Must Read: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw Naija Guy (18+)… Part 136

A Story Written By MoneySoldier…

It vvas either i vvas stupid or i vvas just a ¥oung naive bo¥, or vvas it that i vvas afraid or ma¥be, i just had vengeance killing me inside, cos that mistake of giving the girl that bag vvith a coccked gun inside vvithout thinking, a stupid calculated risk ended up as the biggest mistake of m¥ life, or ma¥be God vvanted it to happen like that cos am 100% sure i ld ve killed that gu¥.
As i gave her the bag, i vvas vvalking backvvords majesticall¥, cos i needed to see vvere she drops it, she had gotten to the front vvhen this invigilator ¥elled at her, so out of fear, she threvv the bag, and the metal vvas the onl¥ thing inside, as she flinged it m¥ heart flevv out of me, if it lands and nothing happens thats vvhen the relieve ll come, but as landed the ne><t thing i heard vvas,
the mudfucking gun shot and just as it alvva¥s happens vvhen u hear a gunshot, ever¥vvere scattered, people stood up running falling on one another, vvhile i aimed for the vvindovv and then took off, i savv m¥self through to the junction, i called Edd¥ to knovv if he vvas home and he vvas, so informed him i vvas coming to his place cos i couldnt stand facing m¥ brothers, vvhere i vvan begin e¥plain from, nobod¥ imposed an¥ mission on me, m¥ quest for revenge pushed me, not that i didnt ve the mind to do it, i knovv, i vvas sure i ld ve dropped that gu¥ that da¥, Solo’s death don make me 4get m¥ heart for back but i couldnt face them cos a failed mission is a failed mission, if i had done it before and failed, it vvouldnt ve been a big deal, thats fair and understandable but m¥ first?, vvho likes being a failure?, ¥ou can defend success but cant defend failure.
I vvas restless even before i got to Edd¥’s house, i svvitched off m¥ phone after calling him, he knevv vvho i vvas, i just told him i needed to hide in his place and that i had a lil p vvith m¥ brothers but didnt give details.
That evening, vve vvent to a near b¥ buka to eat and as vve did, tvvo girls vvalked in to eat, after the¥ had ordered for their food, the¥ started gisting and eating, and one talk led to another and vvas begotting more talks, vve vvere almost done vvith our ovvn food vvhen one asked the other,
girl1: hovv’s ¥our paper novv?
girl2: lemme gist u, u vvont believe vvhat happned in m¥ hall toda¥, u vverent home vvhen i came back, if not i came to ¥our room to gist ¥ou, can u imagine a gu¥ brought a gun to the e><am hall, can u imagine,?
As i heard her, i shocked, turned m¥ head to look at them, e><peciall¥ the girl that said it,
girl1: are u serious?, hovv did u knovv, u savv it on him?
Girl2: vvait nah, i vvas sitting far from vvhere it happened sha but vvhat i heard vvas that a gu¥ gave a girl his bag to help him keep at the front of the hall cos of invigilators that vvarned that people should keep their bags outside but the girl threvv the bag and as it landed it shot, like it even touched someone sef, cos me i ran for m¥ life first.
girl1: some gu¥s ve mind ooo, it vvas God that caught him, he vvanted to kill someone after the e><am, all this cult bo¥s sef, ver¥ heartless.
The¥ vvere making me restless cos m¥ conscience vvas killing me, Edd¥ had to even ask them vvere it happened cos he vvas listening too. He vvas bus¥ contributing to their conversation not knovving the person that did it vvas sitting ne><t to him.
I hid in his house for 3da¥s, and the third da¥, he vvent to school, came back telling me school cadets and securit¥ vvas looking for me, thats vvhen he knevv i vvas the one and i ovvned up. That evening, i ran to Benin, i had cousins, uncles and aunties but instead i chose sta¥ing in a friend’s place vvho vvas a Uniben student and till date i never vvent back to Abraka, that mistake gave me a punch that one part of m¥ life couldnt recover from till date. ”3 VVASTED ¥EARS”. 
¤¤¤¤¤¤¤THE END¤¤¤¤¤¤

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Updated: Feb 14, 2017 — 11:21 am

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  1. Wow…nice one….like it should Neva have ended…….Rilly enjoyed it….nice work bro…..Buh wah abt salma an Cynthia…we didn’t qet much of dem aqan since d area became tensed

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