A Story Written By MoneySoldier…
¤¤¤Dedicated to Fon¥dear, Pr¥d and Bam§¥-don¤¤¤
That night, vvhen i voiced out that i vvanted to handle the mission, i meant it vvith ever¥ blood flovving through m¥ veins, ever¥vvhere air i breathe and vvith m¥ mama’s br€a$t that i sucked, i vvas so confident of m¥self of vvanting to drop the ne><t enem¥ posed in front of me, m¥ heart ¥earning for revenge, and i vvas read¥ to sa¥ or do an¥thing to m¥ superiors just to ve a shot, i vvas filled vvith pains, i cried like a lil Bab¥ on a dail¥ basis, especiall¥ vvhen am avvake at night, and after i savv his lifeless bod¥ in the mogue, i promised m¥self i vvas going to take some people dovvn m¥self, so vvhen this particular mission came, i vvas brevving vvith anger(vengeance), though i ve vvatched a life taken in front of me before, but i ve’nt acted as the one doing the taking, i just knevv and had that believe in m¥self that i could handle it as long as it involved the quest to avenge Solo’s death, i vvas dovvn for it.
At first, ever¥one vvas pu§§led, the¥ all knevv hovv close i vvas to the deceased vvho vvas more than a brother to me,
”D, rela><, u sure sa¥, u go fit do am so?” Chuks asked,
”Baba, no disrespect, if una de¥ doubt m¥ capabilit¥, then make una allovv me clear una doubt, if i no do am, make i knovv vvh¥” i confidentl¥ said in anger, demostrating in vvith m¥ hands, the¥ ve never seen me acting that cra§¥ and spoke that boldl¥ in front of ever¥one before.
Once i vvas granted the honour of handling that mission, there vvouldnt be a turning back, its a must i do it or face the penalties of maning up and requesting to do vvhat i couldnt do at the end, that’s the highest f.up a kushman can do, ¥ou dont claim to do vvhat ¥ou cant do, so i knevv the consequences involved, its either i fail and face the consequences or get the job done and earn ma><imum respect. M¥ mind vvas made up cos as long as i vvas acting according to hovv i felt at that point in time, i knevv i could drop an¥thing that crossed m¥ path as long as it vvas an enem¥.
”ok nice one, the job is ¥ours, do clean job, dont get caught and make sure u come back here safe” Chuks vvarned.
Before he gave me the job, i alread¥ knevv and had an idea in m¥ head hovv i vvas going to go about it right from vvhen vve got the info. I vvas handed the gu¥s pics, to get conversant vvith the face, handsome looking gu¥ but vvho gives a fvvcck?, i just had vengeance, i sha just vvan fall person. I took out m¥ phone, vvhile Chuks called the date, time and venue of the e><am, and then i t¥ped it dovvn on m¥ phone(it vvas an afternoon paper, 12noon, date and venue vvithheld).
I had a p about the runs, so i had to ask questions of things i didnt knovv, so as to help m¥self, make i no go fool m¥self at the end and then fuckck things up,
”she¥ this gu¥ nah top man for them?” i asked,
”¥es” he gave me a direct ansvver, all man just park de¥ listen,
”then em gats get am for bod¥, hovv groundnut go take enter em bod¥” i asked, cos this particular part i felt vvas the hardest for me, if i can scale through that one, i could handle the rest, cos i no get that time to enter vvhere students full begin de¥ shoot person for bod¥, cos i no go like hear sa¥ person survive am later, i aint got that time, if m¥ groundnut can pass through his bod¥, then all i needed do vvas,
”shoot the head and the bod¥ ll die’
m¥ intent vvas aiming for his head,
”ok, u knovv vvetin?, i go see m¥ Baba, i go give u bull vve¥ u go use, thats before the time reach, no vvorr¥, vve de¥ together” Chuks said,
So i locked up in good faith and high e><pectation vvaiting for him to handle the part i savv difficult for me, then believing to take care of the rest. 
After that night, i didnt doubt m¥self if i could handle it or not, as far as i can remember i vvas looking forvvard to the deal da¥, and since i vvas sleeping in Chuk’s room, i kept asking him about the vveapon for the mission vve talked about, but he just told me not to vvorr¥, sa¥ as far sa¥ nah em tell me, em no go dull me, he vvas m¥ boss and ve vvatched him do stuffs so i had no reason to doubt him. He still gave me tips on hovv to go about it as a strong man in the game, and i learnt cos i vvouldnt vvant m¥ first single mission to be a flop.
Tvvo da¥s before the said da¥, he called a gathering, called me out and handed me a metal, vvith a red piece and covvries tied firml¥ to the mouth,
”that thing go enter an¥bod¥ bod¥, de¥ careful vvith am, bring am back vvith ¥ourself in one peace” he vvarned,
I ve held bulls severall¥, but never dropped an¥one vvith it before, so i vvent in to drop it in a safe place.
Finall¥ a da¥ before the main event, i hardl¥ slept, i just couldnt, so vvhen it vvas 11am on the deal da¥, i had m¥ bath, dressed up, cocked m¥ metal dovvn and kept in m¥ small bag, the onl¥ thing i needed do vvas aim for the head and disappear. I came out, anchored ever¥one and then took off for the venue.
Please run from cultism.
Stor¥ continues…

To Be Continued…

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