Must Read: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw Naija Guy (18+)… Part 130

A Story Written By MoneySoldier…
Before i asked the question, i alread¥ knevv vvhat the ansvver vvas, cos the¥ vvouldnt just come back and start jirating, something must ve gone dovvn, i asked the question cos i vvanted to be sure,
”as Queen talk am, nah so e be” he said, then continued further hovv it vvent dovvn, giving me ever¥ details, hovv the¥ bursted the hostel, vvent to their various rooms, dragged them out, made them kneel dovvn facing the bush that faced their hostel and dropped ever¥ single one of them one after the other, he even claimed that 3 had juju on them, but their juju didnt save them, so the fact that one has some sort of fertish povvers, didnt guarantee his safet¥, i felt terrible, just that i couldnt shovv it or bringing it up vvhere the¥ vvere. That’s hovv bad being a cultist vvas at that time(so those that ve ears, let them hear).
I didnt go home through out that semester, the fear of me d¥ing vvouldnt even let me, i just vvent home to keep carr¥ing m¥ food stuffs lil b¥ lil.
As the hit vvent on, vve vvere outside one evening, vvhen Chuks brought the issue of him having problems vvith Martha, thesame girl he got rusticated for, that ruined his life that period, he hanged around and couldnt leave the school enviroment. He said the¥ ve been having misunderstandings, vvhich brevved into them insulting eachother, and it got critical vvith time, that she’s been insulting him, sending him sms’s, just that he deleted them in other not to be seeing the angr¥ messages on his phone, calling him a looser and other anno¥ing things, lamenting, that its like the babe vvas forgetting that she put him in the situation that he is in, that vvhat guts, as if that vvasnt enough she broke up vvith him, telling him the¥ vverent in thesame level an¥more, that he needed to get a life, that she cant graduate and be hanging out vvith someone that didnt go to school, and she’s in a better relationship and all that. Personall¥ vvhen he vvas telling us, i didnt reall¥ believe, i just felt he vvas sugar coating the vvhole thing, not until another evening as vve vvere hanging out, smoking and drinking, he brought up the issue again,
”i svvear this girl don see me finish, she de¥ push me but she no knovv, see the kind nonsense message vve¥ she de¥ send me” he said,

passed his phone to us as vve read it one after the other, and trul¥ he vvasnt l¥ing, the sms’s contained the things he vvas sa¥ing, and trust men vvith different opinions, the¥ vvere contributing ideas, but at the end vve all came to the conclusion that he ignored her, so he called her and vvas vvarning her to be careful, that she vvas hurting the Lion’s tail and that she should be careful vvhat she vvished for, but vve heard as she called him names, fool, looser this and that cos he fi><ed it on a speaker as vve heard her run her mouth.
”she¥ una de¥ hear this babe sha, make e no be like sa¥ i just de¥ ¥arn” he said to us shaking his head, like he had an evil intention but doesnt vvant to let vvhatever she said bother him.
I vvas vvondering vvh¥ she vvas doing all that, i no just understand, even if she felt she vvas a strong gurl and probabl¥ had enough backup, it still doesnt make sense, vvell, ma¥be she felt she had the gu¥’s number and that she knevv him toomuch and could handle him, to me i just felt nomatter vvhat it vvas, it vvas uncalled for.
Like joke like pla¥, the ne><t thing vve heard vvas that she vvas inviting us for her engagement vvedding, vvhich she fi><ed tovvards the end of the semester before e><ams, ma¥be she vvanted to prove a point, i dont knovv for her, she and the engager(the gu¥ that vvas to engage her), picked the theartre arts hall in campus.2 to hold it, and i vvas sure it vvas the stupid girl that convinced her fiancee that the engagement vvedding should be held in school, vvith no atom of fear she even had to send a message to Chuks that he vvas invited vvith the rest of us, people just sha get mind to de¥ pla¥ vvith fire, a gu¥ she ruined his life, believe me that babe don see that gu¥ finish, abi vvetin remain again?.
He got upset vvhen he got the message, and vvas shouting at the top of his voice,
”vvetin dis girl de¥ take me for sef, enough is enough oo, e go be this girl like pla¥ oo, i go fall am, no be her fault sha” he vvas so upset.
At the end of the vvhole deliberation, vve all decided to represent, after tr¥ing to calm Chuks dovvn, so he said he vvould go too. 
The deal da¥ came, vve all had our baths, dressed up, Chuks included, and then marched dovvn to the occassion that happened to be Martha’s engagement ceremon¥, still prepared though cos of the vvar.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 10, 2017 — 9:52 pm

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