Must Read: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw Naija Guy ‘Season 2 (18+)… Part 2

A Story Written By MoneySoldier…


I got to Joel’s place at about 7.30/8.00pm, I didn’t even inform him I was coming, fear didn’t allow me switch my phone on, if not, I ought to have given him a call about my visit, though surprised, he welcomed him in, and thought I came for one of those random visits, cos I wasn’t even carrying anything, except for what I was putting on, as I got into his room, the first thing he said was,
“This one wey you just surprise me like this, how e be you nah, you no even say make you buy bread, Owu(meaning hunger) wan kill me as I dey so”
I managed to fake a smile, within me I was like
“Guy, if only you knew”
One thing was different in me, I hardly could talk, I found it hard, my heart and Soul were weary, I was down, it was like I had lost everything, I was thinking about my mess, the last thing to even think of was dem girls I left behind, 
‘To your tents oh Israel, everybody gats carry him cross’
I couldn’t tell Joel anything at first, cos I needed to take my time, I just tried hard to fake it like all was well, that night all I needed was a cold bath and bed to crash, there wasn’t even appetite for food. He had one concursion rice like that he prepared, he dished mine but I was only able to eat little and then jumped on the bed and dosed off, before I slept off, he noticed some strangeness in my attitude and he would ask,
“Oboy dis one wey you dey do like gborlo so, wetin dey do you?”
“Bro I dey alright, I just tire jare” I ll reply
I managed to sleep till like 2am, and when I woke to Pee, I couldn’t sleep anymore, the sleep had eluded me, so I sat at one end of the room, the next thing that followed suit was thinking, at first I was thinking about how to go about the whole thing without my parents knowing. 
Apart from messing up and downgrading myself before my Brothers, there was more to it before I made the decision of never ever returning to Delsu, I was one of the pioneers of the war that has been brewing between two frats, and there was an 80% tendency that the opposing frat was looking for me, infact I was certain about it and coupled with the school security searching for me, it was enough reason to make me run. After lots of thinking, I came up with the idea of not letting my parents know, I ll just look for a job somewhere and start a per time course in another school far away, which to me, I felt was best, then look for lies to tell my parents the year they were expecting me to graduate, I just didn’t see myself sitting in front of them and telling them I ve messed up, I can’t do that. Another thing was there’s nothing hidden under the Sun, what if somehow the news gets to them, what about the friends I ve in school that resides in my hood in Lagos, wouldn’t they notice they ve not being seeing me in school?, how long can I keep it secret?, that was when I needed Joel’s help, his thoughts on the issue, but no matter what happens, my parents must not know.
I looked at the time, and realised I had been thinking for 2 hours plus, the time was some minutes to 5am, so I woke Joel, even when he woke up, he still looked drowsy, but I was able to keep him awake,
“Guy abeg I wan reason you one matter like that, you fit take water wash your face?” I asked,
“Omor I no fit go outside ooo, wetin be that?” He asked with a faint voice.
It was a one room apartment, the toilet and bathroom were located outside the compound, so for him to know I wasn’t joking and what I had to say meant life and death to me, I took a bowl of drinking water he had in his room, and poured it on his head, it worked like magic cos he came alive, jumped up from the bed and shouted,
“You dey mad?, nah because of one mumu thing wey you wan talk nah em make you dey pour me water?, the girl wey do you this thing wicked I swear” 
“Oga sit down jor, wetin dey worry you?” I replied,
“Ok, nah which babe dey make your dada dey plait like this?” he asked and sat down laughing,
“By the time I finish wetin I wan yarn you, you no go see mouth take laugh again” I fired back, 
“I hear, no be you wey I know?, like say e pass woman matter” he said
“Bro shut up and listen” I replied angrily, he was beginning to get me infuriated cos it wasn’t funny, so he kept quiet.
After few minutes of silence between the two of us, I cleared my throat, then started,
“Bro, wetin I wan reason you so, nobody know about am, after I reason you finish, then tell me wetin you think” I said.
“Bro, fire on, I dey hear you” he replied
I told him how and what led to me becoming a kushman, how it all started in the class room, the first day I and Salma met in the exam hall that faithful day, how every incident unfolded, the more I talk, the more interested he looked, I was busy with my narration to the extent we didn’t know it was break of dawn already, I didn’t exclude any vital detail, till it balled down to me absconding from school, I related every detail to how I got to his house the previous night and when I was done, it wasn’t funny to him anymore, he was speechless for a lonnnnnng while, eyes red and when he finally spoke, what came out of his mouth was,
“Nawa oooo, things dey happen oooo, I suspect, cos you dull when you enter yesterday, I know say something dey wrong”

I told him about my new plans of starting a per time course and working, and not telling my peeps at home about it
“Bro no just keep quiet, I dey run mad for here, wetin you think?” I asked
He looked at me for a while, and said,
“Bro, seriously you need let your peeps know for house, me sef nah System man, you no dey safe for here”
“You dey mad?, tell dem wetin?” I asked,
“Bro, I might sound silly ooo, but nah the best thing to do, dem gats know, just face the matter once and for all, nah wetin I feel ooo Bro” he replied
We kept arguing and deliberating all day, I didn’t want my peeps to know, It was difficult for me to accept it, so he left me to ponder about it for days, after giving me valuable reasons I can’t remember, my fear was my mum, how she would take the news, am used to my Dad’s strictness, all the same, there was no liver to face them, how I wan take do mouth dey talk am?, 
I reasoned what Joel told me for days, then one night, I woke up, and was having a reflection about my life and the disasters ve brought upon myself, it is always too late to say the words ‘had I known’, this particular night, I realised that a time comes in ones life, where what you are going to be, all balls down to one insane move which would either make me or break me, and this move was either telling my peeps or doing things my way, and whatever decision I make was either going to make me or lead me to my destruction.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 15, 2017 — 7:12 pm

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