Must Read: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw Naija Guy (18+)… Part 78

A Story Written By MoneySoldier… 

As i got into the room, i met Mr man with both kneels on the floor, finally he had seen a familiar face, he had just his boxers on, i had this wicked smile on my face, it felt good, i was calm and relaxed, why shouldnt i be?, i had my league of men around me, who had given me the honour to stand in the middle, right in front of the rooster$ucker, guyz werent smiling, cos it wasnt time for jokes, Samba was still pointing his bull at him, even if Sly had seen my face just once in his lifetime, i guess he shouldnt or wouldnt have forgotten a Guy he slapped in public, and a guy who’s babe he’s been devouring forcelly, i really took my time cos the incident had already ran into months, he must have thought i had forgotten about it, but i remember i told him he would get my message, all i needed do was give myself a perfect timing, which i ended up doing, as he saw my face he didnt need to put on his thinking cap. As i saw him, even with the wicked smile on my face, it was like the rage that was filled within was reloaded cos this time the anger was two times more, i thought Ebere said he had a roommate, if he truly did, that saturday morning was his lucky day, cos he would have had his own fair share of the punishment, before person go come later hear em own.

We were hearing voices to be that of their neighbours, talking to themselves outside,

”wetin happen,
wetin happen” they were asking themselves repeatedly,
but no one had the guts to come close(abi the person no dey fear?), cos the $tup¡d person that loves his neighbour somuch would have gotten himself/herself into trouble too.

I unzipped my bag and brought out my Axe, Hefty stood on the door with his big body, with a bull in hand as well,

”Guy, you remember this face” i asked,

He was reluntant, kept quiet and wouldnt answer, he was wasting my time for crying out loud, i wanted to hear him say he knew me, out of anger, i slammed the axe on his cheek with the flat side, with all the force my hand could dish out,

”guy we no want dulling for here, you remember me?, yes or no nah em i wan hear?” i asked him again,

He managed to say yes with his hand holding his cheek, this was exactly what i wanted, it was my case, the guyz just allowed me do my thing, ‘an eye for an eye’, thats what have always heard people say, but this day i was going to add spice to that statement, cos i wouldnt be satisfied with just ‘an eye for an eye’, i wanted ‘an eye for the whole body’, it wasnt me being slapped by this guy that was hurting me anymore, this vengeance was for my Pretty Salma, Vengeance they say is sweet, i hadnt started enjoying this one

”guy listening to this story i said

”fvvck up nah bad thing, for my life i hate fvvck up dieee, there was peace in Heaven untill Lucifer come fvvuck up, got felt betrayed and threw him down, gave Lucifer time to change and beg for forgiveness but the dude wouldnt, God finally tag satan for destruction, set the last day on earth to put an end to the cocck$ucker, Bro that day nah ‘judgement day’, and Sly today nah that day for you, you are the Lucifer in the story and nah me be god, guy come on get up” i said,

After my small epistle it was like my anger increased again, i didnt know if the dude was scared to stand up, the almighty Sly as poor Salma had always protrayed him to be.

I had to forcefully make him stand up, and just as he did, an unexpected headbutt landed gracefully on his lips, the sound of it made everyone shout, guess they didnt see that one coming since i had a weapon in my hand, he started bleeding profusely,

”that day you just dey feel yourself, you slap me finish dey ask me wether i know who you be?, today e go shock you cos if i no clear your doubt i go like know why” i said,

”thunder fire you” Samba said, everyone began raining insults on him,

”D, howfar make we match am dey go, be like people don dey gather small small, i no feel the settings” Hefty said peeping outside,

No one gave a fvvck if the mudafucka was bleeding, we hadnt even started yet, just as Hefty completed his statement, i heard someones voice in the room saying,

”Ken abeg no vex, abeg make una no do me like this abeg, abeg” it was the voice of the cocccksucka,
but our well of sympathy and pity had run dry, all we had left was sand in the well, i dont think the sand would be of any help to him, i was surprised he knew my name, he had just proven it to me that he knew Salma was my girlfriend, and must have taken me for a jew man.

”you get mind dey fvvck my babe shey?” i angrily asked,
turned my face to dem guyz and was like,

”e no get wetin una wan tell me ooo, dis guy no dey comot here with this boxers oo, we dey match am go Unclad liveee” i said still burning with fury

”na wa for you oo, guy flex nah, we dey solidly behind you, anyhow wey you want make e be, nah so e go be” Solo replied,

I turned back facing Sly, 

”Guy abeg remove that boxers” i said calmly but angrily…

It just began

To Be Continued… 

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Updated: Jan 10, 2017 — 7:31 pm

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