Must Read: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw Naija Guy (18+)… Part 2


A Story written by MoneySoldier…

After that day a new book was written, that was how i got a job in d S£x industry, i became a worker on active duty, myself and Esther kept having S£x at my place, not knowing a woman who lives to next to my house, had noticed the girl always coming around wenever i was alone at home, she has a shop attached to her compound next to her gate where she sells provisions, not knowing she had told my mum about the new development. My mum warned me and told me to stay away from Esther that she doesnt like her family background, but i had already become sexualy active so it was difficult for me to adhere to her warnings.
On this faithful day i invited Esther over, not more than 10mins she came, i heard someone banging the gate, i peeped through the window as the gateman opened it, i was on tenterhooks to know who it was, Behold it was my mum, not knowing the woman that lives next to us selling Provision(Mrs Igbokwe) had told her Esther was around, as i saw my mum i began 2 pant very fast, i draged her to my room, pushed her into my woderobe and locked it, but left the key at d mouth of the lock. I rushed back to the door, luckily i hadnt kept her waiting, she had knocked just once,i was always very cautious, Esther’s footware was always under any of the Cousons in the sitting room, my pijamas was still on me but i wasnt putting on the top. I greeted her but she didnt answer, with the look on her face she was certainingly searching for something, with the belief were i hid Esther was safe, sat down with my eyes glued to the T.v but believe me i was restless inside, she was busy searching everywhere, the kitchen, visitors room, store room and other rooms, every corner of the sitting room, my eyes still glued to the T.V, she went to the other side of the house, my room was in thesame flat with that of my parents, while the visitors and store room were in another flat with the sitting room having doors connecting both flats together.
The next thing i was hearing little noises from a distance ‘ Shey Maale don see this girl?’ i was asking myself, the noise kept inscreasing and at long last i could hear my mum n Esther’s voices clearly, she draged her from my room to the sitting room, gave her a dirty slap in front of me, ‘WTF, so Maale see am sha,i don die today,i said in my mind… Ken what is this girl doing here? Mumcy asked me…

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 1, 2016 — 4:36 pm

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