveak tone,
”m¥ Bo¥, just rest u hear” he replied, vve got this, and the¥ left leaving me and Solo in the room,
VVithin me, i vvas glad i vvasnt going to use m¥ e¥es to see vvhat ll go dovvn that night, the¥ felt i took ill b¥ nature, not knovving it vvas the cra§¥ thoughts that led to m¥ bod¥ temperature. Solo obliged to prepare me indomie to eat, but sincerel¥ i vvasnt hungr¥.
M¥ e¥es vvere vvide open till it vvas late in the night, the time vvas around 11.30/12pm vvhen Fish barged in,
”Solo hovvfar, men don de¥ prepare oo, do fast, e go soon set” he said to Solo
”D, i hear sa¥ u no de¥ follovv us sail again?” he asked,
”omor enh, malaria just nack ¥our gu¥ dovvn all of a sudden, if not i for like go” i replied,
Solo dressed up, brought his gun out, raised it up, looked at it,
”flames some people de¥ dovvn this night for ¥our sake, an¥ blood vve¥ i dravv nah for u” he said and then deeped it back into his small bag hanged around his shoulder, i stood up and vvent outside vvith him, all men dressed in black vvith a red ribbon tied to their heads, like this, the¥ vvere set, no going back, i had been replaced vvith someone else, the¥ said the Lord’s pra¥er, someone initiated it but cant remember vvho, gingered a little and then, matched out.
I vvent back inside and vvas restless, couldnt sleep, vvas just vvalking from one end to another, i vvent on like that through out the night till i heard the sound of them vvhen the¥ returned around that kinda 1/30 to 2am, singing in jiration vvhen the¥ entered the compound, all men started coming out of their rooms, and as Solo and I got into the room, the first thing i asked him vvas,
”hovvfar, she¥ una don run the parol?”

Run far avva¥ from cultism.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 10, 2017 — 9:49 pm

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