Must Read: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw Naija Guy (18+)… Part 132

A Story Written By MoneySoldier…

like i said, after Martha’s $tupidit¥ and arrogance, i cant tell vvhat happened aftervvards but the lil i can sa¥ is that that part of the stor¥ ended on a ver¥ ver¥ dark note,
‘no be ever¥thing e¥es see mouth de¥ talk, cos as a kushman, vvhen u are sincerel¥ good to someone and the¥ aint good to u back, bad or terrible things happen, God forgive sins but a kush man dont’

VVhichever vva¥ the fvckk up vvas treated, she brought it upon herself.
E><ams drevv ver¥ close, so i decided to go home and get m¥ ke¥board for personal rehearsals and a fevv other stuffs, so this faithful evening as i came out of the compound, Solo and the rest vvhere sitted outside, 
”i de¥ come, make i sharpl¥ reach m¥ place collect some things” i voiced out for ever¥one to hear,
”sha de¥ careful” Solo and Chuks vvarned,
”i no go vvaste time, novv, novv, novv, i don shovv” i replied, then matched to the junction to get a bike.
I got a bike and dashed dovvn to Ekrejeta vvhere m¥ house vvas, but it vvas Susan’s room i entered first, i just knocked and then forced m¥self in vvithout vvaiting for her to ask vvho it vvas, and as she savv me, out of e><citement she rushed and gave me a tight hug, her gigantic bo¤bs pressed against m¥ chest,
”i miss u, i miss u” vvhen she sa¥s, i ll repl¥, and i sincerel¥ did, the erema oil svveet no be lie, this incident vvas happening around 7.15/7.30pm, cos the da¥ had gotten a lil dark before i left grammar school, and she vvas vvearing that same nighties, that e><posed the top part of her br€@st and she vvas smelling fresh too like she just shovvered, the connection vvas there, vve both knovv vve missed the se><, and right there i forgot vvhat i came for at that moment, just hug alone, m¥ Piakantus vvas beginning to get hard and i felt like putting m¥ 1 in her 0 one more time before i left, the hug led to a kiss, from kiss to the bed and vve had started a vvild romance on the bed but i still had m¥ clothes on, vvhen i reached for her bo¤bs, she kept complaining that i vvas hurting her that i should take off m¥ ring cos it vvas a local ring, i vvanted to, i almost did, and it vvould ve been the greatest mistake of m¥ life, cos i vvas alread¥ madl¥ horn¥, but i didnt knovv vvhat happened, i stood up tr¥ing to free m¥self from m¥ clothes and the take off the ring too, and vvhile i vvas undressing, for the first time since i got back from Benin, m¥ middle finger started getting hot, e><peciall¥ the spot vvhere the ring rested and according to the instruction i vvas given, things vverent right, so i vvore back ever¥thing ver¥ fast, as she la¥ed on the bed vvatching me in suprise, didnt even tell her an¥thing, i ran out to get a Bike and headed back to grammar school, base on m¥ first e><perience i vvas in shock, so i called Solo to a corner,
”hovvfar, u no see sa¥ i no carr¥ an¥thing come?, omor the ring gimme sign toda¥” i said,
”u mean am?” he asked looking ver¥ surprised,
” i svvear, i no fit joke vvith that kind thing nah” i said, and vvhile vve vvere still talking m¥ phone started ringing in m¥ pocket, i reached for it, it vvas Susan, for m¥ mind i just feel sa¥ she vvan complain about me leaving her like that, i picked,
”Ken vvhere re u?” she asked,
”in a friends house, an¥thing?” i asked cos she sounded tensed,
”please sta¥ vvhere u are, some gu¥s just came looking for u, the¥ broke ¥our door, like 7 of them, am sure its desame gu¥s that chased u that da¥, i vvas peeping from the vvindovv” she said,
m¥ mind flevv, cos i knovv i got luck¥ again, that vvas close, it vvas then i started appreciating vvhat Solo did for me,
”did the¥ hurt an¥bod¥?” i asked in curiosit¥,
”no, its like it vvas ¥our room the¥ vvent to straight, the¥ shot gun, but it should be in the air cos nobod¥ came out, it vvas vvhen the¥ left people started coming out, but hovv did u knovv the¥ vvere coming?” she asked,
”m¥ dear u vvont understand, its a long stor¥, thanks ver¥ much, God ll bless u” i replied.
Solo heard our conversation but the confusing thing vvas that, vvas it a mere coincidence or someone gave them information i vvas home, vvell, vvhatever the case vvas, i eluded that, i sha got luck¥ cos se>< almost ruined things for me, So vve shared the incident vvith the rest that night. 
2 da¥s to e><am, i vvas vvith Solo in the house vvhen he vvas persuading me to go to school vvith him that he vvanted to vvrite out his e><am time-table, i almost did but cos of m¥ sluggishness, he left angril¥ that i vvas vvasting his time, i just didnt feel like going an¥vvhere. 7pm he hadnt returned, vve kept calling but he vvouldnt pick, and at 10pm his phone vvas svvitched off, vve vvere vvorried as vve sat outside that night smoking up, but at the end consoled ourselves he vvas alright since he vvas a top man, he could take care of himself, locked up, got it off our minds and looking forvvard to seeing him the ne><t da¥.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 11, 2017 — 10:53 pm

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