Must Read: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw Naija Guy (18+)… Part 19


Written By MoneySoldier…

As i picked it up”Guy wetin be this?” i asked, ”wetin be that?” he asked me back, i placed it on my palm, went very close to him, ”look am well, abeg wetin be this?”, ”nah pieces of cd, nah you use am, e go be say you no sweep that bed side well the last time you run package, e go don hide for that corner make you no see am” he said(walked back to the bed, sat down and leaned his back against the wall), i stood in the middle of the room lookin at him as he gazed back, then i had a recap in my head ‘the last time i had S£x was with Salma and it was in the Kitchen and i disposed the cd and its pack myself, and the last girl i had something to do with on the bed was Susan but i didnt use a condom, since Esosa came back he hasnt brought any girl home, this guy is messing with me, those were the thoughts going through my head as we kept gazing at eachother’, Esther was still sleeping(i knew she was forming it), after all my thoughts i know i wasnt wrong, so this guy fukkked a girl that came to look for me all the way from Lagos, what the f*uc*k did he tell her, ”guy so you fkkk this babe shey” i asked him as i moved closer, as he was trying to stand up from the bed, i angrily kicked his head to the wall, it was so loud that the person forming to be sleeping stood up, i pulled out the big standing mirror from the wall, i was burning with fury, she reached for the door and ran outside immediately, i slammed the mirror on his head, the sound of glass noises alerted others, as funny has it was the dude couldnt defend himself, the force of the slam gave him a cut at one side of his fore-head, ”so after i tell you make you no ynash am, i warn you the first time, abi i no wan you?” shouting at the top of my voice, i couldnt help myself but threw him punches as he raised his hands trying to cover his face, the noise drew the attention of the neighbours, ”wetin dey happen, wetin dey happen” i hear the neigbours asking themselves, ” nah them Ken and Esosa place e dey come from o” they continued, all this while i was busy slugging it out with Esosa, ” wait wait make i tell you abeg, see see i no mean am” he was stammering, the fact he knew i had caught him made him defendless, i had bursted his mouth open, i felt like just putting a bullet in his Skull. A few neighbours rushed inside, trying to seperate us, i held him on the shirt i was dragging him around the room, we scattered everywhere ” i no warn you before? Dem use toto swear for you?” i was still raking at the top of my voice(and i hate am if i dey fight make person dey seperate, or dey hold me say he don do, except i don do wetin dey my mind, orelse i go face you), ”abeg make una no use because of woman kill eachother” one of the neighbours said they tried pulling us apart, evenually they succeeded, ”guy free me” i said, he dragged me outside, ”Kenny calm down, calm down” he said, still holding me tight just as he was calming me down, they brought Esosa out too,”make we rush am go that Chemist, i got infuriated, ”i never do anything una wan go Chemist” i was shouting, forcing myself to reach him, but the guy holding me held on tight, ”guy lemme nah, i go make you buy this fight oo” i was telling him, but the idiot still held me, before he knew it i headed butted him, his hands left my clothes immediately as he held his nose, it gave me room, i picked up a wood i had been timing all the while the guy held me, as i was running to where Esosa was somebody dived me from nowhere, they became two, then three and finally they hold me tight and succeeded in collecting the wood from me. 
This thing aint ending here ooo ‘this guy gats learn better lesson’ ”Ken calm down, abeg” one of them said, ”una know wetin em do, shey una know?, i leave my babe with am, person wey i call my roommate, before i show, em don fkkk am, i for no even know, nah condom nylon wey i see” i was shouting, ”where the girl sef” someone asked(i didnt know were Esther hid herself,she was nowhere to be found). ”guy i go hurt you, just watch” i said, i went in, pasted, took my small hand bag, i came out, people were still gathered outside, talking about the issue, as they blamed Esosa for what he did, i walked pass everyone as they all watched, ”Ken Ken Ken” some where calling, i was still boiling, i called Salma it wasnt reachable, then i called Chizzy, i just had to speak with someone that could make me feel good at least something to ease the anger. I needed to chill somewhere, no place seems to be appearing on the mind, i just decided to keep walking then decide later where to go to, i took my phone out and typed him(Esosa) a text ” everyone wants to go to heaven, not for the love of God but for the fear of hell fire, pack your things, leave the house before i come back, if you forget anything, dont come back for it, if not …”the test read, i sent Esther hers too , ”pack your smelling things and leave today, make sure i dont meet you when i get back.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 9, 2016 — 8:48 pm

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