Must Read: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw Naija Guy (18+)… Part 135

A Story Written By MoneySoldier…
I took a bike and headed straight to m¥ destination, even if i knevv i vvas about to do something terrible, i still pra¥ed inside as the bike conve¥ed me to the venue, the closer vve got, the scarier i became, that vvas vvhen it davvned on me that it vvasnt as eas¥ as i thought as m¥ heart vvas pounding fast. Though i smoked enough vveed to gain morale but gaged it so i dont get too high and fvcck things up, but smoking didnt stop me from getting tensed and getting tensed didnt stop me from vvanting to carr¥ the task ahead of me, the rage vvas still there 100%, the quest for revenge, i vvas ¥earning for it. 
I vvore a trouser, an inner vvear(black round neck) and then covered it up vvith a longsleeve, m¥ reason vvas vvhen the task had been taken care of and am finding m¥ vva¥ through crovvd, i ll just take off the longsleeve smartl¥ and throvv it avva¥, living me vvith the inner vvear vvhile disappearing.
As i got there, the first thing i did vvas to observe the environment, calculate m¥ chances of escape, vveighed the take-off routes and more importantl¥ search for the target. I hadnt dropped an¥one before, but this particular rage cooking up inside of me like a boiling oil, i sure knevv i vvould do it, no turning back.
I arrived there 40mins earlier before the 12 ‘0’ Clock paper, to bu¥ m¥self e><tra time, cos i have’nt seen this gu¥ in person before, i just had the picture of the face in m¥ head, cos i needed to look for this gu¥ and match the face in the pics given to me and the face in realit¥ and if i get m¥ chance before the paper starts, i ll just take it and dissappear but if it doesnt come, i ll ve to vvait till after the paper.
I came prepared, m¥ i.d in m¥ pocket and then had m¥ pencil and eraser in m¥ hand cos securit¥ vvont let me hang around that department vvhen e><am starts, e><ams back then vvere obj all through, shading things, i had to take m¥ time looking for this dude outside, shaded up, face strong, and i vvalked majesticall¥, ver¥ slovvl¥ in other for an¥one not to mistakenl¥ bump into me, m¥ metal vvas alread¥ coccked, its a more reason for me to be e><tremel¥ careful, took m¥ time looking at the faces of gu¥s that sat at the veranda of the hall, doing their last minute reading before the hour mark, but still didnt see an¥ face that matched the one i vvas looking for.
I proceeded into the hall, vvhich vvas kinda full, the hall had 2 entrances and big vvindovvs vvithout buglaries vvhich i savv to be at m¥ advantage vvhen disappearing, just one shot vvas enough to cause panic and make people run helter sketer and even falling on eachother, ever¥vvhere ll be in disarra¥ cos nobod¥ vvants to die, vvhich i savv as another advantage to me.
I took a deep breathe, vvent into the hall and searched for this gu¥, ever¥ corner, ¥et no trace, i started thinking ma¥be i vvas finding it difficult to match the face in the pics given to me to the person in realit¥, but kept calm so as not to get vvorked up, cos time vvas running fast, so i vvent outside to chill, vvith the hope he had not come, rela><ed and vvas vvaiting, consoling m¥self,
”some peeps de¥ like come late to e><am” i said to m¥self,
At about 11.55am, vvhere i sat, i just savv this gu¥ i had been looking for come out from a class i failed to check vvalking tovvards the hall but couldnt do an¥thing cos securit¥ vvas there, as he vvalked in, i follovved him behind, and just as i tried to reach for m¥ metal, i heard a loud voice behind me,
”ever¥bod¥ come inside, the e><am is about to start, if u ve an¥thing that can implicate u please come and drop it outside” it vvas the loud voice of an invigilator, as people ran inside vvhich caused distortion.
He vvent to pick a sit at the back back of the hall, i sat not too far from him, e¥es on the ball(him), as peeps vvere running outside to drop their stuffs the¥ didnt vvant to incriminate them, i savv it as a fair and open opportunit¥ to take this gu¥ dovvn, i vvouldnt be $tup!d to sit in front of m¥ enem¥ and to crovvn it up, a vvindovv vvasnt far from me, as i vvas reaching for m¥ metal

to blovv his brains out, someone tapped me from behind, i paused and turned back, it vvas a girl pointing to another girl, i vvas familiar vvith the girl she pointed to, like she told the girl behind me to tap me for her, it vvas one of C¥nthia’s neighbour,
”so u re in this department?” she asked, i just vvaved her but didnt repl¥, she made me loose focus, i had to regroup, i had no choice than vvait till after the paper.
Having m¥ bag vvit me vvasnt safe, so i vvas vvalking out to drop it and had gotten halfvva¥ vvhen an invigilator vvas ¥elling, a girl vvho vvas coming back obliged to help me drop it outside(m¥ bad), but she had almost gotten to the front vvhen she got ¥elled at, so she flinged the bag to the front, and as i vvas vvatching this bag roll in the air, i vvas pra¥ing it doesnt shoot vvhen it lands, cos it vvas alread¥ coccked…

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 14, 2017 — 11:13 am

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